Online Surveys Complaints

Survey Junkie / redeeming points

on Apr 5, 2019

I have been doing surveys on Survey it took me a long time to get enough to cash out with $10 I wanted to cash out so I could see if it was going to be difficult . I didn't have a phone when I started so I had to put my brother's number on my account they said they had to call...

National Consumer Center / survey reward gift card

on Mar 27, 2019

I filled out an online survey on this morning. They told me I would get a $1000 Walmart giftcard when I completed the survey. But they kept directing me to more and more surveys and I never got confirmation that they would send me the gift card they promised. If...

Opinionworld / online survey

on Mar 17, 2019

OpinionworldThey offered game credits for completing an online survey, and 30 minutes later after doing the survey they deleted the login that they made me make saying I breached some code of theirs, and they never paid/passed my game credits to my game. Complete raught. And waste of my time. And... aka AKA RewardZone USA, LLC Website / surveys online for cash and gift cards

on Feb 19, 2019

hi my name is john b... If you do nothing else today but read this you will see the true evil in this county that i'm so ashamed of "pls. Someone help over 1000 hours and nothing but lies and deceit!!! over a thousand hours taken from my family to try and pay some bills and put food on the...

RewardZoneUSA and National Consumer Center / receiving the visa card that I was told I would get for completing the offers

on Feb 3, 2019

I completed two offers to receive $1000 visa card and was sent text for each offer with links. Neither link worked! Before getting links I sent email to complaining that I finished the two offers and nothing came up on screen, and then I got the two texts with links that...

USA Rewards Spot / $1000 visa card for completing survey.

on Jan 31, 2019

I completed the survey and ordered the coffee. Now I get a text telling me I have to order one more product or service. This just stinks to high Heaven as a scam. I see that there are several other people who have had the same experience. I'm afraid if I order the next product or... / false advertising and non-payment

on Jan 19, 2019

USArewardspot.comThis site advertises receiving a $1000 gift card via AMAZON, WALMART etc. That will never happen. After you waste your time taking numerous surveys they then, require you to spend money. Do not give your credit/debit info. YES, IT IS A SCAM. Also the companies they sponsor may be legit...

Guest Opinion Rewards (Hilton Honors Points). / online surveys

on Jan 11, 2019

Probably the worst online survey site on the market. Most surveys throw you off somewhere between 1/2 and all the way completed. Very frustrating to waste one's time doing these surveys only to lose all that time and complaining to them is worthless. Computers answer your complaint and...

Tagged and hi5 / complain about the cancelling of my accounts

on Jan 11, 2019

Gentlemen, I urge you to go back online - Tagged ([protected] - hi5 ([protected] that you deleted I do not know why. I think I have complied with your terms and conditions, which is not the case for all your members who expose pornographic images and you do not delete. I...

USA Reward Spot / $1000 amazon gift card

on Dec 30, 2018

Already I took 2 hours per complete all surveys, step by step, and I did complete the last last claim deal for to receive the gift card, finally that I did my subscription to a deal, you don't have options to mark done and receive the gift card... I took other deals and did others one...

PH Media LLC / unauthorized credit card charges

on Dec 27, 2018

On 11/27/18 I did a survey online. I had a choice of a free item. I had to pay for the shipping. It required my credit card. I reveived the watch that was really cheap. Then several other prizes were offered. I didn't choose anything else. I had 2 additonal charges showed up on the same... / surveys

on Dec 22, 2018

I completed all the surveys for the amount requested from they refused to pay me for my surveys; they have not given me credit for three of them; that would have put me over the $50 required guideline. I want my money; they should be made to pay; it's stressful doing those...

USARewardZone / reward zone

on Dec 14, 2018

I received an email from reward zone claiming that I qualified to receive $1, 000 gift card once I've completed three silver offers none of them were recognized in my point system that I completed the offers it only said that my status was at gold one completion and I have proof and...

Convergys JCentre Mall Branch / human resources department

on Dec 14, 2018

I'm applying as a customer service representative in convegys jcentre mall branch and I know that i'm pass in the initial interview by the hr.. But suddenly the hr askd me if I can get my clearance from previous job.. And I said yes but when I texted my previous company it was not...

Goodhousekeeping Magazine, Hearst Communications, Inc. / january 2019 issue "your favorite first ladies" poll.

on Dec 10, 2018

Good Housekeeping Magazine January 2019 issue "Your Favorite First Ladies" Poll. Is this a joke??? Do your readers really think Melania Trump should be listed as the sixth most admired First Lady or is this a political scam? Does Hearst Communications, Inc. condone this type of...

Opinion Outpost, Survey Spot, & Opinion World / dishonest redemption policy

on Nov 17, 2018

These three companies are all owned by SSI, an international survey company. For many years now, they have been stealing people's money, but my case has probably been the worst because every year, I accrue $200 with each company, and every single year, at around the same time when I try to... / offer for free 1,000.00 amazon gift card

on Oct 6, 2018

Offer stated a free Amazon gift card for 1, 000.00 to take short survey. After filling out several surveys, being re-directed to other sites and purchasing small items it would go back and tell me that I would have to purchase the same things that I had already purchased. I unwilling...

Hi5 / hi5 decided to shut down my account as an excuse of phishing account

on Sep 25, 2018

This evening Hi5 decided to suspend my account for no-reason by claiming it was phished on Tuesday evening of September 25, addition, Hi5 have made no effort of restoring my account also I demand my account to be removed from the site of Hi5 because they are involved in allowing...

DG Services / demanding money and threatening legal action / online form filling

on Sep 20, 2018

DG ServicesI have applied to part time form filling job through Online in DG Services company in Quikr site. I got a call from DG Services saying that if you are interested you can start doing the job. I said ok I will start doing the job. I got a mail from DG services about the license agreement and...

DG Services / online form filling

on Sep 11, 2018

Hii am parmeshwari I got a call from from dg srvices to work for online survey.. They gave 3000 forms to fill within 15 days n they said they will 30000 rs but now they are are saying that you not completed your work and they are harassing me to pay money of 5400+penlity charges of...

DG Services / Scam

on Sep 7, 2018

DG ServicesHi sir myself Ambik Biswas, I applied for home based part time job on On 16th aug 2018 at 1:04 pm someone named ‘Kishan' sends me a text message . He says "Hi am Kishan from online home based job without investment (The company name was DG Services)…...send your Email on thi...

National Consumer Center / not getting my rewards card for completing the silver offer

on Aug 17, 2018

Last night I completed the silver offer for a $1000 Wal Mart card. The offer was 3freescores, and I paid with my debit card. the money was taken off of my debit card immediately. When I went back to claim my card after completing the offer, I was notified that there was no record of me...

Lightspeed/My Survey / inactivated account without allowing me to redeem points earned

on Aug 16, 2018

Lightspeed/My SurveyI have been a member of My Survey for over 5 years and I devote a lot of time to the surveys they offer. I am disabled and the awards from these surveys allow me to redeem them for gift cards that I would not otherwise be able to have. I have had multiple issues over the 5+ years of them...

DG Services / online typing

on Jul 26, 2018

Dg services gives job for typing 3000 application in 15 days. Will spend 7 hrs daily and do..but after submitting theyl tell its wrong. Soo u should pay a student I cant pay money..soo the advocate will send notice and theyl send theyl file complaint for not paying money and...

Sharon D. Stradford / http//morningconsult. qz1.

on Jul 14, 2018

NO POINTS GIVEN...SURVEY DID NOT ALLOW POINTS?? WHY? Is your house / apartment owned or being bought, rented, or occupied by some other arrangement? Owned or being bought Rented Other arrangement When did you move to your current house or apartment? In the past 12 months In the past 13 to 23...

Rewardz / $100 aldi gift card

on Jun 30, 2018

I completed all the levels (silver, gold, and platinum) but 2 of the offers, Fingerhut and Coinmaster, won't register that I've completed them and there's no "continue" button on that page to continue through. So I wasted 20 minutes or more of my time and the only thing I'll receive i...

Opinion World / survey

on Apr 29, 2018

The opinion world is a big scam. when I reached 450 points they deactivated my account. they are cheating our efforts. they give me 100 points survey and didn't give me any points then they give 50 points survey again they cheated. Please do the necessary against this scammers. I have spent... / redemption of rewards-reg.

on Apr 18, 2018

[protected] What happened to my redemption amount through from your end?How many days you required to process?Why are you cheating me with dirty tricks?On 5/1/2018 at 10.28 PM I have received a message from your end it is under process.What is your answer?This shows you...

Mysurvey (Lightspeed) / hacked account

on Mar 25, 2018

In October 2017 my account was hacked and 10, 676 points were stolen and used to purchase mostly Amazon gift cards. After 2 months of going back and forth with Global test market via emails, Facebook messenger and even phone calls they reactivated my account. I changed my password and wa...

Store Manager - David Lowery at Northgate/Hamilton Place Store / low salary offered for asm position for my wife, tina maynard

on Mar 15, 2018

My wife, Tina Maynard, came to work at Burlington temporarycbasis after I had to quit working and go on disability for Macular Degeneration that provents me from seeing well enough to work an considered legally blind. Tina has her 2 son and daughter and 3 grand children living iny home and...

Wilhelm Perera / order ref# ag0a0f8643a7 - bad online service provider

on Jan 25, 2018

Order ref# AG0A0F8643A7 - Voucher# Berlin Sky Lounge # 1327 & 1328 for Rs 3, 500 each The reaction and response by Kapruka Sri Lanka representative was most frustrating and very unprofessional with a negative attitude too. My daughter placed the order on 15th of January 2018 for the above...

IC *ShopSmarter / charges appearing on my account unsolicited!

on Oct 6, 2017

I have two (2) charges on my account made by ic *shopsmarter that I did not cause to occur!!! One is on october 02, 2017, for $1.97 and the second one is "pending" as of today, october 06, 2017, for $9.97. How did these charges get on my account??? I want both the $1.97 and the $9.97...

Quality Health / free samples

on Sep 25, 2017

I have been offered several times through my email to get free samples. However, after filling out endless questionnaires I have never received anything. This is just wrong and they need to stop promising freebies because all they are doing is getting personal information by offering free...

GWS Daily Deals / sound system

on Jul 20, 2017

I bought many things from gws daily deals site, the products were well distributed with very strong cardboard packaging. Customer care service is a great help, and unlike the other site, it does not take time to quickly solve those questions which are the best value of the products. They...

GWS Daily Deals / laptop

on Jul 18, 2017

Gwsdailydeals is a great online shopping site. Which is the many online shopping sites but Gwsdailydeals is a most valuable online shopping site. I bought every time in Gwsdailydeals because he is a best online shopping site. I am shopping in Gwsdailydeals clothes, mobile accessories, many...

Delta 9 / keep receiving errors

on Jun 25, 2017

Delta 9I have download skout and i recieved information from skout in the middle of tje conversation asking me to register my mobile number...i have done the right way giving them the country code number and my mobile number but what i get in the end was error saying my mobile number is can it be im using the same number to make a complained

Whatburger / ordered sweet and spicy meal

on Jun 16, 2017

Whataburger number 381 san antonio tx This afternoon 6.16.2017 the restaurant was pretty busy and received my order in a decent time but when i checked my burger it was made incorrect the onions that go in burger should have been grilled but instead i got white raw onions. So i scrapped...

SuperRewards / not paying out offers, disapprove completion without any proof.

on May 19, 2017

This is a most, in a lack of better term, irresponsible company I've been dealing so far on the Internet. They, as you know, are offering digital goods in return for completing an action, or an offer. In this case, they should have awarded 68 Runescape keys for signing up with FilesFetcher...

Harris Pole Online / Never answer emails

on May 16, 2017

The site had been hacked and points were stolen from a "small number of people" As per what they said on the site. I was one of the small number of people that had points stolen. It took me 2 months and about 50 emails to get my points back. Now I'm trying to redeem my points for a gift...

Hot Ice / ABC Lebanon Breitling authorized seller

on Mar 28, 2017

I bought my super ocean watch recently in October 2016 and unfortunately some water went inside when washing my hands i went to the authorized dealer in Lebanon and I was informed that it needs 3 months I am so upset since it doesn't require that much time in addition after sale i...