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My name is Adil. I have a member ship in upper James branch (member ship no [protected]). 2 weeks back I lost my credit card where my account is setup to deduct my monthly install. I went to the representative Name Sara and update my new Credit Card details to her on the due date 3rd of July. She updated my card info and confirmed that when the payment went through it might charge you late payment fee of $25 which will be reversible as today is the due date. (Imp: she did 'nt charge me the same time and said it will be deducted from your new Credit card by auto payment). Next day I saw my statement I have been charged with $ 25. I went o Sara and ask me to come by Monday as manger Sandra is not there as she need to take approval from her. On Wednesday July 10, 2019 I went to Sara again and the manger was next to her. I asked her about the charges and she said that you do your work out and come by the time I speak with the manager Sandra. After workout Sara confirmed that we did not reverse the charges as the amount is already went through. Also said (If you paid that amount on the same time that charges would not effect). I ask her I need to speak with the manager which was sitting in her office but she refuses to meet me and ignored me.

My questions:

1-Why she did not charge me at the same time on my due date on July 3, 2019 when I provide her my new Credit Card.. (which she mentioned on July 10, 2019)

2- Why she confirmed to reverse the late payment fee if she knew that will not reversed.

2-The manger Sandra just sitting behind her they said she left for the day. Why I was ignored and she refuses to meet is this the customer care and services standards?

My request is to reverse my late payment fee charges of $ 25 as this is not my fault my card was lost accidentally I did not do this intentionally.

I have 2 months left for my membership and I am going to cancel this by finished my relation with Fitness Crunch due to bad customer service and miscommitment. I am very disappointed with the manger Sandra as she is sitting next to the office and ignored me completely.

Adil Hameed