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H Dec 12, 2018 Review updated:

I have deposited R 90 000 ZAR in the middle of November 2018 in this trading company (capitalxp) They put a bonus of plus minus 3000Eur into my account. I soon made profits, one week later I wanted to withdraw 3300 Eur two weeks later they informed me it was rejected with no explanation another attempt was also rejected. I left A lot of massages to the account manager over the last 3 weeks with no response. the online chat personell was also not helpful. when joint up I received 3 to 4 phone calls from the account manager mr Richard West. but since I wanted to withdraw all meaning full communication stop. I have put al my funds into this. I am retired with a lot of dept to pay with no income my landlord want to ivict me before Chrismas. I sencerly hope you can assist me, I am staying on a small holding and with our political situation I get threats everyday. I am desparate. company tel:+74994043159 and +442039495515. [protected] my cell +[protected] my email [protected] I don't know if this is a scam.


  • Bo
    Boella Brits Dec 18, 2018

    Update on my account . on 18/12/2018 14h45 my account balance was 163 455 eur I went to town when I got back at 16h00 the accont was at 43 000 eur while I was still communicating with them the balance gone down to ooooo they blame it on Qprofit systems an automated system . I don't know how another company software can deplete funds so quickly. they say it is my fault because I sighned up through Qprofit. I must invest more money so that they can recover the money.

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  • Me
    Melvin Berkman Dec 29, 2018

    @Boella Brits Something similar happened to me with magnum options, FUNDCHARGEBACK helped me, you can reach out, they will definitely help you recover your lost funds

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  • Me
    Melvin Berkman Dec 29, 2018

    @Melvin Berkman REach out

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  • Br
    Bryan.R Jun 05, 2019

    @Boella Brits Hope you didn't invest more money because it was what bxmarketoption told me too. I invested twicw and got nothing from them, it's a scam. I was helped by a private investigator I was told to reach out to who helped in getting back my money, you can reach him on: reportfraud2 @ tutanota . com

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  • Ja
    JAFTA HISTORY Feb 20, 2019

    I deposited 813.58 Euros with on the 2nd of January 2019, which at the time of deposit was equivalent to £750.00.
    I deposited this money on the agreement of a verbal contract that I was assured would be emailed to me as a written contract to sign.
    The contract stated that I would receive a risk free managed account for two and a half to three months. This verbal contract was offered to me as means of a 'recovery plan', relating to a previous loss in my account of 3300Euros.
    However instead of £750.00 being withdrawn from my account £816.95 was withdrawn relating to this agreed transaction. Yet the amount deposited to my capital XP trading account was only £750.00.
    I queried this with my bank who said that I needed to provide a letter from Capital XP confirming that the transaction had been agreed for £750.00. Capital XP (Mr Oliver Sorenson) refused to provide me with such a letter. I am still at a loss of £66.95 from this.
    The written agreement regarding a Risk Free managed account was not forthcoming as promised. So I decided to withdraw all the personal funds I had deposited. Mr Soreson told me that I could not have my money as I was bound by a bonus agreement and had to trade to a volume of 500 lots before I could withdraw any of my money. Nowhere in the bonus agreement is there any stipulation regarding the withdrawal of the personal funds deposited to this trading account the only stipulation is that if you do not complete 500 trades. You will not be allowed to take any profits you may have gained. Several times I made request to withdraw my money but was met with mockery, insult and told I in a very condescending manner that no matter what, unless I listened to what I was being told to do, the only way I would get my money was to drag it through the courts. I was then laughed at when reminded of the length of time this will take. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get back my money from these dishonest brokers in the shortest possible time. I really don't need their profits
    Francis Fashesin ([email protected])

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  • Do
    Donald Elliott May 12, 2019

    I also fell a victim to this scam broker. They kept on asking me to deposit more money. Then they stopped picking up my calls and doesn't reply my mails. After loosing more money. Finally I have gotten back all my lost fund and bonus from CFD stocks. They stocked all my trading capital and deprived me access into my account for over two months now after I’ve invested $70, 000 with them. Thought I was not gonna see this day, but as God may have it, today I’ve got back all my money back for real with the help of professionals. Lesson learnt! I’m happy to share my experience
    If you’ve been locked out from logging into your binary option trading account or you are unable to make withdrawal from your broker account, maybe because your broker manager is asking you to make more deposit before you can place a withdrawal and you need my assistance, kindly get in contact with me via my email address:[email protected], and I will guide you on steps to take to regain access to your account, make withdrawal freely and easy, as well as recover all your lost funds in reality.

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  • Wi
    Williams Smith May 29, 2019

    These people cannot process a withdrawal i invest $45, 579.00 with the broker Wise banc and won a bonus of $156, 834.000 I wanted to make a withdraw and they can't process it, I’ve been trying to get my money out since mid-July 2018. I’ve given them all my banking information: routing number, acct number… and they cannot manage to produce the withdrawal.
    I kept getting messages saying they are working on it, I wasn't able withdraw my money from the account and they finally there's no solution to my withdrawals request. God so kind i was able to get solution to my withdrawals issue with my broker wise banc with the help of a recovery expert Mr Eddy Martins whom was recommend on the broker reviews, who helped me recover my funds including my bonus, I would not trust wisebanc to ever make my withdrawal go through so I had to seek help elsewhere and they already closed my account. They seem dishonest,
    I am happy I could get back my money from them, I advise everyone out there to be careful with the brokers they invest their money with, in case you are reading this and you are already a victim of this fake binary broker, there's still hope to recover your funds, feel free to reach out Mr Eddy Martins via his email address: eddymartins61 (AT) gmail. com and he will guide you on a simple step to take and get back your investment.
    Good luck

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  • Da
    david markson Aug 17, 2019

    My advise out there is for you to be wise before you invest in any binary option broker I was scammed 170k by online broker but at last I found someone who help me to recovered all my lost funds back from a scam broker that stocked my capital with an unregulated broker, If you need assistance with regards of your lost funds from your broker or may be your broker manager asking you to make more deposit before you could make a withdrawal or your account has been manipulated by your broker manager or your broker has blocked your account just because they need you to make more deposit to your account. If you’re interested in getting all your lost funds back Kindly get in contact with him [email protected] him will guide you on the steps I took in getting all my refunds

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  • Jo
    John Darryl Custodio Sep 05, 2019

    Last monday Sept 2, 2019, I convinced to join to this CapitaXP. I deposited a minimum amount of 250USD as a startup to their online trading. At first, they will treat you well and guide you on how this forex online trading works. But, as far as I'm researching about this forex trading, I found out that this CapitaXP is a 'scam' and many people have a bad reviews about this. I read all the reviews on how they perform this kind of scam. When I try to reach on my account manager to say that I can't do this anymore and ask for the refund of my money, he said to send first my supporting files like passport/national id and they will give me a withdrawal for my money. And also one thing, like I've red on the reviews, he also asked me to make another trade. He set the trade for me and after that he said to close the trading application and tomorrow I will have a 20% for the addition of the withdrawal money that I've requested. But when I open it again, I noticed that my balance on the account is decreasing and I have a -60USD loss for a few minutes only. Maybe, he tried to manipulate the trading so that I will have no more money to refund. I felt so stupid to convinced without even researching. Anyone who help me with this? How can I get my remaining money back? I am also worried because I've send some several supporting files already like Proof of Payment and Proof of residency. I am worried that maybe this will affect on my debit card. Thank a lot guys!

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  • Pa
    Patricia Douglas Dec 09, 2019

    I rarely share my story with people, not only because it put me at the lowest point ever but because it made me a person of ridicule among family and friends. I put all I had into Binary Options ($690, 000) after hearing great testimonies about this new investment strategy. I was made to believe my investment would triple, it started good and I got returns (not up to what I had invested). Gathered more and involved a couple family members, but I didn't know I was setting myself up for the kill, in less than no time all we had put ($820, 000) was gone. It almost seem I had set them up, they came at me strong and hard. After searching and looking for how to make those scums pay back, I got introduced to a recovery expert Mr Andrew Murray who helped me recovered 99% of my investment back in 7 working days. i felt someone else might need his help that's why i have to recommend him, feel free to contact him via his email address: andrewmurray329 (AT) for further information on how to get back your investment.

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  • Ma
    Martha1 Dec 12, 2019

    There is nothing safe about this company called CapitalXp instead i’d consider them to be a very miserable company i wonder who is behind the whole system. this low life ran off 150000 usd from me without remorse and even still wanted more if i intended to pay i only anted them to get my account rested but the whole thing was not as i planned it well i’m glad i was able to get help before it was too late thanks to the amazing recovery agent i came across who was able to help me get the whole money in full. If you need an expert to help you recover your lost investment, please don’t hesitate to contact them on the email; “capitalrefund44 @- /g= m- a- i l .c / o m"

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  • Ma
    Margaret kathy Jan 16, 2020

     I opened a standard account with Belfx. After some 2 weeks of trading, they asked me for more investment, so I upped it to around 5K EUR as it was showing profits. All seemed to be going fine, so I invested another 15K EUR and a VIP account was opened. Most of the investments were transferred barring some profit which was left in the standard account for me to practice. I deposited another 5K EUR to make it to the Platinum account, however, it was never converted to Platinum on the pretext that all trades need to be closed and VIP account needs to be opened or have fresh invested amount of 25000 EUR, which looked logical and I also didn’t insist.All these while I had withdrawn 100 EUR to check the withdrawal process. After trading for another month, I mentioned that I would like to withdraw my profit, the account started going in big negative. At that point of time, I was asked for more investment to save the account which I didn't do and the account was ultimately blown up. I was advise by my military colleague to contact a recovery team, which I made a contact with Mr Gary Ashton, his an expert on binary/forex/bitcoin and crypto currency recovery. Him and his team worked relentlessly to get my invested capital including my bonus refunded back to me. I was obligated to recommend him and his funds recovery strategy. Feel free to reach out to him if you are experiencing issues with your investment broker, via his email address: Garyashton998 (@)
    And will guide you on steps to take and get your invested capital refunded back to you.

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  • Th
    Thomas Laurel Jan 19, 2020

    First thing you should know about Binary Options scam and Ponzi scheme is that you can recover all your lost money thanks to advancement in technology. Recovery experts is very forthcoming with dubious online trading-scam cases. They helped me build a case on the scam broker with the informations I provided about my trading experience and helped me with a refund. Their proven track record of success in fraud investigation and recovery cases is why i have no hesitation in recommending their service to any out there suffering the same fate. Reach out to them at (Recoveryexperts0 at g m a i l

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