Cannata's King Cakes / $750 reward certificate not applied

United States

Beware of Pottery Barn's reward certificate program. It will never get applied to your purchase. I received a $750 reward certificate in August 2018 and made a purchase in November 2018 in store where I surrendered the certificate that was supposed to be applied to my purchase. 6 months later I received my purchase ( a chair) and a few days later a bill for the full price. The rewards were never applied. I called Pottery Barn multiple times over 70 days and spoke to various customer service representatives and their supervisors ( ex. Sarah, Michelle, Miss Keisha, Dan and others). On several occasions I was made a promise that it will get fixed and applied but it never did. They hang up on me several times already once they realized what I'm calling about. Countless hours on the phone later, I feel CHEATED by the Pottery Barn. I'm returning the item and will NEVER EVER make another purchase at this deceitful company. Watch out for their SCAM!

Jun 12, 2019

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