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Tower Hill Insurance Complaints & Reviews

Tower Hill Insurance / Rip offs

Dec 3, 2014

After switching to tower Hill Ins they call and say that my policy will be cancelled due to a claim with my previous Insurance company. When I originally applied I informed them of the claim and how the problem occurred. The problem being a copper water in the foundation of my home got a pin hole in it and I returned from vacation to a flooded kitchen. My previous Insurance company didn't cancel me, I dropped them because the sink hole coverage doubled and I couldn't afford it. While going thought the application process they were advised several times of the claim but assured me...

Tower Hill Insurance - Florida, Gainesville / Cancelled policy - did not repay premium

Aug 30, 2013

My agent wrote a home owners policy with Tower Hill. About 6 weeks later they sent a short and terse form letter cancelling my insurance, with the excuse that my 1962 home has not had it's entire wiring replaced (as if THAT ever happens! I live in a 110 yr old NYC blding with original wiring, and my parent's 1960 house still has original wiring, as it should! ). The age of the home was known at the time that the contract was written. They did not even ask for a higher premium, they just cancelled the policy. It has been THREE MONTHS since that letter and I have not received the $900...

Tower Hill Insurance - Florida / Claims Process

Nov 18, 2011

Had a hail storm. They first sent out a man from a construction company that said I had no damage. I knew I did s four roofing companies had looked at it, all saying I did. When I called the claims agent and told him the guy they sent out didn't know what he was talking about, the claims agent then said "How many roofs have you installed?" and argued with me trying to tell me the guy was an expert. Then a few weeks later they had a scientist/engineer drive from Orlando to Jacksonville, spend over an hour on my roof. He leaves and I don't hear anything final on my roof claim for...