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bluecross of ri is using wellpoint and nextRx/Precsion RX and they simply are
incompetent liars who hope that eventually
you will stop trying to get prescriptions covered
by insurance and pay for them yourself...
avoid these companies if you can.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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spots, US
May 17, 2010 10:38 pm EDT
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Net Rx is better than local pharmacy and it is cheaper for a 90 day supply especially for singulair Target wanted almost $60 i get 90 for $120, my Ambien is better from mylan labs, although since netrx merged with express scripts its not mylan anymore but it is better than teva which i can't get but teva israeli garbage from cvs which don't work and makes you ill, i always get my meds fast and on time, allegra i get a lot cheaper like $25 for 90 day supply you won't get that at cvs or walmart or target, my address forwarding ran out and my order got sent back but they overnited it fed ex no charge, service depends on what # you call if you reach an ohio person or usa call center you-re fine but when you get sent to philapeans or india some raj guy who can't understand english gives you bs, i have the right 800# to call for usa help or ohio overall netrx has been a blessing

anyone who likes local pharmacy unless its an antibiotic and you need it right away should use netrx unless you got a coupon deal like Nasonex which i pick up at cvs still, $15 schering coupon good year round, so unless you like to overpay for medicine and throw your money away use local pharmacy i only use for $4 list anitbiotics in walmart or stuff i need right away but overall Anthem is good, you just don't know benefits you-re getting and how and when to use netrx, if your order never came you will get your money back and it is a hassle for 90 days to pay copay again out of pocket til 30 days so they can reverse the charge but it would only be due to a postal error or if you changed your address, Ambien usually comes by ups since its controlled, if you didn't have Anthem you would be paying through the ying yang for your prescriptions, premium =s cost of meds over month without the insurance, try it without Anthem you will feel bad when you look at your bank account, healthcare costs enough without having your meds, atleast you got help and won't die or suffer and you got 90 days supply to last you til you reorder again, pluses and minues overall pluses outweight headaches of mail order delievery, Satisfied Anthem NetRX member

Dissatisfied Wellpoint Next RX Customer
Irvine, US
Apr 11, 2010 12:03 pm EDT

Next Rx customer service is poor! After waiting a long time to speak with someone and then being put on hold I was disconnected. The service agent with whom I was speaking did not return my call even though she had all of my contact information and was in the middle of assisting me. So I had to begin the terrible telephone tree process all over again.

Next Rx gave me a particular generic brand but then said they could not refill it with the same generic when I went to refill it. My options were to use a different generic which was not an option for me since I had a previous reaction to a medication from another generic that required an ER visit and thousands of dollars in copay and deductible. The second option was to switch to the "Brand" which was nearly $2, 000. So I opted for my third option which was much better than using Wellpoint Next Rx. I went to my local Target pharmacy and they filled my rx for $85 with exactly the same generic that I had been using.

I am seriously thinking about switching all my families rx's from Next Rx to our local pharmacy where I receive much better customer service (there really is no comparison), can get the medication that I need in a timely manner, and all with a cost savings...Why am I still with Wellpoint Next Rx? Not sure why I've waited so long so I am off to transfer everything to my neighborhood pharmacy right now!

Bristol, US
Dec 31, 2009 12:00 am EST

NextRX is horrible. I am a college student, covered by my father's insurance. My mother (on her own insurance plan) has had bad experiences with NextRX in the past, but because of my being a poor college kid and them having the 3-month supply for the price of 1 month deal, I have been using it. My father who lives in a different place from me also placed an order with them. HIS prescription was delivered to MY home, an automated shipping confirmation was called to my home's number, and to top it all off, the co-pay was charged to MY CARD. When I called in to resolve the issue, the CS guy barely knew what he was doing, I had to very slowly repeat my insurance card # FOUR times, then he said the address they had on file was my father's, and then eventually they tried shoving the blame for shipping the item to the wrong place off onto my father's doctor's office for sending them the wrong information. If the only address NextRX had on file was for my father, HOW was it sent to THIS address? TOTAL BS. And why would they charge it to a card with a different name on it? Like I said, I'm a poor college kid, I can't afford for companies to be messing around making unauthorized (aka ILLEGAL!) charges to my card!

The CS rep then went on to say "the prescription was for [medication], sent to us by Dr. _______, " after it was made QUITE OBVIOUS that it was MY FATHER'S prescription, not mine! So much for confidentiality! Absolutely ridiculous. I will be searching to see if I can get a deal on this prescription elsewhere. AVOID NEXTRX AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

Menlo Park, US
Dec 23, 2009 11:56 am EST

Terrible customer service. I mailed in the order form on November 25th and didn't get shipping confirmation until December 15th. The shipping is supposed to take up to 7 business days, but today is the 8th day and I have not received it yet. I need the medication by next Monday the 28th. When I placed the order I thought that surely one month was enough time, but apparently not.

I called customer service to ask about my shipment. Here's how the call went:

-Hi, I'd like check the status of a shipment. According to an automated voicemail you left me it shipped last Monday and should have arrived by yesterday.
-Sir, please verify the order number, your date of birth, your wifes date of birth, your shipping address, your billing address, the name of the medication, and the prescription number.
-[I provide all of the information]
-Sir, the order was shipped last Monday.
-That's right, but I don't have it yet. Can you provide tracking information?
-No. We can place another order for you, which will incur another copay plus the cost of the medication. If the first order arrives, call us and we will cancel the order and credit you the cost.
-That doesn't solve the problem. I need the medication by next week and if you place another order it wont get here in time either. Can you help me find the original order?
-No. Please contact the US postal service and provide your order number.
(I later tried this and it didnt work)
-Sir, is there anything else i can help you with today?
-[I laugh] No thats all the help I need, thanks. Bye.

Tom Lovejoy
Blacksburg, US
May 15, 2009 4:32 pm EDT

Similar dealings with ANTHEM AND NETRX...BIG RIPOFF...STAY AWAY...Priced meds at local Kroger and NetRX twice over 4 month period...much higher at NetRX...anthem rep said much cheaper for 90 day supply...big lie! Anthem busy denying anything they can for obscure reasons they write up!

SoCal Laurie
, US
May 08, 2009 9:37 pm EDT

From SoCal:
BlueCross put me thru to NextRX (owned by BC/Anthem) who stated that I could fill a prescription: 2 month supply for 1 month copay of $30. RX came, and they charged me $60. BC defense: NextRx made a mistake, your plan docs say it's $30 per month. I called Next Rx, they said it's BC who didn't pay, NextRx not responsible. I called BC and they said NextRx erred on coverage quote, BC not responsible. Got a 3-way call going, and NextRx admits that the info in their system, provided by the owner of NextRx (BC/Anthem) says Mail order: 60 days/$30.
Filed a greivance, denied -- Talk about a bait and switch! I'll NEVER use NextRx again. I'm contacting Cal Insurance Board to file a request for assistance. I wonder how many people have paid the extra money? At a local pharm, you can at least turn down the Rx and not pay, but once NextRx ships, it's yours and you pay.

, US
Mar 28, 2009 6:19 pm EDT

I am forced to use NextRX for my medication. I contacted my insurance "Anthem" several times to complain. I had been going to Walgreens to pickup my medications and am now forced to use this mail order option. Each time "member services" tell me that I have the choice to use my local pharmacy or the mail order option. Each time I attempted to pickup my meds from Walgreens they are told that I must use the mail order option. I was also told by Anthem that I could order 3 months supply and that the drugs would be cheaper. I can only order a 1 month supply and the drugs use to cost me $148.35 from Walgreens and now cost me $197.51 through NextRX. That is a huge increase in price.

For over 1 year I had been going to Walgreens through work insurance to pickup my meds. When I signed up for the benifts this year I was not told that I would have to use NextRX. I have been dealing with this issue since February and I ran out of meds. Most likely the meds will no longer be effective and I will need to be put on aother type of medication to stay alive.

I am writing a letter to my State Attorney Generals office to lodge a complaint against my employer, Anthem and NextRX. I am also researching the legal question if your insurance company can just change policy and demand that you use their mail order option. It will be good to file suit and get this overturned. Furthermore, we need more people complaining about this new policy.