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USA Locksmith Complaints & Reviews



3 locks changed, 2 deadbolts, one knob type lock, all keyed the same. $300. later, only one of the locks seems to work properly although all three are in constant need of having screws tightened just to keep the lock in the door. I located this so-called locksmith from a local yellow pages, the address listed is on a street less than 5 minutes from my home. I was in a hurry, so this appealed to me. After at least a 2 hour wait, the "locksmith" showed up and informed me that he was out of North Houston. I am no where near North Houston, I am south of the city and not even close to South Houston! One of...

USA Locksmith - New Jersey / Didn't fix anything


Horrible people and very unprofessional showed up 4 hours later assured that he was gonna fix my transponder key for my vechile he was sitting for two hours and couldn't even make the key, he actually got it stuck in the ignition, he told me the whole car shut down and got stuck he didn't even know how to boost the car let alone make a key. He got so nervus he thought he shut down my security system that runs the car he ran and pulled off asking for money. I responded for what you messed up my car. Then I called the company they lied and said they didn't send anyone to my home I...

USA Locksmith / Fraudulent business practices


Over the phone they told us it would be $55 plus hourly to let us into our apartment. We locked ourselves out. We waited over an hour for them to show up and really needed to get into our apartment at that point. This is part of how they get you. They then charged us $350 dollars for 10 minutes of work to let us back into our apartment. They know if they tell you the real price you will not use them. They also know that after you have waited you will be desperate to get into your home/car/business and will not have a choice but to pay their outrageous fees. USA Locksmith s is a "referral service" but...

USA Locksmith - Texas, Houston / Price Skam


I searched for a locksmith on google after locking my keys in my Jeep last week. I called usa locksmith because they said they were servicing the bellaire, galleria area. I called and recieved the quote of $39.50 to come out and $25 for labor. I was told the locksmith would call me and he did with in about 20 minutes. The locksmith was here fast. He used an air pump that resembled a blood pressure cuff, he put in two spots on my passenger door to get it slightly ajar. Then he used a small claw to pull up my lock. It took less than a minute before he had my door open. I was impressed until he...

USA Locksmith / Scammed


This company scammed us into paying 593.85 for drilling out locks that they said were broken (and were not), and installing new locks (which were the most expensive they had). After I told them that I would not have chosen the most expensive locks if given the choice, the customer svc. rep. told me that he would refund me 60.00 (and my bank said he never did). We called them and asked them to remove the locks and refund us our money at least just for the locks, and that we would cut our losses with the 230.00 charge for drilling out the locks, and they refused to give us our money back, saying that their 90 days work guarantee was whatever they interpreted it to be.

USA Locksmith / Horrible Service


USA Locksmith is horrible! I called and they took my request, sent my phone a text with information in it (which I get texts but what if my phone couldn't and I got charged for them) at no time did they ask if they could. Then I tell them on the phone please have the guy call me before he comes out. (I was shopping prices) Well the guy shows up from USA Locksmith and he hands me a pad and I was like well I wanted prices before you came out. He then proceeds to tell me that it's going to be $150.00 I told him no, Pop a Lock does it for $48, that's why I told the company to call...

USA Locksmith - Virginia, Chantilly / RIPPED OFF BY USA LOCKSMITH


I was on my way to a training class and clients of mine were locked out of their new house because the agent came and got the combo lockbox before my client could get there. We felt that we should pay for a locksmith so I looked one up on my web browser on my phone and thought I was calling a local company. I was told it would be $39.00 for the service call and $45.00 for each lock that needed changing. I asked about having them rekeyed. I explained that my client could not get in the house and she had painters there waiting to get in to paint. I gave them my credit card based on these figure...

USA Locksmith - Washington, Snohomish / outrageous price & sloppy workmanship


Do NOT use this company for lockout services! I locked myself out of my home and a friend contacted USA locksmith for service. The young man attempted to open the door w/ pin apparatus for about 5 min and then proceeded to sloppily drill the key hole core and ruined the decorative plate surroundingthe handle. As he handed me the bill for $187 he assured me that my insurance would cover the tab. Needless to say the insurance company does not cover this service unless it is in the case of a burlary and this guy exited having spent a total of about 10 min and did not even bother to clean up the...

USA Locksmith - Illinois / Rip Off


We were moving from Germantown, MD to Plano, IL when I got locked out of our new house. I grabbed the rental car key and not all of my keys to move my car into the garage. As my husband was not flying in until the next day, I needed a locksmith to get into the new house. Since I was desparate and did not know the area, I had sprint mobile pick the first locksmith they could find which was usalocksmiths. What a mistake that was. First, their dispatch could not find our house and was asking for roads around it of which I had no clue since we were just moving to a new state. Second, they stated...

USA Locksmith - New York, Medford / Price Scam


I went to yahoo local to find a local locksmith to just cut the lock off my mailbox. It rusted and the key broke inside. Most phone numbers of locksmiths listed in yahoo local were transferred to USA Locksmith and not the company that was listed. I called twice and was told BOTH time that it was $39.50 for the service call and another 30 something for a lock. But I didn't want a lock, only for it to be cut off. The guy they sent out was fine, working out of his mini van, but wrote me a bill for $80. I wrote on the bill that I was quoted $39.50 to cover myself and that I didn't agree...

USA Locksmith - Virginia, Woodbridge / Lock replacement


Contacted USA LOCKSMITH to change the locks on my property. Service tech spoke fine English until he came to the property and it was convenient for him to not understand English and my requests regarding rekeying the property rather than changing out the locks. He certainly used the language barrier to his advantage and the fact that I was female. He did not clearly tell me what my charges would be. And they were no where near what I was quoted over the phone by the office staff. My hands were tied once he had the existing locks removed. The tech just kept insisting the he "give me goooood...

USA Locksmith - Maryland, Anne Arundel County / Rip off, potential for car damage


I was connected to this company when I used the Yell0w Pages on my Verizon cell phone to find a locksmith. I had locked myself out of my home and car. It appeared that I was calling a local locksmith, but the person that came out was not from the local area. The dispatcher told me that the cost was $55 plus a service fee. However, the service fee was $55, and the cost of unlocking my car was $189. I was told that that was because it was an emergency and because it was on a weekend. I paid $244 for a service that would not normally cost more than $75, even if it is an emergency, even if it i...

USA Locksmith - Maryland, Eldersburg / Scam and cheating


When you call the 800# they tell you that the service call is $39.50, then when you ask about the service cost they tell you that you have to work that out with the technician that comes... He came and looked at the lock. When he handed me the claim receipt, all it had was the $39.50 charge listed... he opened the door, took the receipt book then went back to his truck and came back with the lock out fee of $179.99!!! Then asked if I was using my credit card, I said yes... when back to his truck again and came back with another charge of $15 for tax... advised him that Maryland doesn't...

USA Locksmith / Poor service!


I scheduled a change to a few locks on a property that I own. I inquired as to their rates for locks etc. but stated that I just needed a BASIC lock for each door. The house call was quoted for $39 and the basic locks started at $45. Upon arriving to my property (its literally around the corner), he stated that he had to remove the locks to the first door and at my request just replace the one lock. He finishes the job in 10 minutes and charges me over $500 for just that ONE door! He states that the basic lock was over $150, which of course is a huge difference from starting at $45 and a...

USA Locksmith / Price scam and unprofessional services


This company charged me $180.00 to unlock the front door of my third floor condo. After I reluctantly paid I was told to go inside and lock the door to see if it worked. While I did so, the "tech" fled down my stairs. I was not provided a receipt. I called another local locksmith to re-key my mailbox and he said that USA Locksmith scams everyone and for me to go to google and search "dependable lock news" to "see how bad you've been had." Customer service at USA Locksmith consisted of raised, accusatory voices when I asked if it was their standard procedure to have their customer...