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Any links to the Career Network or The Career Resource is a scam. I went to the same applicatoin site descibed above and Thank God that my hair started standing on end and I decided to do some research before sending them my personal info. If you look below you will see what I found. They are a fraud and have been in hot water with the U.S. District Court. Enough Said...

Career Network, Inc., and its principals, Walter Turulis and Kathleen Key. Complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Indiana, Hammond Division, on January 3, 2001. On January 3, 2001, the court granted the FTC's request for a temporary restraining order, asset freeze, and appointment of a temporary receiver. On January 9, 2001, the court entered stipulated preliminary injunction, continuing the terms of the TRO. Civil Action No: 2:01-CV-001-JM; FTC Staff Contact: Gregory A. Ashe, Bureau of Consumer Protection, [protected].


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    Adam Oct 08, 2008
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    I applied for a few jobs on career network until I got a bit curious and started looking around the internet... Realized that this company is a scam company trying to get people to give them information so they can sell it. What the hell happened to honest people...?

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    A VOICE LONG OVERDUE Oct 31, 2008

    trying to get my email & name off here

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    Angie Nov 01, 2008
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    I also thought it was weird that almost every job posting on craigslist that I applied to sent me to this for those jobs and that the site asked me for some personal information such as my cell phone and whatnot. AFter putting in for jobs a few times in that site, and not filling out the requests for additional information, I started to realize it was a complete scam. Then I looked on the internet for more cases of people getting spammed from this site, and it turns out I was right about it. Anyway, my point is, be careful on craigslist because almost all the job postings on there are fake and will lead you to this site under different names.

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    Cindy Feb 23, 2009

    This is a fake company. I don't even know how they got my email address. They sent me job offers I am not even qualified for and wanted all my personal information and co-workers email addresses for references. Stupidly, I gave it to them and then was unable to locate a website. The low some people will go! Simply shameful!

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    Nightflier Mar 04, 2009

    NMorse is correct - FTC is on to these people - site url is

    As well, again - if you receive job fraud emails like this, or have entered your personal information because you were lead to believe it was for a true job, file a complaint with the FCC. They manage communication issues like email, phones, data transmission, etc.

    FCC is quite responsive as well - I had been receiving calls on my cell phone from out of state. No messages left - upon calling back, the disconnect recording was listed. Many were having the same problems according to websites. I filed a complaint (as did many others I'm sure). Within one week the calls stopped - and I've received no more!

    Taking advantage of unemployed workers is shameful. Probably a bunch of un-dateable geeks in their parents' basement trying to find a life! ;D

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    sean.paxton Mar 16, 2009

    This was sent to me as a job offer. Luckily, my spam filter caught it first, and it sounded to good to be true, anyways. I still wanted to complain, though. Someone needs to shut these jerks down. Thanks.

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  • Mu
    musa May 06, 2009

    I just got email from the saying they like my application and they would hire me but I just need to go to career network and apply at their website, well for some reason I believed it's scam so I went to the web site and looked at it and you can tell it's not real website because I clicked on the icons for the hotels and some ads and they won't work, after some researchs I found out it's fake all they want is your info.
    that is what good about scammers they don't know how to lie they are very stupid.

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  • Ca
    candik1012 May 12, 2009

    i have been contacted by them numerous times regarding applying for different positions and never heard anything else from them wtf?

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    Michael Mollura May 23, 2009

    I just got the same the same email, but I was so desperate for the job they were springing on me I didn't even think it might be a scam. I submitted my personal information and now I'm wondering how much danger am I in and what can I do to protect myself? I'm really upset and frustrated. I've been out of work for over a year and I'm hurting. I have two Masters degrees from major universities and they sent me an email regarding "teaching" which is perfect for me.

    Any thoughts?


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  • Mi
    Michael Mollura May 23, 2009

    Just did this... not sure if my last comment went through... but I just went through this process and I gave Career Network my personal information without realizing it was a scam. Now, what can I do to protect myself? What can I expect? I'm so frustrated and upset about this.

    Thanks for any help


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  • Na
    Nancy May 25, 2009


    After receiving an email from a company/website/whatever that said they'd been trying to contact me (where? At work? No phone calls rec'd. there. At home? None there, either. And nothing in email.), I decided to check out Career-Network to see if it was indeed a scam.

    To address you directly, I went onto a website called Consumer Fraud Reporting at:

    Here's what they suggest you do if you filled in the information:

    Report it to the following government agencies:

    * Forward the email you received to the Federal Trade Commission:


    * Contact the FBI (United States Federal Bureau of Investigation) at the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3):

    And here's the How to File a Complaint FAQ on the FBI website:

    Contact your State Attorney General. Your state Attorney General or local office of consumer protection is also listed in the government pages of your telephone book.

    I hope everything works out for you, including finding a job very soon.


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  • Sh
    shay Jun 03, 2009

    Hello everyone, i just clicked into this site, because it read - career network scam! This caught my eye, like how could a well known site be fake, i've read all the comments posted and all are so true. I also fill out my info on that website in hopes to find a job, I even got a quick response in e-mail, saying that they had been trying to contact me sense [protected]) mind you I gave them my cell number, to which they did not call me nor leave a message. I had been out of town on a family emergency. To receive an e-mail indicating a possible job offer, only to find out that it was'nt real is hurtful! I have 2 Kids 18mths an 6 yrs that depend on their mommy, I have been out of work for over a year now, only depending on child support to get by. Now I hope they find out who's the brains behind this (career network inc.) website, soon!!! And thank you Nancy for your advise. An anyone out their who knows of a job in goverment or security, please contact me via e-mail ( [protected] I live in Atlanta, Ga.. Good luck to everyone an god bless you all!

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    malissasweety Jun 04, 2009

    I just recieved a call from them regarding a call center job I applied for. They asked mea tons of questions and had me submit some online info mostly involving college. I realize now that it is a college scam. They get paid by these colleges to set this up. I had this happen once before and I was called several times aday by different colleges wanting me start attending. I am fed up. I can't manage to find a job ive been out of work for months and these people are preying on us. It is just wrong!

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    Josh Jun 10, 2009

    I have received emails with links to career networks, where I sent info in for a job interview. The site pretty much makes you ask to be contacted about education in order to apply for a job, and then you have one or more people calling to ask if you would like to go to school (I think that they mostly have online colleges such as the University of Phoenix). I never heard more about where my application stood. The job's mentioned typically look to good to be true. I have never heard anything further. I believe that Career Network is getting paid to get leads for Universities, and as far as the jobs are concerned, I do not think that they are real. Just think, anyone applying for a job has to ask to be contacted in order to apply for a job that looks too good to be true. That would sure increase their leads, for which I am sure they get paid pretty good. That is my opinion from my experience. Who knows what else they use you information for.

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    G.L. Jun 11, 2009

    I just got an email from them saying, "I am currently seeking a full-time Finance Assistant to work directly with the CFO. This individual will serve as the primary contact for all company related financial information. Attention to detail, strong organizational, analytical and computer skills are essential to be successful within this position. This position offers $40, 000 per year plus benefits, which we can discuss at the time you decide to interview.

    Ginger, to avoid being flooded with applications and responses, I have only extended this opportunity to a select number of qualified individuals. Your online resume caught my attention, and I would like to start the interview process as soon as I possibly can. I am eager to hear back from you today, if at all possible. By selecting the link below, you can view more information about the position, benefits offered, our company, and send in your application as an available candidate.

    I hope to have your application later today!

    Best Wishes,

    C. Garner
    HR Coordinator"

    Which seemed very unlikely, so I decided to check if it was a scam. The links were for and which both redirected to As far as scams go, this is probably the slickest that I've seen -- very deceptive. When I clicked on the link for detailed info and "job seeker registration", I noticed at the bottom 3 radio buttons (which usually means that you have to pick one) for requesting school information, one option does say "no interest". Anyway, it's slick, but basically because the job offered doesn't match my resume very well, it smelled of "too good to be true". So, I Google'd "Career Network scam" and found this page.

    BTW, I tried searching for jobs on their site and did come up with many listings for "California". The links do work and this appears to be a legitimate job site. They are owned by and that site brags about their "creative marketing techniques". In summary, it appears that they engage in deceptive marketing practices, but since no complaint here listed any monetary losses, they are probably not truly malicious. It is still very wrong to get someone's hopes up about a specific job when all they want is to sell your contact info. Shame on Career Network.

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    SuniAzLady Jun 17, 2009
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    I just received a call minutes ago from someone at Career Network and was ask (by a recording) to hold for a "network verification specialist" and to be in front of my computer to be ready to access on-line information. I held on until a live person answered the phone. She asked if I had a few minutes to go over information about a job I applied for. She wasn't real specific, just stated it was for a Clerical Administrative position. Well, I've applied for about 50 of those types of jobs in the last few months so that really didn't tell me anything. I asked what company it was for and she stated that the company was confindential and that she couldn't give me that information, but "guaranteed me that the job was 25 miles from my current location". I should have asked her to confirm my location, but was already hearing bells and whistles going off as just another scammer. She asked if I wanted to continue with the process or call her back when it was more convenient. I asked for her number, which isn't even an 800 or toll free number, and told her I would call back. I also asked for their website and she just told me Career Network. I'm going to assume this is a scam, right???? Their website looks legit, but I don't believe they really work for prospective employers. Has anyone else been called directly from them???

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  • Mo
    Moonspirals Jun 19, 2009

    Thank goodness for this post! I have gotten 2 emails so far from these people and what made me suspect that something was wronge is on their "Post" with the description for the job they NEVER give a location on where the job is. The post earlier by G.L. of the email they got I received the same one except it was for office assistant. So thank you guys for all this info now I know better!

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  • Ms
    msD Jun 24, 2009

    I was just called today and I feel like such a loser now that I have read your posts!!! The "network verification specialist" told me that I was being contacted about a Human Resources Representative position that I applied for on June 3. Well, like many of you, I have applied for tons of these types of positions, so I didn't think much of it until he started asking me about going back to school and what type of degree I would want to pursue. What does going back to school have to do with getting an interview for a job?!?!?!? I knew something didnt feel right about the conversation, but I didnt want to close any doors on a prospective position. Oh well, now I know...Thanks for all your posts!

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  • Sh
    Shlyn Jun 25, 2009

    Well apparently I am not the only desperate one out there. I got a call yesterday from a guy stating he was a verifiaction specialist. He repeated all my information to me, and I too thought it might be a scam. He told me someone would contact me in the next day or two regarding an HR position. Today I received another email from them stating they had been trying to reach me and to clink on the link. I decided to google them and found this. Terrible that we are all so desperate for jobs and there are creeps like this!

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  • Ju
    justme= ) Jun 25, 2009

    I actually worked there for 5 days and quit. The home office IS located in Orlando, FL. I went through 3 interviews, all of which I was told different information at so, I had red flags but, because the beginning phases of the job are work from home, I decided to proceed with caution. I had several complaints about it being fraudulent and the fact that every application that came up on my screen read one of 3 hiring companies was a signal and nothing is disclosed to the employee's. I personally think that they place false ads on various job sites to lure you in to solicit for colleges. They hire several dozen employee's daily because, I feel everyone else see's through the scam rather rapidly and quit, as well. I would guess that one out of every 200 employees is naive enough to continue. But, yes, I do feel this is a scam. Career network and the hiring agency- are capitalizing on the vulnerabilities of people in this economy. I had one man call in recently whom I had to do suicide intervention for as, he had been out of work for so long and the call was giving him hope that he may get a job and not commit what he was planning but, I knew it was complete false hope. It isn't right to do what they're doing. ...

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  • Ra
    ramhornjoe Jun 29, 2009

    Thank goodness every one has been commenting on this board, I was contacted by the same network and started looking into them while on hold. Glad I found out it was a scam before giving them any information.
    [###] It's amazing that there are people out there preying on those of us in need of work in these desperate times. I hope some one does something to these A-Holes.


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  • Ta
    Taryn Jul 07, 2009

    I just received a call from career network. It was a recording that someone will be with me to verify my information. Like you Joe, while I was on hold I googled them and then I came across theses comments I hung up. Thanks for your comments. If they phone again I will give them a piece of my mind and tell them were to shove it!!


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  • They keep calling, leaving automated messages to call back and speak to a Verification Specialist. I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF THEIR GAMES, so I decided to call back, this time in a sleepy voice. When asked to verify my ph# I did ONLY because they already have it from some BOGUS job ad I applied for. Next when they asked my name I pretended not to be NAME then said, No, that's not me. Then I said how I keep getting calls and now it is 5 AM because I live in HAWAII, just to derail them. Then I said, maybe somebody must have given you my ph# by mistake? I proceeded to ask them all sorts of WHY questions in a concerned voice. The so-called Verification Rep was VERY apologetic telling me she was sorry and would have their dept. remove my ph#. Since then no calls from [protected] BUT just to be sure, I called my local ph company where they put a 90-day block on it. So next time if/when Career Network calls, then they will be filtered to a disconnect message or something to that effec. What's even better, I will NEVER hear my phone ring again from these scammers who keep preying on innocent job seekers! It's bad enough so many people are out of work! This company needs to be shut down and PRONTO! ARRGGH!!!

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  • Hi
    historikitty Jul 31, 2009

    Beware folks! They now post phony job ads on Craigslist. I applied for a job, and got an email directing me to an "online application." I recognized it as Career Netwrok, and replied to the email, saying I was on to them, and to email me back if an actual job exists. Silence. I have reported them to craigslist.

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  • Hg
    hglenrobers Sep 25, 2009

    Jessica is a confirmation specialist with Career Network. She asked my about my address and email address. Asked me If I was in front of a computer. Told her yes. Then she asked me what my highest level of education was. I told her I have an Associates Degree. Then she asked me if I was interested in furthering my education. Told her no, she said thank you and hung up.

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  • At
    A Tolerant1 Oct 16, 2009 I feel the fool. I was wondering if this was for real from the beginning and now that I see this...I feel taken. I applied for a position with these guys back on 9/23/09 and they took until just now to contact me. What finally tipped me off, was the way they contacted me. They texted me asking me to call their number, so I did...hesitantly. As stated above I had to wait to talk to somebody about verifying my info. I thought that was weird. But while waiting I heard a advertisement stating how most employers won't consider you if you don't have some type of degree and that you should get schooling if you only have a high school diploma. Hmmm...I thought, that's weird. Never been a prob for me b4. Then at the end of our conversation, he kept pushing me about going back to school. He even said in the next month I could go. That was the final straw...I asked him what good would it do to only go to school for a month? I told him no, I was needing employment, not schooling. I can't understand after this long (postings above are almost a year old above) why nothing has been done about these guys. I have been out of work for almost 7 months and am desperately needing a job and don't need to deal with scams like this. I miss the old days when you would walk your resume in to a place and everything was done face to face. This internet thing leaves you open to so much scamming.

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  • Li
    Liliana1004 Oct 29, 2009

    Just like others that i have read I too just received a text message saying to call them for the job i had applied for(so i think it was one from craigslist) So i immediatly called them back and wated their for a supposely verication specialist, so then i waited for that person(my phone was cutting off but since i was desperate for a job opportunity i waited a nd hope the call wouldn't drop)He verified my information and said so many things and asked me many questions and finally said that he saw that i seemed like a very suitable person for the position and that he was going to forward my application to the employer. Then he started asking me about my career and if i wanted to continue with my career and gave me a number to call them for more info. So i was going to call but since all i knew about this company was the name i decided to look it up first. And found this site and caught my attention. I cant belive it! why are they doing this? They are just wrong!

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  • Du
    Duuped like the rest Nov 12, 2009

    If you want to get to the bottom of this, the contact info you need to know about Career Network (which is actually Three Stars Inc. out of Orlando, FL) Here you go:

    Kelly Weems (Operations/Job Boards Manager) Phone: [protected] and thats a direct line to her.

    Keith Kress (the lawyer for Three Stars Inc) [protected] and thats also a direct line to him.

    I spoke with both, and they are an AFFILIATE MARKETING SCAM! Wikipedia that word.
    They dont consider them a scam but a "national staffing company". They admit they produce "generic" job postings. But they also said that if they are posted in your area, that these jobs exist.
    So I challenged that, and thats where the scam has a huge red flag. They wont tell me cause they are a "staffing company" and cannot give out their "clients".
    I googled a bunch of stuff but Orlando News stations have been uncovering this for a long time. One video on YouTube was of one of them. They were given 9 "clients" and one (the only they stated in the video) was the United States Army! Are you serious, a government needing a national staffing company to do the work, whatever!

    I have also filed with the FTC, the Better Business of Orlando, and the Internet Crimes complaint of the FBI.
    Anyone (like myself) that put in your personal information but yet was not given any local jobs that are REAL, should be worried. They told me that they are not a Phishing scam...but if they cannot produce REAL PROOF of the jobs, thats exactly what it is!

    AS yourself something...How many REAL jobs are you seeing people getting thru them? I see a high percentage (if not all) of people going thru their "steps of a staffing company" but NOT GETTING A REAL JOB.
    At least tell us something real, since we gave all our personal information to them and could be used against us! They wont, and thats where something needs to be done.
    Thats fine if they want to be some national staffing company, but post something REAL like a local phone number in the area or a business name. They cannot, but "assure" you they are real. Is that the same as the saying "the check is in the mail?"

    Good luck, and those numbers are real. Here is a link to the Better Business Buearu in Orlando on these punks! You have to type in other names if you want to know the whole understanding of these scums...

    Also, those sites that make you "apply" for those jobs...try all these websites and tell me what they have in common.
    Apple Staffing, Career Network, Skilled Job Seekers, Extend Your Careers, The Job Push, Medialogic, Your Jobs Today, Great Career Search, Great Jobs Plus, Light Speed Careers

    You will notice they are ALL Three Stars Inc. if you go to the contacts page and so on. They all look the same, being generic like their jobs postings!

    Good luck, and the way to take them down is in numbers! I would be all power to them being a business if they A}told me something real and specific about the job posting in my area about what company or location its at B} was accredited by the Better Business Bureau (which they are not, casue they are too chicken to do so C} PUT IN THE JOB POSTINGS AND WEBSITES OF BEING AN AFFILIATE MARKETING SCEME AND THEY ARE A NATIONAL STAFFING COMPANY OUT OF ORLANDO FLORIDA!
    It took BBB and tons of research online to get the information and phone numbers I have now! All the websites most of you have seen doesnt give out numbers, just the whole "email us and we will get back to you" crap!

    If they would have put that in there, then I would have NEVER given out my information and moved onto a job posting that is real and local! Besides, Im not a person that does the whole "staffing" type of jobs. Power to you if you use them.

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  • Ne
    NewTrix Dec 02, 2009

    I just got a text message from a 32075 number saying
    (careernetwork) Hi ( Name ) Call me about the computers, software Job you have applied for [protected]. (text STOP to cancel)

    At first I thought it was weird on how they contacted me, but I was a bit edgy on the company never heard of it.
    I proceeded with calling them. Here is what I got when I called.

    Hello, and welcome to career track. if you recently applied for a job online please hold. someone will be with you shortly. The estimated time for waiting is less then 1 minute. Thank you.

    Here is where I hung up because most jobs I have applied for have a line for everything this one said "Career track" NOT Career Network. My teachers in High school used to always say get your life on track so you can have a good career. I thought this was weird ( For me Atleast)
    I looked up information on the site and came across this site saying the whole thing is a SCAM.
    I knew my Hunch was right it was too real to be true.

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  • Or
    orlandowhistleblower Dec 08, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Career Network is indeed a scam. I live in Orlando and was offered a job with them as a Verification Specialist. They brought me in under the guise that I was applying for an administrative assistant position paying $15/hr (which is nearly twice the average pay for this type of position in this area) with a firm called The Internet Company. It wasn't until the second "interview" when I was in a conference room with about 12 other people that we were told that The Internet Company was the parent company of Career Network, which would be the company we'd be working for if offered the job. We were to field calls from people who were sent text messages after "not completing an online application for employment" (their words). We would help them complete the application and ask them if they were interested in going to school.

    As I said, I was offered the job, but decided to do some research before I accepted it. While I really need a job (and the money that comes with it), I can't do something like this and feel good about myself. I suggest that all applicants, whether to a job listed on Career Network board or a job with Career Network, think twice before going any further. Based on my experience and those listed above, this is indeed a scam.

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  • Br
    brian1675 Dec 09, 2009

    I was contacted today by text also like NewTrix was. I saw a position over a month ago on craigslist for an Aviation Fueler job here in Georgia. I contacted the person at the gmail address, and was sent an instant response directing me to I entered all the info and submitted a resume. The thing that really got me was the repeated questions about furthering education, which I'm not interested in.
    Today the text came, so I called it. I have never been contacted about a job this way which is what threw up the big red flag. I knew it was already too late, because they had my info posted on their site. She asked the basic questions about address, email, etc. etc.. She then of course asked if I was interested in furthering my education to which I responded a 'definite no'.
    My wife works at the local airport here, and there are only two fueling companies, both of which I had applied to. So I asked the girl on the other end which company it was that was hiring. She couldn't answer and hung up.
    I have seen numerous other job postings on craigslist that offer an abnormally high amount of money for a general job. All have ended with a name attached with Since then I have checked each job, directed to four different sites so far that are all the same in design layout and color, just a different name. All have the three stars banner or career networks inc.
    I commend you Orlando whistleblower on not taking that job, some sweet girl at the other end of the line just verified my personal information and has my employment history. I don't see how she can sleep at night doing this to people who desperately need to work and support themselves and families. I have seen the complaints on the BBB and FTC websites, but it appears that these criminals are allowed to continue with their shady business practices. I hope they get nailed and all get to take it in the back door from big burly men and women cell mates.

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  • Sk
    Skittloes Mom Dec 23, 2009

    I too was offered a job with the internet company. I applied for the HR position. After the first interview (if you want to call it that, a skill assessment on a computer) I received an email to come in for a second interview, for the verification specialist. I was in a conference room with 13 others and given the story of how the job is to contact those that filled out applications incompletely on line and to convince them to talk with a School recruiter. For two weeks you work from home and only get paid for those leads that you actually get. I was asked to come back the next day for a one on one interview. I did, but only to confront them face to face. When I asked if there truely was an HR job, I received this answer "well, we are a different kind of company, that is just one of our featured jobs on our site. Well, I stated that this was the old bait and switch and that I had no intentions of becoming a telemarketer for the. A week later I received an email that I didn't fit in with what they were looking for. The gall of these people. The parking lot was full of expensive cars, paid for by the College's and University's that they are trying to get you to talk to. STAY AWAY!!!

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  • Ol
    OliverHale Jan 07, 2010

    I started to apply for a Entry Level QA Analyst position with Consider This Marketing Co. through either Monster or Dice, I don’t remember which. I don’t blame either one they are as much a victim of these scams as the job seeker. After entering my initial information, name, address, etc. nothing that isn’t already available in the public sphere, I was sent through a number of screens containing advertising for colleges and other stuff. At that point the bells went off and I stopped and terminated the session. I received an SMS/MMS: (CAREERNETWORK) Hi (name), call me about the Entry Level QA Analyst job you have applied for [protected]. (txt STOP to cancel). At the time I couldn’t call. I was about to call this morning and decided to look up CareerNetwork before I did anything. After reading the posts I responded with STOP. And got a message back: (PM): CellTrust: This message confirms that you have discontinued this Service. Questions contact [protected] or [protected] . I followed up with a search on CellTrust. No surprise that’s a SCAM as well. Thanks for the posts and warnings. Good luck to all in your job search and be careful out there in cyberspace

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  • W1
    w117lap Feb 03, 2010

    Does anybody realize that Career Network has an add on this site!!!
    My experience has been the same as everyone else. I thought I could recognize a scam before I gave them info., but I missed it this time. My parents advice is still ringing in my head - "If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is." I wasted an hour on an online "interview" which consisted of showing pictures of all the people working for the "internet company". I was applying for a media writer on Craigs list and told I would make 26, 000 a year for part time work. let this scam slip through. Beware!

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  • La
    lashandra jones Feb 19, 2010

    The Internet Company and Career Networks are both scams. I applied for a job through The Internet Company as was e-mailed back about a Data Entry/Media Buyer Job. Considering the fact that I had been out of work for almost a year, I jumped at it. I should have seen the red flags from day one. First of all, there is no phone contact - they give you a website and phone # to call (the phone call is pre-recorded). Secondly, the supposed manager/supervisor they assign you to is known by initials only (still no real phone #) and you can only contact them by e-mail. Third, while they will email you a manual, FAQ sheet and other info to do your supposed job, they aren't specific when it comes down to how you are going to get paid, W-2 issues and such. The tell you how to create accounts for Craigslist and Gmail- also they give you a user name and password for their site(Career Network), tell you to post the jobs assigned to you to Craigslist and wait a day before you respond to the e-mails. When you repsond to the emails, you are supposed to paste the link of the position the person is inquiring about. After a few reponses, I noticed the my replies were being returned. Then I found out that my Craigslist account had been blocked. After some research, I realized that I had been scammed. I emailed my so called supervisor and have not heard back from them yet. I aplologize to anyone who got caught up in this mess and warn you, " These jobs do not EXIST" I found out when I logged into Altoona Career Network with the info they gave me. The job exist only to be posted on other websites like Craigslist, but if you go in directly to do a search with the same job title, you will never find it. BEWARE and Good Luck in your continued searches.

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  • Kv
    kv28 Mar 01, 2010

    Is The internet company offering work from home jobs fake...?
    Iam attending training calls from The Internet Company these days.
    So some one please tell me about the company.

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  • Ch
    chrisd651 Mar 29, 2010

    Beware, they also have other name such as Affinity Media Partners. If you see the font style that CareerNetwork has on other job search sites, stay away from them. They might even have a site for your city. They have one for Boise, ID. I got multiple calls from them and they just annoyed me to death. So if you see that font style, just remember that it is CareerNetwork based


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  • No
    nogutsnoglory Apr 12, 2010

    I just received this email 4/14/10.
    Notice the improper grammer bellow where it states "You will the person between the shipping department..." instead of proper English: You will be the person between the shipping department...

    Customer Service Rep *

    Currently seeking a Customer Service Rep. to start ASAP! This position will pay $17.25/hr to start!

    Customer Service Representative will provide a pleasant experience as well as support to the organization by obtaining and verifying the accuracy of order information in a timely manner.

    Candidates must be Customer Service oriented, able to handle difficult customers, and multiple tasks. You will [be] the person between the shipping department and the customers. Must be comfortable working in a warehouse environment.

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  • Si
    Sizzle May 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yea, now they are posting Job Scout jobs everywhere and going under a new company called (JOB NAB) wanting people to be a Job Scout for there area. They even ask for you to fill out a w-9 form for taxes. I even went through a training program where they give you a code to watch a slide show where it suppose to be teaching you how to do the job scout job. they want you to post the jobs on face-book's marketing site and on other job boards also. the guy would be on the phone and the person would be on the site while listening to the guy discuss the job on the slides and stuff like that. I knew it was a scam from the beginning because of being scammed so many times i now know my lesson. I just want a legit home job for some extra cash that's all. JUST LETTING EVERYONE KNOW ABOUT THEIR NEW TECHNIQUE!!!...

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  • Si
    Sizzle May 02, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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