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Whitney Bank Complaints & Reviews

Whitney Bank / The staff was rude and unprofessional

Nov 25, 2014

I recently went to Whitney Bank and wanted to close my account. I spoke with the lady, but she was really unprofessional and rude. She told me a lot of causes, why I couldn’t close my account. Everything was lie and blah-blah. I was disappointed that such staff worked in the bank. After couple of weeks I closed the account, ‘coz I didn’t trust to this company. Please, be aware and share this info in order to warn other people.

Whitney Bank - Louisiana, Houma / Branch Manager

Jul 12, 2013

The bank's manager is very stuck up because she treats people who have an ethnic background different from hers. This manager had a rude look on her face one time I was inside of the bank making a money order, and she also had a problem with me trying to get a ptin number in order to work at a tax company. Also, back in February of 2012 someone from a company called Primerica had offered me a job where I could have my own business. Therefore, when I went to the bank after joining Primerica Mrs. Brooke Marcel had a problem with the way I had money taken out of my to give to Primerica and I...