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Washington Mutual Bank Complaints & Reviews

Washington Mutual Bank / Fraud and scam


I was offered a credit card a couple of years ago(Platinum) that I accepted. Not to long after that they increased my credit limit to $16, 500.00. After useing this card for around 1 1/2 years now they have increased my interest rate from 9.99% to 21.70% for reasons you will not believe. This is what they told me and i`m not makeing this up. I am now a higher risk because I have never taken a cash advance on my card. I am now a higher risk because I have not purchased anything in the last 3 months. I am now a higher risk because I have made all of my payments on time and even paid more than...

Washington Mutual Bank / Terrible bank


I have had two instances where my checking account has been inaccurate. The most recently which happened today the sixteenth of July 2009, really floored me. I had discovered from my leasing office that my rent check had been returned by the bank due to insufficient funds. Concerned, I immediately went to my branch to get to the bottom of the situation. I went directly to the branch manager, who I then asked to pull up all of my account activity for the month of July thus far. I had shown her a copy of my returned check which read July 7, 2009 as the date the check came into the back and then...

Washington Mutual Bank - Texas / Levy/Lien on Checking Account


A levy/lien was placed on my checking account by a law firm in New York as a result of an outstanding debt. When i became aware of the levy/lien, i contacted the law firm, made arrangements to pay off my debt and was given a release to give to Washington Mutual Bank. It has been nearly two weeks and i still cannot access my account; despite me faxing the release to WAMU levy/lien department three (3) times. I was fortunate enough to speak to a lovely and extremely helpful manager name Jessica who requested i fax the release to her and she in turn will fax it directly to the levy/lien department...

Washington Mutual Bank - New York, Brooklyn / put account into overdraft then collections


i opened a checking account with wamu last year, never used their check book, my account balance was credit $5.00, lo and behold a company wrote the bank about info concerning my bank balance, address, workplace. after the bank gave out all the info about me, their legal dept. took a fee of $100.00, then wrote me about it, now my account is debit $94.00, to make matters worst they ended up by transferring my account to pinnacle financial company for collection, now my account overall is in debit $194.00. I have been emailing the bank about this, also spoke to them via phone, they were rude to me...

Washington Mutual Bank - Texas, Dallas / Credit card scam


I opened a new WaMu account in March 2007 with a 0% apr for balance transfers and low rate (8.99%) on purchases. I made timely payments until December 2007 when I was two days late due to not scheduling an online payment (my fault to be sure). Now, interest rates have been hijacked to 28.99%. The latest scam is that they have reduced my credit line to just above what I owe which kills my credit score so that they can now justify even more screwing me over. I had called about the high interest rates about 21/2 months ago and Sandra at WaMu said my rate would be reduced to 3.99% on balance...

Washington Mutual Bank / Phishing!


I got an e-mail to "update" my information due to "unusual activity" on my account or credit card. I DO NOT HAVE AN ACCOUNT OR CC WITH WAMU. I forwarded this on to them and they assured me it did NOT come from them. It looks VERY official BUT DO NOT FILL OUT ANYTHING!!! Further, their link takes you to a pron site that, I'm sure, debits your account for membership just as soon as you "update your information". THIS IS NOT WAMU's doing, they are using their good name to rip you off!

Washington Mutual Bank / Discrimination and tax fraud!


The Nature of my complaint is against Washington Mutual Bank. I contacted this Financial Institution on Line. On 10/25/2006 I was provided with a confirmation number from Washington Mutual Inc. As I tried to fax my Real Estate contract. I was not able to provide this information. I was not aware of a Brach located in Frankfort Illinois. I contacted this office with my reference number. I was assigned to Mr. Janis. On November 1, 2006. Mr Janis was provided with my Signed affidavit as my Home mortgage and insurances was submitted to his office and my Truth and Financial Statements to some of my...