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I ordered a groupon 3 weeks ago. No problems redeeming at all. I was excited, because this was a Christmas gift for my brother who is super difficult to shop for. Package comes in last week and I'm immediately disappointed. The material was very low quality and thin, the edges were just cut and no hemming at all. Threads were hanging off from where the material was unraveling from the cut. The dimensions were a lot smaller than 40x27. Upon measuring it was more 30x20. The blanket shape looked like a kindergartener cut it. It was wide at top and obviously crooked and tapered in the middle. At the bottom it was a little wider than the middle but not as wide as the top. I immediately call. No answer and call disconnected instead of placing me into queue. I email after the calls fail throughout the day. Email was sent 6 days ago. No answer. Still can get no one on the phone. Follow up emails are going ignored. I complained to groupon that they were doing business with scammers and the rep completely agreed and stated the situation would be escalated and company investigated. If they do not meet quality standards of groupon, she said they wouldn remove them completely. We'll see. I know I will NEVER order from ever again.

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