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Sure Solution Complaints & Reviews

Sure Solution / $18 Fat Freeze

Aug 19, 2014

In general, horrible service would summarise everything. Bought a $18 streetdeal and knew something was fishy from the start. Nevertheless, booked appointment and was given hard sales pitch about topping up $200 - 600 for fat freeze treatment. Apparently they say that the $18 voucher doesn't include glycerine patch and if I dont use one I will get frostbite. WTF! At that point, I said I'd leave without anything because I didn't wanna pay. She then started offering 5 treatments for $188 (initially I was supposed to top-up 188 for just 1 treatment!) but I rejected. Then she...

Sure Solution / Facial

Aug 19, 2013

I bought the facial package with them at Orchard Hotel outlet about 2K. They have other outlet in Raffles Place. Everytime i go facial, the beautician and consultant will ask me to try new facial and minus one to two sessions of my original facial. They will talk to me while i am in the midst of my facial, it gets very frustrating and lengthen my facial timing. If i refused, they will persuade me till i agree. After my facial, they will talk and convince me about the result of the new facial and ask me to top up my package. I really regret signing package with them. The staff turnover is high i suppose, everytime is a different beautician i never see before. Mostly malaysian. Their skills are not that fantastic.

Sure Solution / Dishonesty

Apr 28, 2013

I am a student and have previously signed a back treatment package with them. During my last back treatment, they offered a free facial treatment cause of some promotion, the first session was good and they gave me a student price that i think its okay so i signed up. However, in the subsequent sessions, they did not maintain the quality i have received during the first session. There was once after the treatment i got a full breakout. And in almost all of the treatments, the consultants keep coming in to ask want to add this or that. I told them i am a student and that the package i signed...

Sure Solution / VPL treatment

Aug 11, 2012

I bought a Groupon voucher (VPL treatment) from Sure Solution. Used up most of the sessions (total=18 sessions) however the results are not complete. The staff turnover is quite high, I keep seeing new faces all the time. It used to be that we made the appointment then go for the appointment after that, then they decided to change the system so that we make the appointment, and one or two days before they will call us to confirm the appointment. It's quite stupid because we make the appointment about 2 weeks - 1 month in advance, yet we have to keep that day free, sometimes only to know...