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Shoppers Drug Martoverpriced product / rip off


I purchased "neocitran extra strength cold & sinus night apple cinnamon" from shoppers drug mart located at the above address and I paid 14.46+ 1.88 (hst)= $ 16.37

I had no choice but to buy and consume the above product as I was having a very hard time due to cold and bodyache on oct 31, 2019.

After visitng the other stores such as metro, no frills and walmart, I realized that they all sell the above product at $ 9.97.

I feel terrible that I was ripped off and been taken advantage of by shoppers drug mart (6205 bathurst st. North york, on)

Now I learned how rich getting richers in canada and poor getting poorer.
The rich getting richer by ripping off the middle class who work so hard for hours and hours... I cannot imagine how much money shoppers drug mart is making by ripping off and the taking advantage of people who are physically sick or need to buy certain over the counter products.

I want shoppers drug mart to pay me back the difference in price. I just want justice to be served even if it is $5 difference.

Thank you

overpriced product / rip off

  • Updated by CA55 · Nov 02, 2019

    $5 price difference ... this is really outrageous.

  • Jh
    Jᴏhn EE Nov 03, 2019

    Everyone where this user is the store owner or not you should know that the store owner on (6205 bathurst st) made me so angry that I bet up my own mother over an argument. she needed stitches thanks to them and I will be suing them for medical bills and my strinous relationship this caused me with her.

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  • Mr
    Mr. Budget Nov 22, 2019

    Buy it at the cheaper place, keep the receipt, and return them back their product. Thank them for the convenience :) !

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