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Simplicity Gourmet Complaints & Reviews

Simplicity Gourmet / Fraud

Mar 15, 2012

We where invited to "a dinner prepared by a chef", thinking it would be a legit dinner. We dressed up and went to the event. We where greeted in the hotel lobby by mark, the owner. Mark stated he was just a representative for the company. He talked down about all other store pans such as Teflon, T-fall, Revere, and Caphalon. We told them we went to another presentation earlier in the week for a similar product. He talked down about them, and saying they stole his marketing, but didn't say his product was any better. He cooked a piece of chicken, potatoes and apples for 12 people. That wa...

Simplicity Gourmet - Tennessee / Failure to respond to calls unethical sellings practices

Mar 8, 2011

Simplicity Gourmet is a company that mines data from businesses such as David's Bridal and offers a "free" vacation to prospective brides if they will come to a presentation that features overpriced cookware. The focus seems to be that other cookware is bad for your health and their product is "healthy". The same type of cookware is sold at home shows where a very able salesperson gives demonstrations and stresses the health aspects. It is generally referred to as "waterless cookware". My daughter, who lives independently, but has a low IQ, learning disabilities and psychological problem...

Simplicity Gourmet / Misrepresentation


We were called and told that we had won "a dinner prepared by a chef in our own home" during our town's pumpkin festival. The woman who called me was very nice explaining "our chef and team will come in, cook you dinner, clean up, and offer you discounts on our cookware if you are interested". To make a long story short our "chef" was an out of work auto executive and the team was him. It was a sales pitch for their cookware and the meal...was heated frozen vegetables and chicken. We are certain that the contest we "won" was actually just a company who asked passers by if they wanted...

Simplicity Gourmet - California / No show


Just to let you know this company is garbage. I booked a dinner for 6 and the so called (chef) never showed up. I called the company to let them know that Kyle never showed up, the customer service agent assured me a manager would call be back. And what do you know I have never received that call! I guess the company is as good as the people they hire! My dinner was booked 12-5-09 @ 8pm!

Simplicity Gourmet - Michigan, Sterling Heights / overpriced/mislead on free honeymoon


this loan should be considered fraudulent, the salesperson told us on demonstratation night the free honeymoon would not cost us anything, well we found that wasn't true and no exceptions were made once we explained, what we were told, asked for my $50.00 dollar deposit back well that didn't happen either.My fiance and I had the so called china and crystal looked and it is not authentic as we expected and were told so, the interest rates are ridiculious.These thieves should be out of business completely, and penalized.

Simplicity Gourmet / Haven't received any products and now find out it is a scam. I do not want the cookware


I have been paying on this since July 08 and still received no products. I have found out that the items are way over priced and do not want to waste the money on this scam. can i get out of the contract?

Simplicity Gourmet - Arkansas, Fayetteville / $300 or more per panX!!Q


My daughter is all stressed out and we're considering legal action against Simplicity Gourmet, a cookware company promising a free trip. She's trapped in a contract for FIVE PANS for $1800!!! She was told she'd be able to return them, but when they arrived and she called immediately to cancel, realizing it was JUST FIVE PANS for $1800, they told her she had to cancel within three days of the contract. OF COURSE, the pans arrived weeks after the contract was signed. She is so stressed, we fear it will affect her physical health. YEARS of payments for FIVE PANS! I've never seen such a RIP OFF as Simplicity Gourmet. Also, the trip options don't include air fare even.