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Solid Signal Complaints & Reviews

Solid Signal / Bad product and service

Jan 09, 2015

Do not use this company!!! I purchased a special 50' cable for my cable TV and did not use it for 3 months. I then ran the cable and it did not work. I checked it and it was bad. I called Solid Signal and they said they would not send me a new one because it was longer than 30 days. Come on... it was a $27 cable. Don't they want return business? Well, I took apart the cable and it was constructed wrong. I believe that they put the cable together themselves but am not sure. Anyway, don't trust any cables to work correctly from them, and don't think you'll get good...

Solid Signal - Michigan, Novi / Scam Alert

Aug 12, 2012

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY !!! I ordered an antenna from them and half the parts were missing from the box. Simple remedy right, call the company and they ship out the missing parts, not with these people. After contacting "Solid Signal" over a dozen times with no response I decided to check out this company, YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT I FOUND ! "Solid Signal" is under investigation by the Michigan State Attorney Generals Office for mail order fraud and running a scam business specifically intended to defraud the public. How does Amazon allow them to advertise on their site knowing this ?????? YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ...

Solid Signal - Michigan, Novi / More Problems


Last night, I get a call from a customer that I had purchased and installed a switch for, that they were not able to acquire a satellite signal. A check of System Info showed what is known as LNB drift. This means that the LNB can't focus on the satellite to obtain a signal and direct it to the receiver that needs it. A direct connection to that LNB showed the LNB was fine. Hooking it back up to the switch showed that the switch was clearly defective. I replaced the switch with one that I had bought elsewhere, and it worked fine. Just so we are all on the same page here: I was dealing with...

Solid Signal - Michigan, Novi / Defective Equipment


This company can't be trusted. As advertised: Dish Network 1000.2 satellite dish assembly with ViP211k receiver. Here's what I got: A Dish Network 1000.2 satellite assembly that was missing it's azimuth bolts (there should have been 2 of them), a dented dish, and a REFURBISHED ViP211 (NOT a 211k). Furthermore, in the same order, I had a ViP612 DVR receiver -- this thing failed after 2 weeks of use. The LNB set for the 1000.2 was defective. In short, nothing really worked the way it was supposed to and this isn't the first time. In short, don't buy anything from these people. They are not trustworthy and have absolutely no ethics.

Solid Signal / Terrible experience


I started to fill out a form to receive a tv converter box. When it came time to fill in my credit card information, I decided not to purchase and left the web site. I had already given them the coupon number. I e-mailed them and told them that I tried to use the coupon at another store but that it was already remeeded. Solid Signal told me they would never redeem the coupon if I has not completed by form. I contacted the tv converter box program people and was told that my coupon was already redeemed. This coupon was stolen by Solid Signal and be advised not to buy anything from Solid...