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wellpoint nextrx Complaints & Reviews

wellpoint nextrx - Georgia, Atlanta / Hazardous to Healthcare


My husband and I have just completed our first orders through NextRX and it has been a nightmare. I have made numerous phone calls to NextRX and also to BCBSGA Retail Pharmacy office, and none of their staff are competent enough to work in the healthcare industry. My husband is diabetic, and they all withheld the information that we needed in order to continue to recieve free test strips, as we always through Walgreens and WalMart. Suddenly, NextRX is charging $30 copays for the same test strips, and BCBSGA Retail Pharmacy says that is correct, even though when they each tested the filing...

wellpoint nextrx - Georgia, Snellville / Prior Authorization Needed On Medications


Starting January 1, 2009, NextRX made it mandatory to get prior authorization for a medication that I have been taking for years. They did not tell me about this. I found out, by only receiving 30 pills of a 90 day supply. They charged me $45 for 30 pills when I could get 90 pills for $60. So I called them and they said they would fax my doctor the form to fill out for prior authorization. Three calls from me and two calls from my doctor and still no form! I called again and finally got someone with a modicum of intelligence and she told me that although they are demanding prior authorization...

wellpoint nextrx / unprofessional liars


bluecross of ri is using wellpoint and nextRx/Precsion RX and they simply are incompetent liars who hope that eventually you will stop trying to get prescriptions covered by insurance and pay for them yourself... avoid these companies if you can.