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Sky TV Complaints & Reviews

Sky TV - England, Greater London, London / services

May 14, 2017

I joined sky TV three days ago today was not aware from hidden packages for 12months contract sky TV should be putting trust in but seams like eBay PayPal all other shops around can't be trusted ...I wasn't runner thro what package what months contract and hd package hidden ones must be more of in 12months to I find sky TV disgraceful if I know there was hidden packages for 12month contact I would of taken it to as better then tired down to 18months then I can let it run on month to month then. Thanks to sky TV I'm tied down to 18months now couse not getting full information on packages in first place scam sky TV are hidden packages they don't tell you about

Sky TV - England, Yorkshire, BRIDLINGTON / refused reactivation


I have been a sky customer for 3 years, i am not rich i am disabled and cannot work. i contacted sky my bill was about to come overdue, i asked them not to cut my viewing off as i would pay my bill online next day, however they cut my viewing off, i paid the bill next day. Normally paying the bill automatically activates my viewing back on, but it did not, so i called them to activate it but they refused and said unless i set up direct debit or pay two months in advance i cannot have my viewing turned on. I do not like d.d. as i have incured bank charges in past, as they have taken it early. i...

Sky TV / sky tv cancallation dept


hi, i spoke to person in cancallation dept yesterday in sky.he offered me 2 deals so that i dont cancall my account with them.thev first one was have sky hd box and they will credit 20 pounds in my account.the secound was have sky+ which i have free for 6 months.i told the guy i will call him in 30 min after talking to my husband.when i called again the other person in cancallation was really rude to me .he told me the best offers were given to me .i told him i will accept the secound offer given to me of sky+.he told me if i was telling him the truth as no one can offer me this .he kept my...

Sky TV / customer care


I am sick to death of it breaking, getting nowhere when you call. Then speaking to the extremely rude people on the other end of the phone! They have messed my direct debit up and then cut my sky off and told me I had to pay 2 months to get it reconnected! An absolute k=joke, their mistake yet i have to pay double! Where is the treating the customer fairly in that! When you try and make a complaint you get pushed about from pillar to post and nobody wants to take the call. I have now spent over 20 minutes on the phone to them and have still had to pay again for something that I'd already paid...

Sky TV - England, West Midlands, Dudley / very poor customer service


I telephoned your Sky Customer Services department this evening at 18:40 and had a whole customer experience that does your organisation no credit. I have been left with a definite feeling that Sky is ill equipped to deal with volumes of calls from customers (which isn’t new as I have experienced the same delinquency of response in all my time as a subscriber), and that the customer service staff I spoke to were of very low competence levels which was demonstrated in their inability to deal with my enquiry or answer my concerns satisfactorily. Also, the process which took me from my...

Sky TV / shocking service


I connected to Sky when I moved into a new property back in March of this year , I was delighted that your engineer could be out to install the facility in a very short space of time , this completed I had good service for 2 days! I now have the error message " no satellite signal being received " . I live on a tree lined street is the excuse I have been given now on a number of occasions , I have written 2 letters and made a variety of phone calls trawling my way through various automated options and waiting disgraceful lengths of time to speak to someone that on 3 out of the 7 occasions I...