Cardpool.complease stay away from this company and just use your gift card


Had two Bloomingdale cards valued each for fifty dollars, I entered my gift card numbers and requested a check for payment. Cardpool requested that I send in the cards by mail and promised upon receipt to issue payment of $82. Fast forward a week later, I receive the below email from cardpool: We recently received your mail, but noticed that the gift cards foryour transaction was missing from the package. It looks like theenvelope was damaged in transit and we only received the shippinglabel at our processing center, which must have detached from theenvelope with your gift cards. Regrettably, we cannot offer paymentfor gift cards that we don't receive. However, if you still have the rceipt for the gift cards, you may be able to contact the merchant torequest that they cancel the previous cards and issue you a new one.If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel welcome tocontact us at [protected] anytime.

I couldn't fine a phone number to call them directly, so I sent an email to support - its been a week, no response. I can't believe I was duped I should have known better. I hope this helps someone, please stay away from this company and just use your gift card.

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