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I order this african american book with credit card, and was told it will take thirty days whay i dont know, they took my money that same day, so its been thirty and some days and when i called i was told it will be two more weeks well needless to say im very disapointed and i will tell everyone who listen dont order from them, they dont seem to care, i would cancil but i order for a year. I hate to speend my money only to be disappointed

Resolved Essence MagazineLack of Payment

I was contracted and completed work for a webcast that ESSENCE MAGAZINE/TIME INC. on 6/2010. I submitted their footage to them on time, 2-3 days after the shoot. It is now 10/2010. 4 months later. After many emails and phone calls later, I have no response as to why I have not been paid my contracted amount that was due to me 3 months ago. Trying to get someone who actually knows what they are doing and can give you correct and accurate information is mind boggling. They owe me $2000.00 and refuse to pay the contracted amount. The entire experience has been exhausting and frustrating. I am at the point of contacting other media agencies and involving an attorney to get what is owed to me. This is ridiculous! BE VERY LEARY OF DOING ANY FREELANCE WORK FOR THEM. It is not worth the time or the effort in my opinion.