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Reviews and Complaints

Shoppers Drug Mart Incontinence associate — Incompetent and no compassion nor remorse

Associate used COVID as an excuse for her messing my incontinence order for the fifth time in about eight months. Shoppers Drug Mart should be Canada's last choice for drug store. Even the management has attitude, like they are self entitled, to treat people poorly. It was tolerable because they were convenient, now, during quarantine, Shoppers has left me without vital items for my handicapped son. Shame on Shoppers Inc.for their total lack of compassion. Executives need to be held accountable for handing out franchises to people without compassion and conscience. The government has been informed of their non-compliance with caring for people in crisis. I want the country to know, that while some of us are doing what is required of us during the COVID crisis, Shoppers Drug Mart is using COVID as an excuse for leaving treating customers poorly and leaving them without necessity they are more than able to provide.

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    Inarehe Mar 26, 2020

    I am surprised that you do not shame your handicapped son. I bet he got handicapped was because you in anger severely beat him.

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