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VXI Global Solutions Complaints & Reviews

VXI Global Solutions / They paid small money to employees per each sale

Dec 03, 2015

OMG. I have worked for these deceivers within several months. I started to work for the company VXI Global Solutions in April, 2015. When I checked their sales, I noticed that they got $120 per sale, but the employee, who made the deal, got only $5 per sale. They ripped off their employees and didn’t pay them properly. I was really angry, but it was useless to argue with them, because they refused to pay more.

VXI Global Solutions / We didn't get money for the work

Sep 26, 2015

I have worked for the company VXI Global Solutions. I have worked for them several months, but the manager didn’t pay on time. He paid only half of the sum, but after that we heard only some excuses and other nonsense. The company has problems and they tried to hide it. I and other employees started to argue with the management, but they provided useless excuses and nothing else. Don’t work for them. Waste of time.