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Zellers Complaints & Reviews

Zellers - Ontario, Toronto / return policy

Aug 13, 2018

When you try to return clothing with out the receipt they issue you credit for 10% of last ticketed price and than if you want to buy it after you will pay three times what they refunded you at. Tried to return top last ticket price was $63 they told me I will get only $8 for it but where selling identical tops at $25. Do not understand how that is legal under consumer protection act??

Zellers - British Columbia / unethical conduct

Mar 1, 2013

I understand that many Zellers have shut down but I hope to add some reality to the non existent ethics at these stores. I used to work for a Zellers near where I lived as a cashier, unfortunately, I was forced to work full time hours without full time benefits, and labelled as part time. uh the ethics in this store was appalling and I consequently complained to IE about the lack of ethics. I am also of Asian descent and called a 'chink' by one of the visibly East indian cashiers where I worked and all the supervisor just did was smile and tell her to hug me. they pushed us to push...

Zellers - British Columbia / Doesn't Honour Kidurable Guarantee

Apr 15, 2012

Doesn't honour Kidurable guarantee, or gives the consumer the run-around so they don't get the free replacement. I bought a pair of pants for my son, and he wore it out at the knee. I brought it back to Zellers to get a replacement and they said they can't do it without a receipt (even though the inside label clearly showed it was one of their brands). I went home and looked for the receipt then returned to the store another day. When I showed them the receipt, they said they couldn't replace it because it has passed the 90 days. Since when was there a n expiry date on...

Zellers - Ontario, Toronto / rude security guard assulted my wife

Jan 14, 2012

Saturday January 14th, 2012 my family and I were at Zellers at Thorncliff Park at approximately 1pm shopping and I was coming down the escalator with my wife and child while a security guard was going up the escalators. He turned around and looked at me from top to bottom. I asked him if something was wrong and he replied “did you steal something”. I was shocked he said that and I went to speak to the manager of the store about what had happened. The manager’s name is Faheem and the store number at Zellers is 416-422-5354. I asked him for the security guards name and the...

Zellers / Sale prices discounts not being given at the cashiers

Nov 17, 2011

Purchased item that was 25% off clerk says all tags are on the cashiers till. I checked my receipt they charged me the full retail price. I advised cashier she said no record of being on sale had to ask her to phone and she discovered on sale. My concern is that this has happened several times before and how many people are purchasing products they think are at a discount and they are not receiving the discount. The cashiers should have a written notification if not on tag or the discounts should be coded on the tag.

Zellers - Ontario, Mississauga / Instore Injury

Jul 6, 2011

ZELLERS AT ERIN MILLS TOWN CTR COMPLAINT My wife Beth Wieland was injured by one of the inner doors lower level leading outside from the Zellers at the Erin Mills Town Ctr, on May 30th at around 1.30pm. We were leaving the store I opened the left hand inner door, held it for a few seconds and just as I released it, the door closed so fast my wife did get chance to put her hand up to stop it. And hit her on the upper area of her arm causing a big bruise to which I have a photo of. The doors are located closest to the shoes dept lower level so we went to Assistant Manager Kevin (905-828-9975) who filed a...

Zellers - Ontario, London / Angry salesperson

Jun 13, 2011

I was waiting patiently for over 10 mins for the salesperson to finish with another customer, when someone else walked in and started talking to the salesperson. I told her that I had been waiting for her for a while and that It was my turn, she flipped out and started raising her voice and said a couple of sarcastic remarks. In the end she looked after the other customer who didnt buy anything. I walked out of the store, bought my watch in another store, I dont plant to go back to Zellers again. I don't think they realize the harm they do to their work with that type of behavior. Hopefully Target picks better employees.

Zellers - Ontario, Ottawa / return of defective dvd

Jun 7, 2011

my dvd was defected so i tried to return it with the receipt and was told i had to replace it with the exact item. I searched though 10 bins with hundreds of dvd's and couldn't find the same title. There was no-one to help me. I went back to the customer service desk and they said they would call someone and I had to go back to the bins. The dvd assistant was there and couldnt find the title either and said I had to find another dvd with the same UPC number. I asked if I could perhaps replace this dvd with a more expensive one and was told they couldnt do that either. At which point I left.

Zellers / Poor service

Mar 30, 2011

I’ve heard from many that Zellers is not a place to go for a pleasant shopping experience. I found out the hard way today that the rumour is more fact than fiction. I arrived at Zellers to pick up a few things at 9:30 am this morning. As I entered the store I observed 1bout 10 employees in a group huddled around each other talking. I assumed it was some kind of staff meeting, albeit strange as to its isle way location. At 9:30 am I tried to check out but there wasn’t a cashier to be seen. I saw two lady employees – one was doing a return of merchandise and the other wa...


Mar 17, 2011

Unwilling to refund returned merchandise. Purchased PLAYSTATION 3, 1 week ago at Zellers, Found a better Bundle, 1 week Later Called Zellers Cornwall Return Department confirmed was Okay to return, with original receipt, in original packaging, despite being used for one week. Employee Confirmed with Manager at that time okay. Next Day, Saterday 19th February, returned to that store with Merchandise to return, same employee spoke to previous evening recognized the situation, called same manger confirmed with to verify merchandise. Upon verification of everything there, Cords etc... still in...

Zellers - Ontario, Cornwall / Do not respect Return Policy

Feb 22, 2011

Unwilling to refund returned merchandise. Purchased PLAYSTATION 3, 1 week ago at Zellers, Found a better Bundle, 1 week Later Called Zellers Cornwall Return Department confirmed was Okay to return, with original receipt, in original packaging, despite being used for one week. Employee Confirmed with Manager at that time okay. Saterday 19th February, returned to that store with Merchandise to return, same employee spoke to previous evening recognized the situation, called same manger confirmed with to verify merchandise. Upon verification of everything there, Cords etc... still in sealed...

Zellers - Ontario, Collingwood / moonlight madness dec 17,2010


Tonight I was in the mall shopping, noticed zellers closed, the lady had a flyer giving them out with maps, tonight is moonlight madness. After going through the flyer, I thought I would like to get the Sony theatre system, , , reg 299, now 1/2 price. So I was the first one in line at the mall entrance, I guess there were others lined up outside enterance. It was approx 2-3 min after 6 according to everyones watches…so when they finally let us in, I ran to electronics only to find at least 10 there before me…I am not slow runner and it wasnt that far…If you wanted the TV...

Zellers - British Columbia, Nanaimo / Floor model bike


Today I tried to buy my daughter a new bike for Christmas, and once I'd found an employee to finally help me out... she was incredibly rude, sarcastic and unwilling to help. She pointed to the dirty, damaged floor model and told me to just take that one. I asked if that was the last one, to which she replied no. There were others in storage but she wouldn't get a new one until they got around to restocking the floor models. She was simply too lazy to get a new one for me to buy. So I'm stuck with a dinged up dirty one - my daughter will always wonder why Santa brought her a bike...

Zellers - Ontario, Toronto / Christmas Bonus


I have worked for Zellers for over 15 years, and today I was amazed & Shocked on how Disrespectful this Company has become to their Employees. We were given our "Christmas Bonuses" today. First an annoncement telling us that the "President of Zellers, is pleased to tell you that for all your hard work this year, that you will be given a 10 dollar discount card that you can use at any Zellers store. The discount applies only if you spend $50.00 or more and only if you use your Zellers Credit card." We all stood there in Shock as the Manager said " Now line-up so we can check your name off that...

Zellers / service


I was at a zellers today at woodbine center mall. I came there @ 10:00 in the morning. The sale of certain items came out today on the flyer. At first I looked around only in the toy department. I only seen one thing i wanted a wrestling waist band for my son, i got it. there was a playskool baby toy that was on sale i couldnt find it at first. i asked someone who was working there for help. She could not help me. Eventually I found it myself. Then there was one more thing i needed which was a kitchen set for toddlers that was on sale. I asked back the same girl that was working there she...

Zellers - Ontario, London / Charge |For Bags


I just spent $400.00 on toys for Christmas and was charged 15 cents for 3 bags . Thats right Zellers there is a reason your parking lot is empty and your competition is packed. What a group of rip off ###s. Last time you will see me there. How did you expect me to get the stuff out to the car? Have your one cashier take it out. Stop the insanity everyone don't shop at stores that charge for bags, if they want to save the enviroment use paper.

Zellers - Ontario, Brampton / Pricing


Always have different price on the shelf and at the cash. Never a good Customer Service team, very rude cashiers and managers. Not a member of Canadian Council of Grocery Distributors. This should be mandatory for all Retailers in Canada. Bet this will improve their staff attitude, professionalism and most of all their correct pricing system. If this store would be a member with the scanner code policy they would have been bankrupt by now. Almost 50% of their item/products are priced incorrectly. From bread, tissues, beauty products, housewares, you name it. Cashiers always take the time to...

Zellers / Fraud


I bought a bed-furniture for my new-born baby from the Zellers Store located at Erin Mills and Eglington Avenue. I took it at my home, assembled, and made ready; but my baby couldn't find it comfortable after one night of sleep. She cried, and so I had to make her sleep with me at my bed. Well, then I read the receipt from the Zellers, which clearly mentioned that they will return such item within 60 days. So, I decided to return back, and just laid it on floor as it is. Due to busy days because of taking care of new-born infant, I couldn't return immediately. But, I reached to...

Zellers / What a ###s


I had to make a few purchases with what little money I had at the time. I had some cange and the rest on my credit card. I specifically told the cashier to charge $5 on the credit card because that's all I had on there, and I would pay the rest in change. She gave me blank stare and proceeded to charge it all on the credit card. Idiot, what'd I just say? "I HAVE $5 ON MY CARD AND $1.50 IN CHANGE" I said again. She gave me a snooty look and said "I don't think we can do that." She went on to ask the cashier next to her, "Can we do that? Can we charge half credit half cash?" The...

Zellers - New Brunswick, Fredericton / clothing(kidurable)


I bought pr pants last yr for my daughter their policy is if the wear out before they outgrow them they will replace for free. One store told me they would if they had them but theyre going out of this brand try otherside of river I did they said this brand wasnt covered Whhy was one zellers store willing to replace & other wasnt? Also I never knew these werent part of this program I buy alot of clothes for my 4 kids & have never tried this before because when other ones were younger I didnt know about it. I just threw them out if they were worn out... but my youngest is old enough to qualify...