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Secure Horizons Complaints & Reviews

Secure Horizons - Rhode Island / fraud

Jun 20, 2011

Taking the AARP's recommendation, we signed up for Secure Horizons a few years ago. From the outset it has been frustrating to get straight info from their customer service, but I have put up with it. Recently, it has become necessary to correct the wrong Primary MD, which they entered when I signed up. I tried to do this last year, had no luck, and gave up. However, as of this past April it has become necessary to correct this. I have been on the phone with SH multiple times, and have been extremely patient. I have been given the wrong information, follow through is almost non-existent...

Secure Horizons - Massachusetts / Unsolicited Cell Phone Calls

Feb 9, 2011

Secure Horizons calls me multiple times per day with an automated machine, asking for someone who does not live here and who I do not know nor have ever heard of. I have tried every button on my phone and can't get the machine to leave me alone. It does not recognize anything besides what it is looking for. It asks 'Are you <name withheld>?' I say 'No'. It says 'Can you bring <name withheld> to the phone?' I say 'No.' It says 'We will call back at another time.' I have done everything from scream at to try to reason with it...

Secure Horizons - California, Anaheim / Customer Service


Secure Horizon has the WORST customer service... They NOTE everything in their "system" but then continue to ask the SAME QUESTIONS over and over each time you call.. I WISH THEY would RECORD MY CONVERSATION so they could just LISTEN BACK TO the same complaint OVER AND OVER.. USEless

Secure Horizons / sub standard health care


this is the worst medicare plan out there today. the dr advised my mom needed rehab after knee replacement surgery secure horizons decided she needed skilled nursing and sent her to the nastiest rat hole of a nursing home in oklahoma city. the place reeks of stale urine and feces, the floors are dirty, the other patients are unbathed and stink, there is no phone in the room and they have a plastic tupperware type 3-drawer plastic container for her night stand.if i could get to the people who run secure horizons i'd kick the s--t out of every one of them. do not under any circumstances use...

Secure Horizons - Utah / denied claims


I bill for a LCSW in Salt Lake. We provided service to a person with a Secure Horizons Medicare replacement policy. The policy is supposed to cover care just as Medicare would. We submitted claims just as we have been doing to Medicare for the past 10 years. All claims were denied. We submitted an appeal in November of 2009. I just made my 11th call to the customer service department. I've spend hours on the phone with them trying to resolve this issue. The person I talked to today said that they never received the appeal we sent in--even though the past 10 people I talked to were able to...

Secure Horizons - California, San Luis Obispo / Dishonesty and Rip-Offs


Secure Horizons is totally committed to the business of lying, cheating and stealing from medical patients. One of their favorite maneuvers is to change the primary care physician to a deadbeat doctor NOT WANTED by the patient. This company takes a minimum of 2 to 4 months to totally screw up all the medical records. Then, this company totally refuses to correct their mistakes, and continues to stall, delay, and avoid paying ANY DOCTORS AT ALL for the services which have been provided We have gone around and around and around with these dead beat people from Secure Horizons. Local doctors laugh...

Secure Horizons / scam artists


Don't fall for this company...first of all they give you a book with Dr.'s in it. You see your Dr.'s name and think, "all is well", it' s not. Your Dr. tells you, after you've signed up with Secure Horizons that he has been asking them to remove his name from their book for 10 years. This is the response from Secure Horizons.."you should have asked your Dr. if he was in our book before you signed up with us." So, it's my (your) fault that even though they have your Dr.'s name in the book, he's not in it. When I called for an appointment with the Dr...

Secure Horizons - California, San Pablo / Will let patient commit suicide than place in facility


My aged father is about to be released from the hospital with a pubic catheter. He has cancer and is suicidal. Secure Horizons considers being suicidal a social issue, not a medical issue. He seems to have dementia for awhile and has a hard time getting around. He is not eating or drinking very much, barely enough to keep him alive - literally. They are not wanting to pay for any other care. I do not live in the same state as my father and have been trying to take care of things by phone. This is very frustrating to have the insurance not truly care for the good of the patients.

Secure Horizons / Unsolicited calls to cell phone!


I have been receiving calls daily since around 12-15-2007. I have called Secure Horizons on three occasions to get them to stop the calls to my cell phone. I have been told it takes six to eight weeks to process my request, which is absurd. I was told it was because of the size of their database. My cell is in the national 'do not call' list and Secure Horizons has been advised of this all three times I contacted them. I have even e-mailed their corporate headquarters in Minneapolis, MN to no avail. I have filed a complaint form for each incident at and at the...