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The Midtown Group Complaints & Reviews

The Midtown Group - District of Columbia / Thieves and Liars

Sep 23, 2011

This place is horrible, and thieves. I was sent on two assignments. The second assignment was the most uncomfortable enviornment that you could place a young female in. Even after requesting to be re-assigned I was left their. I also noticed a drastic change in my paychecks as though money was being taken out for something other than taxes. I decided to quit, but was told to just finish the day. Then I as discharged from the assignment out the blue, and the my recruiter discharged me from the agency as well. Coming up with an excuse of me breaking policy. These people are unprofessionals and will try to keep you from unemployment or another job. Be careful, everything with them is a set-up

The Midtown Group - Illinois, Chicago / Awful place to work in


I was a temporary recruiter and realized I could never be brought on permanent they just continued to string me along as they always do to everyone, Do not work for this company! If you are a potential client please stay away. I am a seasoned staffing professional and worked for The Midtown Group at their DC office for close to a year as a permanent staff member. They hire most of their internal staff on a contingent basis so they can get away without having to pay benefits or decent commissions. This company has lost so many good people it is ridiculous! I watched about 7 people leave in the...