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Trg Customer Solutions Complaints & Reviews

Trg Customer Solutions - Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh / Horrible Company


This company is a joke... i worked for them for almost a year and cant belive i put up with there crap for that long.. i agree with all the other complaints about bad benifits and no bonuses... also there supervisors do not know anything... they rely on their employees to do supervisor work without pay... and if you apply for supervisor they give a you completley bullcrap reason for why you did not get it.. and then expect you to keep doing the work for free... they make so many promises that are not kept... most of the management are pompus, jerks... this call center has by far the highest...

Trg Customer Solutions - New Jersey / NON-PAYMENT/FRAUD


TRG Field Solutions a subsidary of Verizon Fios there client- Beware of this company they promised full benefits, salary + commissions, and INCENTIVES, paid vacation, and paid holidays, and paid bonuses, with the opportunity to grow and job security. I CANNOT SPEAK FOR ANY OTHER LOCATION OTHER THAN THE ONE I WAS EMPLOYEED AT. At this location the following problems where found-Management was sleeping together, they where busted at least three times, for the first 4-5 months no commission payment was made to us, oh by the way I was one of the top three so let me make it clear that on any given week...

Trg Customer Solutions / oil city pa trg cs


oil city branch of trg cs has the reputation of the worst place to seek employment in the area . Rather than being recognized as a reputable place of employment. The only reputation it has is a good place to get hooked up on drugs. There are known drug dealers "working "at trg openly dealing, selling and trading drugs. The ratio of employees on drugs and doing drugs openly even on the floor is deplorable. Trg corporate needs to investigate these allegations and will discover the validity of this complaint and then do a clean sweep, if they even want to pretend to be a reputable business. Drug...

Trg Customer Solutions / Fraudulent company


The commission promised is fraud. The pay grid was changed midway and 50% less is paid. You are only paid commission. After you are paid your commission, you are faced with illegal charge backs, for sales allegedly canceled. It is now apparent that TRG Customer Solutions is committing fraud by claiming that an order was canceled. If a charge back does occur, a statement should be taken from the customer so you can use it in your law suit to recoup your money. There are absolutely no benefits. The terrible health plan offered is very expensive and paid totally out of the employees' pocket...