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Tribute Credit Card Complaints & Reviews

Tribute Credit Card - Maryland, Baltimore / overpayment

Jun 30, 2011

I need to find the correct agency or persons in charge of credit card company that is stealing my money month to month and even causing overdrafts and charging late fees for a debt that was paid to My Imagine Credit Card before they switched over to Tribute. Upon speaking with someone in that organization when this happened how many years ago, to keep my credit from getting worse i keep paying and I can't understand why this can continue to go on paying and paying for an account that was paid for in full. How do I find out who is in charge of the credit card companies and where do I send...

Tribute Credit Card / Unfair cancellation and constant monthly billing


I want to know since the company cancelled my credit card and I called to inquire about it no one could give me a reason but yet each month I amd getting charged ad $10.00 monthly maintence fee. I was never late with any of my payments so how can I restore my credit when this company cancelled the card for no reason, my payments were made on time because I always made them online and they continue to charge me services as if I am still utilizing the card? If there is a class action lawsuit against this company where would I find the information because this seems to constitute as unfair practices.

Tribute Credit Card - Texas, Kingsville / Cancellation-Maintenance Fees


My original account was with Imagine credit card. Imagine sold my account to Tribute, who in turn proceeded to close it. They continue to add ridiculous maintenace fees to this account, which is closed, therefore, why maintenance fees?? This company, I've noticed has done this to many others. My account with Imagine was active for 4 or 5 years, and I had been late, MAYBE, two or three times in those years. I don't understand how they continue to get away with this. I thought my account was in pretty good standing. When I review my credit report, there is no negative feedback from this account. I don't get it!

Tribute Credit Card - Delaware / Account Closure


This is ridiculous - I have always over paid my account and have NEVER been late - but they closed my account as a "Management Decision". This stinks, I have been working hard to bring up my scores and then they do this. Not only did they close my account without notice but they closed my account just 4 days after charging me a $100.00 annual fee. Oh, they did credit back $25.00 for the cancellation. Well, that is not satisfactory to me - they need to credit back the whole amount. I don't even know if I should pay my remaining balance. Anyone know of a class action law suit or what we can do about this?

Tribute Credit Card - New York, westseneca / unfair charges


I had the misfortune of receiving a tribute credit card I cant understand how they can cancel out my card and still be charging me a monthly account maintenance fee of 9.95.Also they are the ones that cancelled the card I guess that was a good thing for me .I had the misfortune of being in the hospital and was late making my payment I have been socked with late fees and they upped my interest rate so high I dont know how im going to be able to afford this.What really upsets me is I had disability insurance in this card and was cancelled when they cancelled card I am going to be out of work for...

Tribute Credit Card / Cancellation


They cancelled my account without any notification. I have never even made a late payment They continue to charge any account maintenance after the account is closed!

Tribute Credit Card - Florida / cancelled Card


I am glad to know I am not the only one complaining about Tribute - I am filing an official complaint with the FCBA. I pay my bill online at their website and go by the due dates. My card was cancelled due to $47.01 past due. I NEVER received a statement that there was a past due amount. Also, their website never indicated to me there was a past due amount. I have been paying mostly MORE than minimum payment due. They claimed that I had a closing date of 1/2/09. I printed my online statement. It states my closing date is 1/6/09 with a payment due date of 1/31/09. It also states there's a $47.01...

Tribute Credit Card - Georgia / canceled card


i am glad to know that i am not the only one who had their card cancelled. i signed up to have my payment taken out of my checking account. when i signed up, i left a number out of my account number by mistake. as soon as i realized what i had done, i tried to fix it, but it was too late. i paid the payment on line as soon as i knew that the bank was not going to catch the mistake and cover it. less than one week after the payment should have been received i paid it, paid the following month, and wrote to the company explaining why this happened via e-mail and through the mail. too bad! they...

Tribute Credit Card / Unauthorized charges


I received my tribute card about 8 months ago. I paid faithfully and always paid several hundred dollars more than what was due. My worked my credit limit up from $300.00 to $600.00 and was hoping to continue that trend. My made my payment this last month, amount due was $40.00 and I paid $405.00, however after five days they still had not posted the available credit to my account. I called them and learned that they had closed my account. When I asked why the account was closed, I was advised it was because I was over the limit. That is crazy because I have been over the limit once before and...

Tribute Credit Card / Terrible experience


Lots of Tribute cardholders are suddenly complaining that they are having their accounts canceled for bogus reasons. My own account was canceled today because they said I was 2 days late on my payment. I have never been late, never been over limit. My payment was mailed 10 days in advance of the due date. There are TONS of people complaining about the same treatment all of a sudden on the web. There are also posts by insiders claiming that Tribute is going down the tubes and looking for any reason possible to close accounts. If you have a Tribute account, be forewarned! It isn't going to be around long.

Tribute Credit Card / Fraud and cheating


I purchased the "Cardsafe" disability insurance, and unfortunately had to use was in effect until the annual fee was due. Even though "CardSafe" is purchased to hold off those fees until I was released back to work... I had sent a Physician's claim form in on 8/20/08... received a letter on 8/28/08 stating that I was approved on 8/28/08, which stated " Your request has been approved! Your obligations to make minimum payments has been deferred for 1 month. Then it says: While your obligation to make minimum payments has been deferred, any applicable fees including "CardSafe Product...