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United Bank Card Complaints & Reviews

United Bank Card - Michigan, Unionville / Processing


Bishop Consolidated hires employees for appointment setters. They give nonlegitiment contracts and have no professional contact information. They hire work at home appointments setters as well i was one of them. After my second week i got leary of the company and i wanted to find out about how i was getting paid. Cash, check, deposit? I sent several emails beside all the disconected numbers and filled up voicemail numbers they had. And i received no response. The only contact number I had was the trainer that trained me for an hour on a confrence call. After doing my own research i called an...

United Bank Card - New Jersey, Hampton / Scam - Referral Program


UBC promotes that they give a $50 referral payment when you send them a client. My wife and I had been with them for over 3 years. We sent them 3 new clients just over a year ago. I had to call and call and call for 13 months. I was told that our 3 $50 awards had been submitted. After being stoked by Glenn Gill for 7 months I finally got to spek to Phil Crofton after leaving him several messages over a 4 month period. He tells me that I had been told a long time ago that we weren't getting the $150 as promised. I told him that we were never told that but the oposite. His final words were...

United Bank Card - New Jersey, Hampton / Unauthorized Charges on Bank Account


I signed up for UBC's credit card processing almost 3 years ago. I was selling jewelry at festivals that were often in places I couldn't use a terminal, and needed a way to process credit cards by cell phone. This was the only company I could find at the time who offered that service. The salesman I spoke with assured me there would be no 'membership fees', that I could cancel the contract any time without penalty, and it would only cost me $8 per month, plus $3.95 optional fee for supplies. Oh, how I wish I had just bought a better cell phone with a web browser and used...

United Bank Card - Georgia / false debt to customer


after years of being threatened fees and hidden charges contract between united bank card and z gates handyman service expired the terma had been met and the time for renewal was rejected by z gates handyman service all debts were paid in full z gates gave notification of termination of partnership in writing in time span allowed return equipment I have the letter of notification to return equipment on 11-04-2008 shipped the equipment back on 11-10-2008 and now united bank card is claiming a debt of $230.00 two hundred and thirty dollars is being owed to united bank card a debt colletor has been assigned with bogus phone numbers the lines are always busy the mail box full and no one can be reached

United Bank Card - New Jersey, Hampton / Scam


Re: Unauthorized charges to our account. It came to my attention early in November 2007 that United Bank Card had withdrawn $25.00 on October 9, 2007 from our commercial account. There was no supporting documents in our October statement from you regarding this charge. I called United Bank Card customer service at (800) 201-0461 regarding this charge and was shuffled around between departments until finally I got a rep named �Fanny� who after 20 minutes came up with an explanation that a fee debit had been refused by my bank. My bank had no record of a refusal and there was no...

United Bank Card - Washington, Seattle / Unauthorized charges


This company was contracted to process our credit cards. They charged us more than the stated rate and sold us $800.00 worth of terminals. After a few months they started charging the account with undocumented charges. When asked to document they refused. They continued taking money out of the account even after being notified in writing that they were no longer authorized to do so. We had charges showing up as withdrawals on our bank statements but no documentation in their statements. We demanded documentation and it never came. We had to close our commercial account to keep them out of our...

United Bank Card / Unauthorized billing


I have been with United Bank Card for 3 years. 5 months ago, I was able to close my account. Over the last 3.5 years, they have charged my account hundreds if not thousands of dollars in services they never provided (like processing equipment). I would have to call them up and demand a refund. But since I closed my account nearly 1/2 a year ago, they still are charging my account! The BBB is demanding them refund my money, but United Bank Card doesn't refund my money, AND charges me more fees every month!.. The worst part is their customer service told me they are aware of this problem, and...