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Wachovia Dealer Services Complaints & Reviews

Wachovia Dealer Services / Customer Services

Apr 1, 2011

I purchased a 2005 corolla in january 2006. I went through Wachovia Bank for the Loan. In September Wells Fargo took this loan, with little communication with me. I am a single parent and I struggle to make the payment and I am late more often than not. I have received phone calls before from wahcovia but since September, I had no communication at all just a statement through the mail. On March 26 I woke up and my car was gone. I understand that the company had cause to take the car, but I had no idea it was gonna happen, a check cleared my account on March 17 so I thought it was all good...

Wachovia Dealer Services / Hung up and would not accept further calls


Contacted Wachovia Customer Service Fri 2-26-10 3:00 pm PST and spoke with customer service and was disconnected a few minutes into conversation. Called back same again at about 3:20 pm PST and spoke with Zevalia in customer service and explained my reason for call/problem and we discussed sitiuation for a few minutes. At 3:29 pm PST, Zevalia asked me a question, and when I begin to answer it she immediatedly hung up on me promptly at 3:30 pm. I immediately called back and let it ring for 55 seconds another 5 times and no one would answer phone again, so I must assume Zevalia's shift...

Wachovia Dealer Services - New Mexico / Collections Abuse


My trouble with Wachovia began last February. I had purchased my vehicle with my ex and after our split I just couldn't afford to have a 535.00 a month car payment. Trying to do the right thing I asked my stepdad who is looking for a new car if he would like to assume my loan. We wanted to do it legally so we called Wachovia to find out if they had any programs to offer us. They said they had a refinance program that you can refinance the loan to a family member. We thought this would be easy as my stepdad is a Dentist and has excellent credit. Well it wasn't. Apparently in the half...

Wachovia Dealer Services - New York / Persistent Harassment


I cosigned a car loan for my ex and he was late on a payment but then sent a payment which they lost and collections has been calling me and harassing me night and day to pay them. My ex moved to Fla., I gave them all of his contact information and they continue to harass me to make the payment because they work on commission. He is working with Wachovia to locate the lost money order and he has informed collections that this is the case. They will tell you whatever lies they can think of to get you to make the payment and when they see that doesn't work, they try other ones, they said...

Wachovia Dealer Services / Scam and cheating


I purchase a vehicle through Wittmeier auto in Chico. It was financed through Wachovia Dealer services. I have repeatedly sent them my Insurance information. I received a letter in the mail saying my registration would be revoked so I sent a copy of my insurance card to dmv, then faxed a copy to their insurance services known as Balboa Insurance center. I then received a phone call from one of their employees that left a message on my answering machine responding to my outgoing message that I'm not available at this time saying something unintelligible then your such a umph implying...

Wachovia Dealer Services - Florida, Orlando / Illegal repo


First in 2007 I was unemployed for 2 months. When I bought my car, I was told several times I had the unemployment coverage on my loan. However, when the fatal day came that I was unemployed; I was told by Wachovia Dealer Services that I was not eligible for the unemployment coverage on my loan. This was a year after I had the loan… Once I became employed once again, I paid everything and got the payments caught up and then personally talked to Wachovia Dealer Services and requested a payment due date change. They told me I was eligible to change my date once. I told her with the new...

Wachovia Dealer Services - North Carolina, Winterville / Violates FDCPA


I lost my job in February of 2009. I contacted Wachovia Dealer Services regarding my auto loan with them and asked if they would be able to offer a defered or reduced payment plan with I was unemployed. First off, they said no. They only offer defered payments to people who are employed. Wouldn't it make more sense to offer some relief to people who are UNemployed? If I had a job and was making money I wouldn't need help! However, they did allow my account to go past due 30-60 days as long as I gave them dates and amounts that I could pay in the future. I thought all was well. On...

Wachovia Dealer Services - California, Riverside / Shoddy Accounting/Scam


I co-signed on a loan, through Wachovia Dealer Services, for my friend's truck in Oct. 2006. My credit history is spotty and Wachovia, I believe, uses such credit histories as a basis for a malicious rip-off scam. Simply stated, Wachovia Dealer Services refused to recognize many of the payments I made via Money Gram. Even payments they had previously recognized were later the subject of collection efforts. My friend was forced to surrender her truck today, the cause cited being that the loan was 5 months late (which it was NOT!!). There are two months in particular that I double paid...

Wachovia Dealer Services - Georgia, Decatur / Repo/filed reort on my insurance


I was late on my payment and spoke with a (Jennifer) from the collection dept. from Wachovia. I was told that they could not accept a check because of a previous returned check from me and that I would have to pay be Western Union. I went to make a payment at Western Union and I call them to let them know that I was making the payment and they took an extra payment from my checking account anyway after they told me that they could not use my account anymore. The next month I paid them a paymnet to get caught up and two weeks after the payment, they repo my car, but wait it gets better. After...

Wachovia Dealer Services / charged me for insurance


Wachovia has been charging me for insurance for a year and a half already. I just found out last month when i asked one of the customer service representative to explain to me how they bill my payment. The representative said that they are adding 300 dollars because they are charging me for insurance that i didnt applied for. When i told them that I got my car insured already since i bought the car, they said they will deduct everything that i paid for. They deducted a total of 800 dollars from my principal. When I asked them why only 800, they said some months i pay 300 and some are only 90...

Wachovia Dealer Services - Oregon, Lake Oswego / Failed Autopay Services and Harrasment


STATEMENT: In 6 months Wachovia Dealer Services has failed to set up automatic payments. Initiating payment services via the official "paper" route twice has failed in as many months. The on-line auto connect system has never worked. Except to show me my outstanding balance, and accept Visa payments online to the auto loan account. But NEVER has the auto debit worked from Wachovia (aka: Wells Fargo) When trying to contact the Portland representative during business hours, I have personally run into a constant voice mail circular tree scenario when dealing with Wachovia Dealer Services (aka...

Wachovia Dealer Services - California, Santa Ana / Awful bank


I set up an auto-debit with wachovia and every month I got a statement saying I owed 265 dollars. HOWEVER they were deducting 278.00 from my account and when this discrepancy eventually caused me to bounce one payment they then refused to even accept checks, insisting I pay my car payment with money orders or through western union. I offered to have the payments come out my husbands accounts and they still refused. When I told them to take me to court they told me they would repo my car right that day, and when I said I would be sure to move it they said I would be arrested! Now they are trying...

Wachovia Dealer Services / will not give title back again


We have paid off my Miata X5 with this company not once but twice. We lived in Virginia when we took out the loan to buy the car and shorlty paid it off. Virginia has the electronic titles. WFS said the lein was removed and we received a little letter to say $o balance. Two years later we then moved to South Carolina, we changed all of our titles over and waited for my titles. A month later at 1 AM a tow truck is taking my car. I told them it was paid off. I went into the house and realized we never received that title. We called the company the next day. They told us we owed $3, 000.00 more...

Wachovia Dealer Services - Washington, Tacoma / harrasment


I received a call from a Christine at my work number and explained I was unable to receive personal calls at work and she had the attitude of not caring. I told her our payment was made via Money Gram as told to James to do and she kept badgering me that it was not done and I expressed we have a confirmation that it was made. She continued to make me feel like I was a liar. I worked hard through a temp. agency to obtain this job and will get fired if found I am recieving calls that is not buisness related to the job. She continued to call my work number and then turned it to James Wilson to...

Wachovia Dealer Services - South Dakota / Car Repossessed


I need to talk to someone who will listen. My car was repossed today. I was 81 days behind, but was told one month was deferred. (So really only 51 days behind). I paid $40 for the deferrment. It never happened. I tried calling 5 times in the last 3 weeks. Twice I was told to contact "Ahmed" who is never there when I call. Specifically I was told to "hold off making a payment" until I straightened out the deferrment stuff is the fictional "Ahmed". Twice I was on hold, waiting to talk to someone for 20 minutes. Literally. Yesterday I left a message at 4pm with "Cheryl" who today admitted she...

Wachovia Dealer Services / Overcharged


I am seeking national information from other consumers regarding potential consumer fraud through the direct actions of Wachovia Dealer Services (Wachovia Financial Services/WFS formally known) and including but not limited to Wachovia Dealer Services strategic partnership with Balboa Insurance Group; a subsidiary corporation of Countrywide Financial Services (CFS-NSE). The purpose of this consumer inquiry is to question the possibility of a national class action law suit regarding potential consumer protection violations with reportedly known aforementioned public companies and any or all yet...

Wachovia Dealer Services - California / They SUCK!!!!!!!


Where do I begin... All I can say is that we needed to get our son a dependable vehicle so we went to the local dealership in town and found one that fit his needs. We then went and had him start filling out the paperwork and they came back saying that Wachovia woudl do the loan. What we did not know at time is that woudl begin the nightmare of working with a bunch of PIGHEADED, RUDE, SELF CENTERED PEOPLE. My son had gotten custody of his two children and at the same time been laied off at his job so he got a new job and the pay was not the same as he was making before. Needless to say he fell...

Wachovia Dealer Services - California, Santa Ana / rude customer service


My father financed my vehicle for me. I was contacted by the customer service department by Brandi at 714 736-7704. Brandi contacted me in regards to the current charges on the account. While doing so I requested that she provides me with the previous payments that were paid or outstanding and she became very rude and stated that there has been a current bounced check. I was not at all disputing that however I was inquiring on the previous charges to make sure I had a clear understanding on the current charges. At that time I requested to speak with her superior. Mr. Jesse at 714 736-7786 wa...

Wachovia Dealer Services - California, Santa Ana / final car payment


My last payment on my car was 32.78.My payments had been 301.12.My payments were automatic payments so when it was taken out they took 301.12 and when I called them on it they said I would have a refund check in 2 weeks.So because they are idiots I am out 260.00 dollars for 2 weeks.Not a lot of money for a lot of people but for many of us it is quite a bit.

Wachovia Dealer Services / Excruciating Collection Dept (Jane)


I wanted to add to my previous post from yesterday (Excruciating Collection Dept Cus. Svs), that I was active duty for number of years at the time I received the car loan from Wachovia. I fell into a spiraling health condition (severe heart complications, and recent open heart surgery) which caused my early discharge from active duty, and the start of my financial difficulties at this time. This was not taken into consideration by Jane (she works in the collection department at Wachovia). She was numb to my circumstances, and did not allow me to make arrangements to pay, but instead, she...