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Southwestern Company Complaints & Reviews

Southwestern Company - Maryland / Broke front door


Yusuf Virani, the college student that attempted to sell me books, actually broke my front screen door to drop off only HALF of the education material. He completly broke the frame of my door. He came to my house one day when I was not home and the screen door was locked. The literally broke the frame to open the door. I called and called the company and they have YET to respond or settle this situation. This incident happened in August of 2009. I am very disturbed that I had to pay out of my OWN POCKET to replace my fromt door frame and glass screen door.

Southwestern Company - Tennessee, Nashville / Grosly Misleading European College students


Long story I am going to make short! NOT! We had a young lady from a foreign Eastern Block country knock on our door trying to sell us educational books and also looking for a place to live. Now I have been in the business of coordinating high school exchange students for over a decade, so when this gal came to my door with her very broken English my heart went out to her. When she began her sales pitch--broken English attempting to sell me American text books--I had to make her was painful to listen to. I knew immediately that she had really no idea what she had gotten herself...