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Reviews and Complaints

Canadian Tireauto service

Date of incident- September 25 around 12pm
Client #- did not want to disclose
Individuals involved: mechanic (Sam) and Supervisor(Joe)

Background Context
On September 24th, my vehicle got towed to Canadian Tire located at CentrePoint Mall in North York, ON. My car would not turn on and so I was advised that they would have to run a few tests. After an hour of waiting I was told that my car had to stay overnight. I had no problem and the individual I was dealing with Scott was super nice. However, the following day (September 25th) the issue with my vehicle was still not clear and so I decided to tow my vehicle to my personal mechanic located outside of Toronto.

I called CAA and met up with the tow truck driver at Canadian Tire. Before the CAA driver towed my car I noticed that my backseats were lifted and that my wires were showing. I approached the mechanic who was working on my car which his name is Sam and had to ask him twice to come take a look at my vehicle

The incident
When Sam came I asked him why the wires were showing and he said well I had to look at your battery whats the problem and so I told him can you rearrange my back seat to its original condition because this looks like crap and he turned to me and said I quote "You look like [censored]" as soon as he said that I was so shocked that I looked at him and said excuse me, what is your problem? This is my car and all i'm asking you is to rearrange my backseats to its original condition. Watch your [censored] tone. Sam response was "I dont give a [censored], [censored] you" at this point I was beyond furious, exchanged similar words to him as well and asked to speak with his manager. He ignored me and nobody else in the garage seemed to care about my frustration so I had to literally yell and say where is the manager... finally Joe his manager comes out to the garage and asks me whats going on... I explained to him the situation and his response was quite disappointing he said "our mechanics are not used to dealing directly with our clients" and that's when I said it still does not justify his response and the CAA tow truck driver even got involved and said the way Sam handled the situation was horrible. Joe then looked at my seat and asked Sam to fix it and I said I don't want Sam near my car at this point and would like someone else to fix the seats. Another individual came without showing any sign of disrespect and fixed my seats under 5 minutes. During this time I told the manager that I would NEVER EVER bring my car back to Canadian Tire and that I would need names because I will be contacting head office. As I was having this conversation with Joe, Sam in the back was cussing me out again, his colleague just laughing and smoking. I got furious yet again, cussed him out and told Joe that he needs to do something about Sam. Joe told Sam to settle down one or two times but overall the situation was handled poorly.

I did not get an apology from either of them, I think Joe could have handled the situation a bit better given that he is the manager. I wished Joe showed more empathy and Sam, I have no words. I took the time to write this complain (which I normally never do) because there should be some consequences to his actions. The customer service was beyond brutal, the tow truck driver and I were beyond shocked and I left feeling like I was just degraded by a bunch of guys in a garage... NEVER ever going back to that location, the tow truck driver also said he does not like dealing with Canadian Tire and just hope that someone can seriously look into this...

Thanks in advance.

Canadian Tireno discount received, but only disappointment customer service

Good afternoon! I want to complain about how my husband and I were treated at the Canadian tire store at Centerpoint Mall. The lady working at the auto parts and at the customer service desk named Patricia is super rude!!! Their employee sold us wrong parts to our car and when we came to complain and get a new parts we also asked for discount since it was their fault we were stuck with broken car and no right parts! Patricia was very rude and did not know how to speak professionally to customers. Once I told her we took advice from your "professional" employees she told me they are not mechanics and they can't advice! LOL!!! If so, why there are consultants at the auto part desk?! Why don't you put all products on shelves so clients can choose what they want and then no complaints, of course! But in this case we trusted YOU and you FAILED!! The worst thing is that Patricia did not realize she was being rude, unprofessional and was talking to their clients. We did not get any discount, but only were treated really bad! And please notice we made a purchase for 500$!!! so I believe it means something! We just wanted to get money back for Uber ride to their store which we had to take because we couldn't drive our car which was half disassembled at our driveway and to fix it we needed new parts from the store!
Will never be back to Canadian Tire at this location and will advise others to do the same! And how is it possible to trues people who work there if afterwards they will tell they are not professionals?! What is the point if then working there then?
We can provide you with our bill and all details. We would like to get s store credit or receive a refund as a compensation for the worst customer service ever, broke car, canceled plans for this long weekend and wasted time!
Also, PLEASE make sure Patricia gets a customer service training or you may loose all clients one day! Did you ever read reviews about CT at that location? Please do, you will find out why I'm complaining...there are tons of people who feel the same!
Thank you and looking forward to hear back from you!
Viktoriia Zhuk

Canadian Tireslime bike tube sealant 8oz.

I browsed your website in search of this product called, Slime Bike Tube Sealant 8oz. Upon arrival I searched the bike department assuming the unit would be carried in that specific area as the website still advertised that the product was available in the store. I asked one of the floor reps, and he sent me to the aisle 8 which sold Slime for automotive care. Then I asked the customer service department if it was in stock and it was she told me to go to the sports department. I went back to the man who sent me to aisle 8 and he went to another rep who were trying to search for the product. With no lick she brought it to the attention of the store manager Howard who just said it's not in stock without even checking for the product himself. The staff as well as Howard should constantly do inventory checks to confirm where the products are in order to update it in the system, because according to the data it is in stock but no one knows where it was as it was not placed in a proper planogrammed section. Or at the very least the people behind the website should not advertise the product or do an inventory confirmation if it is in the actual store. This is a result of poor communication amongst staff, improper facing as no one follows planograms, and bad communications from computer admins with store managers. I work in retail myself and this is unacceptable. Please have the management, admin, and staff get it together as this is very misleading to customers.

  • Updated by Jaay Cee · Jul 23, 2019

    With no lick she brought it to the attention of the store manager Howard who just said it's not in stock without even checking for the product himself.


    With no luck

Bicycle From Canadian Tirereturn/exchange policy

I purchased a bicycle from Canadian Tire which I rode once for less than 4 kilometres. After riding the bike, I was not happy with it because it really did not support my weight (200 pds), and was not great in terms of ergonomics and speed/comfort versus my existing bike I bought from them 10 years prior.
I brought the newly purchased bike back to the store the following morning for refund or exchange and was told that they did not take returns on bikes that were already used. I informed them that I did have all the original packaging (the instructions attached in a baggy to the bike and the cardboard that was put in the wheels) and the reason for my refund/exchange. The exchange rep at Cdn Tire then informed me that they are very clear on their no refund/exchange policy on the purchase of their bicycles because it has already been rode and there are signs in the store that state that. I brought up points that I thought were valid and fair and that was 1) I did not see any sign clearly in the bicycle dept. stating that 2) I spoke to a salesperson before buying the bike about my concern regarding my weight and he said bring it back to the store if there are problems 3) and the back of the receipt stating the item can be brought back to the store in 90 days, in its original condition and packaging with receipt.
She eventually took back the bike charging a 15% restocking fee which amounted to a loss of around $60 off the original price. I let her know that I understand what she was saying that because I rode the bike, it is technically not in its "original condition" as mentioned on the back of the receipt regarding the return policy. I let her know that there is no way to find out about the bike without not riding it and keeping it in "original condition". A customer cannot test the bikes out in the stores so it's very difficult to determine if the bike is a good fit or not. I also let the Cdn Tire return rep know that their staff should be better trained in their knowledge of the bikes and policies if they are to set special conditions on returns/exchanges. If I had known of this, I would not have even considered buying a bike at Canadian Tire.
Just posting this to let everyone know cause it cost me $60 to learn this. If someone were purchasing a larger ticket item from Canadian Tire, it may be a very expensive lesson.

return/exchange policy

  • Lo
    local Jul 03, 2009

    I had the exact experience today at CT Great lake in Brampton. I have never been this disappointed and angry in my life. My 13 year old won a mountain bike at school.The school bought the bike and gave as a copy of the receipt and warrant. This was on the 25th, right away we noticed that there was something wrong with the bike. we went to the store today hoping they will honour the purchase. They told us that they needed the original receipt we explained to them that it was a prize from school and they had given us the copy. The staff were so rude they told me that since I did not spend my money that they would not exchange it and that there return policy is 7 days. I was so shocked to here this. I explained to them that the schools are closed and they told me that schools are opened my child goes to a middle school and School was closed on the 25th. I will be writing to CT head office about this problem. I google there return poicy today and found many unhappy customers who have suggested that not to bother writing to there head office. I will never go to a CT and my advice is to think twice before going to CT. I hope this doesn't happen to some else I have a bkie in the garage that I can not use.

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  • Bi
    Bill Bobby May 17, 2011

    I bought a bike from Canadian Tire in south Edmonton. It was the wrong style for me. I tried to return it. I did not ride it at all. They refused to take it back. They had a no-return policy that was not posted anywhere in the store. The manager on-duty treated me like a criminal, accusing me of riding the bike and trying to bring it in, when it was obvious by looking at it that it had not been ridden-not that the manager even bothered to look at it before he started his tirade. I was polite, but this guy accused me of everything under the sun. Unbelievable. I don't know how they can treat their customers like total crap and expect them to return.

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  • An
    Anfle Jul 18, 2014

    From the same store at centre point mall, they always have very bad attitude and sometimes they refused to accept return for reasons like once they told me that I could only return in the same store that I purchased from even though they sell exactly the same item in the store. When I went to another Canadian store, it was not an issue. Another time, they just said that we could not return because the fan was used; again, we went to another Canadian tire store to return it, and it was accepted as you could not tell if it was used. This time, we bought an iron from this store (it is close to where we live), we were refused again for refund as they asked us if we put in water and we told them yes, we used it once but we do not like it and we found something better from another site; they said that they could not accept it as it was used; they would only exchange it; a manager we as called and he said he did not want to waste his time on this, we used the iron so they do not accept return. How do we know if we like it without using it? We just night it 10 days ago and we just had time to return it after we tried. That is not satisfaction guarantee.

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  • Br
    Brian Greene 1 Mar 22, 2018


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