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MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / reference: 9042164

XB Makhe on Jul 27, 2017
Mr Thembekile Khumalo I am not happy with the response I received. I am aware about the debit that returned on the 2/4/2017 as well as in May. I already reported when the Explora was activated in 17/3/2017 to me it was not installed due to the installer had no stock. DSTV department did...

Gibson University / have not got my certificate

Jihad72 on Jul 26, 2017
Gibson UniversityFrom 2014 I joined Information Technology Program, paid my fees and started studying online. After about 8 months website of university stopped, no information at all about it, after about six more months website worked. I continued and finished 83% of the program. But then I received a call...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / I'm being debited above my amount of explora

XB Makhe on Jul 24, 2017
MultiChoice Africa / DSTVSir / Man I'm a client having an Explora lock price. Xolile Bjohn Makhe ID No 8205275837083 Last month I paid R763.83. This month I will pay R688. When I applied it was March. The Explora came on time but was never installed on time. It took a month for it to be installed. The installer did...

Valued Opinions / re: re; formal complaint:

SamanthaThePatriot on Jul 21, 2017
Valued OpinionsI have £50.00 in my "Valued Opinion account" and now they wont let me in. Is this a scam? As i do have a screenshot I took yesterday 20/07/2017.I think this is terrible and want the money I have earn't. I have spent my time now I want what I'm due. Now I cannot access the site its disgusting...

Tomtop Group / complain about orders

Michael Shulepov on Jul 20, 2017
Hi! i Did order on TOMTOP.COM 1th order came is not complete 2th order is on hold (they took money from my card - but not send it) 3th order is on the way (and I'm afraid) (order everything in one day) sent 12 message in Support - nobody answer (support@tomtop.com) order...

Hydra Skin Sciences / brio

{~} on Jul 20, 2017
I paid $4.95 for what was suppose to a sample to later find out it was full. I found out after $109.93 was taken from my account and was told it I would be billed $109.93 every month. I cancelled and still received more. I filed a complaint with the better business bureau who couldn't find...

GWS Daily Deals / sound system

amardipa on Jul 20, 2017
I bought many things from gws daily deals site, the products were well distributed with very strong cardboard packaging. Customer care service is a great help, and unlike the other site, it does not take time to quickly solve those questions which are the best value of the products. They...

QVC / a survey and an item that I was told was going to be delivered but will not.

prerivers on Jul 19, 2017
Last month I was on the QVC site browsing and was asked if I wanted to take a survey and receive a free gift. I took the survey and chose my 'free gift' but was later charged for three items are my credit card. I chatted with a QVC rep and was told QVC was not responsible and could do...

Morrisons Penzance / member of staff

Sarah-Jane on Jul 18, 2017
I shop at Morrisons every week and my daughter works there. There is hardly ever an items on the shelves. There is always queues at the checkouts because half the staff are standing around talking to each other. My daughter doesn't like working there anymore, they always seem to pick on her...

GWS Daily Deals / laptop

kanaki on Jul 18, 2017
Gwsdailydeals is a great online shopping site. Which is the many online shopping sites but Gwsdailydeals is a most valuable online shopping site. I bought every time in Gwsdailydeals because he is a best online shopping site. I am shopping in Gwsdailydeals clothes, mobile accessories, many...

Family Dollar Stores / store # 07769

ADSp on Jul 16, 2017
I was in the store shopping and almost passed out because the air conditioner is not working I had to stop shopping and leave that's how hot it was in the store when I spoke to one of the cashiers she advised me that the air conditioner has not worked in months I think that is very...

OpinionOutpost / account frozen whilst cashing my points

Ash999 on Jul 13, 2017
My account has been frozen whilst cashing in my points in PayPal, very frustrated. I got the following message. Your membership has been terminated as a result of the violation of the Opinion Outpost Terms & Conditions. For questions, please, contact helpdesk@opinionoutpost.co.uk I have send...

OpinionOutpost / it was weird as if they were gathering information to sell.

Smasaoka on Jul 8, 2017
They would give me 5 points for signing up. The questions were exhaustive and felt like they were gathering information on me to sell. (Just a feeling, no evidence.) Then they asked me to take a survey. I took one that would take about "25 minutes." The questions started, still asking me...

Opinion Outpost / froze my account when trying to redeem points for amazon gift cards.

Maggiesmom12 on Jun 28, 2017
My account keeps getting frozen when I try to redeem points. First time was 5/30. When I tried to redeem points, I got a message that it couldn't be done at this time and the situation would be looked into. When I tried to log into my account, I got the message "Your account has been...

Opinion Outpost / report this online company for non-payment of services.

Mark Espinola on Jun 28, 2017
Opinion OutpostOpinion Outpost also froze my account when I tried to cash out via Pay Pal for numerous surveys completed, in the amount of $30.00. Since Opinion Outpost is located in Connecticut, filing a complaint to the Connecticut Attorney General's office is the best course of action, plus reporting them...

Marlboro / promotion

mjeav on Jun 27, 2017
Me and my friends were at a event in Queens NY a few weeks back, and we signed up for a Marlboro promotion. I filled out a brief survey and was told by the representative to fill out each question and we would get a email for free movie tickets. She read each question out loud, and there...

Delta 9 / keep receiving errors

DJ KUSH on Jun 25, 2017
Delta 9I have download skout and i recieved information from skout in the middle of tje conversation asking me to register my mobile number...i have done the right way giving them the country code number and my mobile number but what i get in the end was error saying my mobile number is invalid...how can it be im using the same number to make a complained

TapJoy / not receiving diamonds for the game covet

Selenabambina on Jun 24, 2017
I play a game called covet in which players can complete online quizzes, offers and games from tap joy to earn diamonds in order to progress in game. I have completed so many of the offers and such and have not received any diamonds for wasting my time. I should have earned at least 400...

Reward Zone USA / walmart gift card

Melinda Sallis on Jun 24, 2017
I don't always take online surveys because I think it's a way for a bunch of third parties to trick consumers into purchasing products that costs lots of money. To my dismay I get an alert to participate in because I was chosen to receive a 1000 Walmart gift card, that sounded too good too...

Jomashop / terrible service

Marcu Alexandra on Jun 20, 2017
I ordered an expansive watch, with 2 days delivery and after 10 days I was calling to see what was going on with my order..and surprise... the agent that assisted me talked on the top of me, without allowing me talk. What is more when he asked me "is there something else that i can assist...
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