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Unlimited Sales Inc Complaints & Reviews

Unlimited Sales Inc - Pennsylvania, Monongahela / Scam


A young girl came to the door selling magazines so she could win $10, 000 towards her schooling to be a social worker to work with kids. She had it down pat, I didn't believe a word she said and told her I wasn't interested. She asked to use the bathroom and although I never let strangers in my house, I knew my husband was due home any minute. I should have slammed the door in her face, my husband did get home and as she had a Mustang magazine he went for it. He gave her a check for $85 for a 2 year subscription, needless to say the check was cashed but no magazines appeared and 2...

Unlimited Sales Inc - West Virginia, Morgantown / Magazine Subscription Scam


A girl came to our door selling magazines in order to go on a trip and we helped her out. My roommate and my boyfriend and I all ordered a magazine each (Blender, Camping Life, and Elle, respectively) and only my roommate received his magazine subscription. My boyfriend and I feel scammed because we dropped $126.50 on something we will probably never see. This was back in September 2008 and and it is now March 2009. You call the only number located on the receipt and the recording tells you the business has failed due to the recession, but if you ordered magazines before January 12th, 2009 you should still get them. Seems pretty fishy to me.