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US Observer / Breach of Contract Libel/SLander

Jun 09, 2014

I hired Ed Snook and signed a contract with him. According to the website and from Ed Snook's own words, he claims to have the ability to free the innocent from a unlawful convictions by putting pressure on the DA and the Judge. . If you look at the US Observer web site, all it advertises is accountability and exposing corruption., I have a ton of evidence to expose the unlawful conviction of a high profile case out of Oklahoma. I have the actual evidence of the FBI launching a illegal nationwide manhunt without any lawful warrant. I also have recorded conversation of the FBI, the DA, the...

US Observer / no breach of contract libel/slander - we do what we say!

Aug 12, 2017

In a previous review on Complaints Board, which constitutes defamation, an individual by the name of Deborah Swan made statements and accusations that the US~Observer maligned her in some fashion. This couldn't be further from the truth. The facts are simple and have been spelled out in our lawsuit against Swan for defamation. You can read about the lawsuit here: The bottom line is that Deborah Swan did enter into a contract with the US~Observer (per her signature). In doing so she gave the...