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WaMu Complaints & Reviews

WaMu / Debit .cards


I have a new debit card.never used before, always had ATM. First month using it I had 100 od limit. I had made several debit and because i had not received PIn # the checker said press credit. The bank charged me 15 OD charges that did not come up on my account for 5 days along with debit charges. With regular debit they take the money out immediately and have them in Pending>The bank went over my OD limit by 600. And they tell me they cannot tell when you press credit how much money is in your account. Regular credit cards they would just say overlimit. These were charges ranging from 1-60. What can I do they will not refund overdraft and now I am 665 od. I had 300 when I started.

WaMu - Texas, San Antonio / Refuses to cancel lost debit card


I lost my debit card at a rock concert the other night and called the number at WAMU to cancel the card. It was my debit/credit card! They refused to cancel it because he said that my balance in my checking account was $1.25 overdrawn. I said, "so what?" My card is lost or stolen, I want it canceled, one thing has nothing to do with the other. I went on to remind him how WAMU gives me $100 to hang myself with. The allow me to debit up to $100 out my account when I don't have it. This is so they can charge me $35 each time and $35 when my balance stays overdrawn for more than 2 days. I...