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United Steel Building Complaints & Reviews

United Steel Building - British Columbia / Takes Your Money..... Then nothing


Received a phone call at 6am in the morning after inquiring about a steel building. Was told they have a distributor going out of business and have a building in stock for a reduced price. Not knowing prices on any buildings I was told that this would be a steel of a deal and agreed to go ahead. Received an email with their sales contract that was barley legible and did notice that page 2 was missing and inquired about it and was told it's just more boiler plate standard stuff. I insisted that the second page be sent and after signing on continued to insist. I have never received a second...

United Steel Building - Missouri / Took Money did not recieve building


I have paid this company a large amount of money and was PROMISED a building. I have called and left messages, now the number has been disconnected. I would like to know what action I can take to get my money back. Thank you for any assistance...

United Steel Building - Florida, Ft Lauderdale / Took money and got no building


Initial Quote was not the end qoute witch was much higher. Gave them final payment to begin construction in July 2009 and have not heard from them since. Tried several times to call them with no return calls and did not receive any letters from them for any reason for the delay. My building permit runs out next month and I just want my money back because I do not trust the company in any way!!!

United Steel Building - Florida, Fort Lauderdale / Phone Harassment


I received so many calls the last two or three months from 954-281-2038. This number is to United Steel in the Fort Lauderdale Florida area. I made a mistake of filling out an on-line form for a free estimate approx. Nov 2009, and have been harassed by telephone ever since. They have an extremely aggressive sales staff. A building just the size I am looking for is ready for a small deposit. They can deliver in six months if I like with a small 25% deposit. Just this morning I received a call at 11:00am, and two more at 11:02am. This is ever couple days or so. I am so glass I found this web page and noticed similar problems. Money was never sent to them, thank GOD.

United Steel Building - Florida, Fort Lauderdale / Failure to deliver with no refund


We were rushed to sign a contract to take advantage of a quote without being told by signing said contract, we agreed to Terms and Conditions which were, according to our lawyer, ridiculous. Prices are NOT secured, timelines were not followed, and they are currently not able to determine the status of our building despite telling us in August it was in fabrication.

United Steel Building / scam, fraud


UPDATE... Do not rely on BBB to verify if a business is reputable. If USB is any indicator... BBB ratings are way off. My negative complaint actually improved USB's rating. Dozens of unsettled complaints and rating improves? BBB has also been made aware of questionable practices, current litigation, and other ongoing activities but has not listed those on website. If you are considering United Steel Building may never see your money again. The complaints posted speak for themselves.

United Steel Building - Florida, Ft Lauderdale / took money, didn't deliver building


BEWARE: UNITED STEEL BUILDING Do not conduct business with United Steel Building. This company will take your money, and not provide any satisfactory goods or services. I attempted to purchase a building from United Steel Building about a year ago. I sent them a set of drawings and specifications, and they sent me a price quote for this building. I paid them the required deposit of $8, 585.46 so they would provide me the final engineering drawings for the building. Since that time, I have only received a completely useless set of drawings for a building...

United Steel Building - Florida, Ft Lauderdale / Intentional Misinformation


I was pricing buildings in November 08. United Steel Buiding contacted me stating that they had a building that had been done for Circuit City that was close to the size I was looking for. I was told that, since the building was already fabricated, it would be shipped by January. From that point, we have been given delivery dates for January, February, March, April and now July. We have paid out over $20, 000 to date and have been told that the deposits are non-refundable and that the sales people lie.

United Steel Building - Florida, Ft Lauderdale / Fraud


BEWARE!!! This company will take your money and give you nothing of value. Same as the other complaints...forwarded 25% deposit to "lock in price" May 2008, and promply received prelim. plans, standard computer drafts of a building with my footprint. Included were Terms & Conditions. I immediately informed them that these were completely unacceptable and I would not sign and if I was expected to do so they could refund all monies immediately. DON'T SIGN ANYTHING, YOU WILL BE SORRY. I didn't sign T & C (or prelim. plans). After a couple days Jack Rachlin responded to my complaint...

United Steel Building - Massachusetts / False Advertising


United Steel Buildings advertised the could diliver a building in 5 weeks. I have been waiting for 5 months. But for $5, 000 more they can delever it much earler.

United Steel Building - Florida, Ft Lauderdlae / Bad Business Practices/Fraud


We saw the bad publicity and were thinking of using another company but Jack Racklin convinced us that it was just one unhappy customer out of 2000 happy ones. Well now we have given them $35000 dollars on a promise that we could inspect our merchandise before it was exported to the Bahamas and if all was not there we didn't have to pay until it was. Imagine our surprise when immediately after they received a $25, 000 payment to start fabrication that we received an email from Jack stating that oh by the way export has to be paid in full before fabrication can begin. And yes you have 5...

United Steel Building - Florida, Fort Lauderdale / United Steel Building Scam United Steel Bad Business Practices - Charge You a LOT MORE than initial 'Quote' or YOU LOSE ALL!!!


I PAID IN FULL! After I Paid in Full and Was Waiting for Delivery of My Building I Received a BILL For a %35 Percent Increase!!! THEY EVEN CHARGED ME FOR THEIR MISTAKE ON THE INITIAL DRAWINGS!!! When I Spoke With Them about my new bill (Seeing My Salesperson BOB Was No Where to EVER BE FOUND) I Was Told That EVERY TIME STEEL RISES IN PRICE I WOULD BE CHARGED!!! Even if it was on a truck in route to me and steel went up they would charge me until I signed for the delivery!!! My PROMISED DELIVERY DATE was pushed up every time I tried to contact them!!! Half the time the customer service 1 800 number...