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LibertyClubRefund.comdid not order request refund back to account

My account was debited for the club that i did n ot sign up for and want a refund back for the $29.91. Account # [protected] and the routing # [protected]. Please issue the credit back asap. I would appreciate it. For WEB CLUB DISCOUNT # 280931
Cancellation Confirmation # 4753209 and REF # 7990454

Ken McQuilkin
Email [protected]
375 S. McMullen Booth Rd. #93
Clearwater, Fl. 33759

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    Butterflycandy41 Mar 23, 2010

    Same thing happened to me, and I am still waiting, they act so innocent but they know that for everyone who does not complain they can keep on stealing good hard working people's money. I told them plain and outright that they are CROOKS and should be ashamed of themselves for scamming people like they do. They link with a payloan company then they go into your bank account with a fictious check and take money out as often as they like. Make sure to put a stop payment on them for any future checks that they might try to take. They still have not refunded my money..$34.19 ad probably will not. E Daniel

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    ann bogue Nov 23, 2010

    i had 49.95 taken out of my checking account and i want it back in my account as soon as possible i did NOT give my permission hell i dont even know what this is or how u got this information and i am very upset so please put the money back thank you ann bogue

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    ann bogue Nov 23, 2010

    i very upset un happy and want my money back in my account now

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on 1/20/10 $29.91 was withdrawn from my checking account . I was told My Your customer service with the...