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Viv3lab Ltd Complaints & Reviews

Viv3lab Ltd - Ontario / how to get money back // legit contact info


Hi everyone! i found this site very useful when i found out about viv3labs, and so i am hoping to help anyone who has had the same issue. i was offered a refund by the company -- but you have to act fast in order to get it! here is what i did: First, if you are reading this, your heart is probably pounding so hard, and you're probably thinking, "how could i be so stupid!" ... at least, that was what i was thinking. so i had to quickly take action. without even looking on my credit card bill, i knew i was charged. i had an off feeling when i purchased the acai berry detox pills, and when i...

Viv3lab Ltd / estafa con debito de tarjeta de credito


compre una muestra de un producto para adelgazar y limpiar la vida ACAI bayas desintoxicación como muestra gratis y se me cobraba solo el gasto d envio de 3, 95 euros por cada uno en el resumen de mi tarjeta viene un monto por 250 dolares quiero cancelar llmando y no contesta nadie y como hago para cancelar esto. necesito ayuda quiesiera sabe como actuar la verdad me estafaron son unos chorros y ahora como soluciono esto, para dejar que me sigan debitando de la cuenta.

Viv3lab Ltd - England, Yorkshire / over charged


Dear sir I received Life Cleanse 60 tablets, ialloud you to take the money £3.95 from my visa card.I was misled in to thinking that the tablets were costing £3.95 which is what i paid for the first supply so now i want to return the tablets which i received because i feel i have been over charged, I would like you to return my£85.10 €99.76 Yours sincerely Steven Skillington