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Nimbuzz / Recharge problem

on Feb 26, 2015

just now i recharged my nimbuzzout for 20$ but after 5 minutes it was disappeared and it became zero balance what happened i dont know please help me i need help, what happened to my 20$ its urgent please help me as soon as possible, i need to talk to your customer care, whats going on, i...

American National Credit Inc / I ordered a credit sweep and all 3 primary tradelines for $8,300. When the deadline came in December 2014 he kept pushing back the date.

on Jan 19, 2015

American National Credit IncHE NEVER FIVED MY CREDIT and NEVER gave me the Tradliens that I paid to be added to my credit … American National Credit ( Samin Saivoshi ) don't even have office or staff to do your work !!! Their place of business is a Executive office with mailing service only !!! ordered a...

FreeScore360 / Bait & Switch - Fraudulent

on Oct 31, 2014

FreeScore360Friday, October 31, 2014: I attempted to sign up for FreeScore360's "free" credit report (according to the banner ad at the top of my Gmail page). But first, this fraudulent firm extracted the following information from me: - My email address: - My post office box address. - My social...


on Sep 29, 2014

Hi guys, some advice please i discovered that EE slammed a credit default on my account last year by mistake.(they had mis- allocated the funds)They have recently reluctantly taken it off my credit file so its back to being a 5/5 score. However, in the last twelve months ive been massively...

ee / Credit rating ruined

on Sep 23, 2014

Ive just have just found out that my credit rating was blacklisted by a mobile phone company two years ago for a phone worth about 70pounds. I have been a student and moved house constantly and as such was not aware of the default on my account which means i cant get high street finance...

Free / Fraudulent

on Aug 31, 2014

They do fraudulent advertise. They just hook you up, BIG LETTERS "FREE" SIGN, small letters fee info. Then their partner will charge you $29.95/mo, till you notice. They don't contact any more, no letters, no email, no phone call, and continually charge your account. Most...

Loan Zoo / Refund

on Jun 11, 2014

I would like to warn people NOT to use this loan company they took £59.99 out of my account I asked for a refund which I had to print a form out and send back to them on the email they sent they also mentioned them keeping £5 for the admin fees but when they put the money back...

credit repair / Fraud & Theft

on Jun 10, 2014

Arian Eghbali( Enrich Financial) fraudster, false promises & cons people's with their monies, advertises in 670 Radio offers credit repair with guarantee or money back refund. I asked to meet him at his office but he insisted we meet in a coffee shop.After him reviewing my credit he...

Enrich Financial / Fraud

on Jun 8, 2014

Arian Eghbali( Enrich Financial) A Fraudster, who falsely advertises in 670 Radio offers credit repair with 60 day guarantee or money back refund. I asked to meet with him at his office but he insisted we meet in a coffee shop.After him reviewing he quoted me amount $8000 in which 50% wa...

Okey Collins Iwuajoku / ATC

on Apr 26, 2014

please sir my name is okey collins iwuajoku please i try to take money form your ATM and the ATM did not pay me and i have to go in the next day i come to chick my balance i see that the ATM have takeing my money with out paying me i have call my bank in nigerian and tell them the say that...

Credit Report / Money taken from my credit card with no authorization

on Mar 22, 2014

I have been calling this people from score sense to return my money that it was taking from my credit card and they keep saying, I cannot have my money back because the time was already pass. But I never gave permission for them to take 29.95 from my credit card. Please help me to get my... / fraud

on Dec 14, 2013

the website has been scamming many people by sending messages to phone and all your credit on the phone will just disappear . below is a bit details about them Creation Date 06/16/2010 Updated Date 09/07/2012 Expiration Date 06/16/2019 Registrant Registration Private Domains By Proxy...

Fredrik Gabriel / Fredrik Gabriel is the con artist and do not do any business with this guy.

on Dec 12, 2013

I hired Fredrik Gabriel from Chicago area to work on my program in UNIX. He said he can do the job in 2 months and asked me to pay 1000s of $$. I have paid him in 1000s of $$ and all money was wasted. After I saw no progress I asked for refund to know that he do not want to give even a...

Consumer Credit Advocacy Group / took info. said I could not be accessed

on Oct 18, 2013

Decided to take a look at my credit score during a senior moment. Gave them the info including SS# (which stated secure check), and got a message saying I could not access my scores. Felt I was suckered right away -From: Jeremiah Giordano <[protected]> Subject: [Bulk] They spent...

OTL Score Sense / trying to stop payment to scoresense

on Sep 29, 2013

My name is Dorothy McCrary, Account # [protected], I would like to quit using score sense. I am unable to continue paying for this service. I have called but did not get the payment stopped. I am widow with one income now and I do not feel I need this service any longer. If further information...

SFResidence / Gaysian Hackers

on Aug 30, 2013

I'm being Hacked through yo YT.. by Gaysian [censored]kers David & Michael Ho. Tyler Parker, Richard Lin and Surja Widjaja. Through this great technology. They reside at 80 Monterey Blvd. SF CA 94131. 415, 747, 1760, [protected]. [protected] I can only assume you'll make efforts to close the... / Credit report order gone wrong

on Aug 11, 2013

Good day, I want to warn you people about this company called, their only purpose is to get your personal and financial information and they have no intention to give you any credit score tips. Everything began when I was evaluating my financial situation and in...

GLD Scores / Unauthorized charge

on Jul 27, 2013

Videostripe just did the samething to me b i caught it the day it was pending so i called my debit card company b they are now doing a full investagation. I have never signed up for free reporting or video anything. Im very upset b do not know how they got my info, i then fouund other... / SPAM, HARRASSMENT

on Jun 11, 2013 has been spamming me for the past 2 months first of all the letters are addressed to another persons name and they keep threatening this girl with some bill because supposedly she was using some credit card merchant on her website and this company are apparently... / checking my telegraph

on May 28, 2013

I received a telegraph note on the 10 lucky pick person to receive An amount of £1, 500, 000.00 as per person due to the donation by The doner of email holder as mr.[protected] What I need a help are.. I need to know.. is thr transaction of the fund a legal or in a scam...

Insolvency Watch / Cyber Bully

on May 20, 2013

Warrick Jones a Cyber Bully to children and their parents forced into bankcruptcy in NZ. Disgusting website of slander and defamation

Free Credit Score 360 / No score and can't cancel wrong ph number

on May 15, 2013

Has my debit card info and no credit score and phone number they gave me is not a working number so i can't cancel. I don't want to be charged the $29.?? To my card after 7 days some one please help me tell me what i can do.

credit report agencies / fraud

on Apr 25, 2013

I tried running my credit reports, I looked at the official websites their all asking for fees. I was under the impression that you could get a free credit report once a year at no charge... I was also under the impression that these agencies are fictitious its just a way of the bank... / Complete a Quick Survey to Continue!

on Apr 8, 2013

System message: You were not paid on last payment date because your Survey Status was still pending. Kindly complete it by using other browser (Chrome, Firefox) before next Payment Date. / credit repair

on Mar 29, 2013

rapidcreditcleaning.comrapidcreditcleaning(dot)com this company advertises services for repairing your credit starting with disputes and deletions of negative items on your credit report-reflected by all three bureaus. but they dont even attempt this task, they simply take your money and dont answer your call...

Background Report 360 / False Advertising

on Mar 20, 2013

This site is a TOTAL scam and ripoff. You pay thirty dollars for one "complete" search and another $10 for a one year "unlimited" search capability and what do you get. TOTAL MISH MASH AND JUNK!!! When you type in a name, it does not give you a place for a social security number or any...

GE CAPITAL BANK / payment past due

on Mar 6, 2013

when I went to make my March payment It showed I was past due $90. I made a payment on 02/01/2013 for $100 which was intended to be for the February payment. I contacted customer service on 03/04/2013 and she said she would return the $25 late fee and explained to me that I made the...

TFC tuition financing / Customer Service

on Mar 4, 2013

Everything went smoothly when i was paying my cosmetology loan with TFC tuition. It is now a year after the fact and TFC failed to mention that they do not help build your credit, and they do not report good credit. I never missed a payment and i paid off my loan very early. I called TFC...

www.fb.meccca / Disputed charges

on Feb 28, 2013

Sat morning I logged into my online credit card account, the date, 2/23/13 and was very upset to see all these 1.00 charges from for the game candy crush on facebook.There was a total of $96.20 being disputed including the $39.60.I immediately called my credit card about the...

Credentity Solutions, Inc. DBA ThinkCredit Reports.Com / Won't pay judgement for sending me Spam

on Feb 14, 2013

INVOLVED PERSON/PARTY AND ATTORNEY SUMMARY: FINK, JAY is the Plaintiff and is represented by: PRO PER CREDENTITY SOLUTIONS INC. is the Defendant and is represented by: PRO PER REGISTER OF ACTIONS: 03/15/2012 CASE OPEN / ACTIVE STATUS Visiting Judge 03/15/2012 FILING FEE PROCESSED: PLTF, JAY FINK -...

HTDI Financial / Scam

on Feb 12, 2013

Do not under any circumstance hire this company or any of their other sites

Marie Wall / no refund

on Feb 11, 2013

I was told that for one dollar i could get my scores. Not only did i not get my scores i also was charged 29.00 with out my consent. I contacted someone that worked for your co. and was reassured that i would receive a full refund back into my bank account. will never got it. Not only do i...

United Credit Partners / Con Artist

on Feb 9, 2013

Khaled Helmy owner of United Credit Partners is a LIAR. This man preys on women online, coffee shops you name it !!! He has been known to use social networking sites to meet women. He is a manipulative sweet talking CON, Religious or he thinks! He will say ANYTHING! And I mean ANYTHING to...

Thomas Mcdonald / Credit Card Fraud

on Feb 5, 2013

I had Just deposited $50.00 on my credit/debit card, and this COMPANY WEBGAMEGAME.COM took it upon their selves to retrieve $35.99 OUT of credit/debit account, & NOW, I WANT MY MONEY BACK NOW !!!, within 2 DAYS, or I Go To the NY State Police, with THIS !.

Concern Consumer / Refund Dispute

on Jan 16, 2013

To Score Sense corp: Im sending this dispute on a refund of 29.95, that your company charge me for a week of service that was cancel, I have been corresponding with your repersentive and been given the, "Run a Round" I spoke to a Repressentive on [protected], stating that a decision from...

Identity Force Family Plan / Deceptive Advertising

on Dec 27, 2012

Identity Force Family PlanIdentity Force's sign-up process is VERY DECEPTIVE: THEY DO NOT TELL YOU THAT THE FAMILY PROGRAM REQUIRES ADDITIONAL FEES FOR EACH FAMILY MEMBER. After researching the performance of several identity theft programs online, I then called several companies. I chose Identity Force based...

LAW OFFICE OF CURTIS O BARNES,PC / Lied on my customer account

on Dec 19, 2012

This Company Mailed and Notified me of Accounts I owe a Debt for.The company accused me of not wanting to honor and pay on account or debt.I have done nothing further but File a Complaint to handle the Issue in a Orderly Professional Business Manner.

LifeLock / ABUSE

on Dec 13, 2012

Attention Public Warnig: Do not use! They say they are an identity theft company but are very abusive towards their customers and I think that instead of being an identity theft protection company they steel your personal information and sell it instead of protecting it! Their...

Lexisnexis / inept customer service, ignores evidence

on Dec 1, 2012

My parked car was hit by my neighbor over a year ago. I was not at fault and have two written letters from both insurance companies to prove this, as well as a full reimbursement of repair costs. Lo and behold, when I switch insurers a year later, the rates are through the roof because of a...

Credit Report / Difficulty of Cancellation

on Oct 27, 2012

In October, I went on the SCORESENSE.COM site due to an ad of $1 credit report. Ten days later, there was a charge of $29.95 in my bank account. I contacted them and had to communicate with three representatives because the first two representatives said they were able to cancel my account...