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Think Cash Complaints & Reviews

Think Cash / Think twice

Jun 22, 2011

I applied for a loan and was very pleased in the BEGINNING!!! the money was in my account the next day and i was able to access the money...upon making the first payment i received a call saying they didnt get one, so thinking mistakes can happen and if i didnt pay my bank will catch it! well i paid and paid and if i had not closed the acccount i would still be paying. it takes forever for their systems to update and even after youre done paying they will still take your money!!! i recently received a call with complaints against me saying i did not pay at all by a mr. young and that i needed to be in court that day thousands of miles away...rele thinkcash can kiss my ***..

Think Cash - Florida / Harassing call on my job

May 24, 2011

They have had several people to call me and threaten and harass me while on my job i have written documentation and time of calls, i have spoken with an attorney who have advised me that this is referred to as debt harrassment and it's against the law to do so. I have asked them to send me information by mail and have not received anything as of yet. But i proceeding to consult with the attorney about harassment charges regarding this matter it is a bit annoying that if i am indeed responsible for the debt that is owed that they would send me something by mail that is proof and not try to...

Think Cash / They are jerks!

Mar 13, 2011

I applied for a loan for myself, and my mom decided to get one for herself. Well these jerks took the first two payments and then tried to say that I owed them the two payments that were taken. In my mom's case, they kept trying to present payment even though she had closed her checking account and when they did that, it relished the account and still tried to take the payment. It took a trip to the bank and countless phone calls, and it still is not resolved. She tried to give them payment on a prepaid debit card and all they took was $30.00. They now say the loan is at $1200 on a $800.00. I see why the state of Ga does not allow payday loans. Stay far away from these scam artists.

Think Cash - Florida / SKY HIGH INTEREST RATE

Feb 21, 2011

Thinkcash's interest rates are already a joke, $185 a month for 6 months on a $500.00 loan. Needed the money so I took the loan and after a few months into it became past due on one I am paying the loan off at the end of the month and after 2 overdraft fees with my bank and thinkcash's past due daily interest I owe $680 total! They already have $555 from me and I still owe $680!!! I'm urging everyone because of my dumb mistake, please do not do it! Only if you can manage it, there is no deferment or no forgiveness...think cash will not be in business long!...

Think Cash - Delaware / Usuary

Jan 29, 2011

I have used PayDay 1 in the past for short term loans. They were a bit expensive but they saved me for a few days when my bank account was low. The last time I tried to use them, they said they no longer gave loans in Florida, so they referred me to Think Cash. Because of my experience with PayDay 1, I was stupid and did not look over all of the terms. Instead of giving me a short term 30 day loan like I had in the past, they extended it out. When I called to pay it off three months later, after already paying $633, I was advised that I owed $758 on my $800 loan. I looked back at the website...

Think Cash / Horrible Customer Relations


I took a loan through Think Cash because I was in a financial hardship, recently divorced mother of 3 with no child support or alimony. I have made my payments on time as I should. I have to move into a new apartment and can not make my payment on the next scheduled due date due to having to move to keep a roof over my kids heads. I called customer service and explained my situation to them and also that if they needed anything from my landlord I could send it but they could take 2 payments on the next scheduled due date. The customer service Rep told me too bad it has to be paid. Im not...

Think Cash / Abysmal customer service


Abysmal customer service! After applying for a loan and confirming all information with the lady on the phone, I was told that everything was ready to go, and that the cash would arrive in my account the next day. Turns out I was not all set as she had suggested. Nearly twenty-four hours later, I received an e-mail informing me that they needed me to fax some info over. I did. I was told that I would receive confirmation of their having received that info in a couple of hours. It took nearly ANOTHER twenty-four hours to receive said confirmation and... The next day, no cash. Turns out it took...

Think Cash / Suspicious phone call


Someone named David Young called and said there were charges against me for nonpayment of a loan through ThinkCash of $250 last August. I never received an online loan for that amount. I will go to my bank on Monday to verify this. I have not been notified by mail if this is the case. Mr. Young has all my personal information including my last four digits of my Social Security number. He said the works for Crime Center of America. David Clark is his boss, their number is 605-239-4649. I would like to know what is going on?

Think Cash / Billing Practices


I obtained a loan from Think Cash in April, 2008 for $1500.00. I contacted them in May, 2009 to find out how much I needed to pay this account off in full. As of May, 2009 I have already paid $2, 278 on this account and they told me I would have to pay an additional $1530.00 to pay in full. The contract is up in 12/09 so I don't understand why I have to pay another $1530.00 when I would be paying the account off seven months before the contract end date and after already paying $2, 278 on a $1, 500 loan. I checked with the BBB and they have had their accrediation taken 5/09. I just don't know what to do. I do want to settle it but they insist I pay another$1500. Something is wrong with this!

Think Cash / bad business


This has to be one of the most expensive pay day loan companies. We had signed up for a pay day loan from PayDayOK, where the loan was $10 per $100. This company either bought them out or something, and has a HUGE loan rating. If you need a loan BEWARE!!! I would almost rather flush money down the toilet, or declare bankruptcy then give them any more business. Look elsewhere for a loan if you REALLY need it.

Think Cash / Deceptive business practices!


I took out a $2,000 loan from "Think Cash" - an on-line loan business. Part of their agreement is that they send you e-mail reminders of when payments are due. For the first two months they did. I have reimbursed them ON TIME. They recently STOPPED sending reminders... as they agreed... and money is taken from the account. They are not reliable and it has cost me more money than I ever expected. DO NOT utilize THINK CASH.