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Saxon Mortgage Services Complaints & Reviews

Saxon Mortgage Services - Texas, Forth Worth / Wrongful Foreclosure

May 3, 2011

May 2, 2011 Re: Tracy Wood/Saxon Mortgage 12851 N. Whitlock Canyon Dr Tucson, AZ 85750 To whom it may concern: Saxon responded to my complaint with the following: -They denied me for a loan modification after the fact in March 14th 2011 which is false. -They said that they were missing paperwork false again I have documents saying she was approved for loan modification. -They said that I made late payments in October of 2009 but fail to mention that they approved me in May of 2010 for loan modification and it is documented. -Saxon says now that her income did not support the loan again...

Saxon Mortgage Services - Texas, Forth Worth / Loan Modification

Apr 24, 2011

We have been waiting on a modification loan since January 2009. Always the same story lost document did not receive documents. Taxes and insurance not paid from esrow. If we told the whole story we could write a book.

Saxon Mortgage Services - Texas, Forth Worth / SOLD MY HOUSE WITHOUT NOTICE

Mar 17, 2011

I had made a complaint back in February, 2011 I would like everyone to know how SAXON Mortgage Services handled what they did to me. My house was sold on Feb 8, 2011. I got a call from Richard Yellett, The investor who said he was buying my house at auction at 11 am. Of course socked!! They bought the house, offered it back to us for $50, 000 more and closing fees as well as any taxes due. So we were going to try and buy it. Then SAXON calls, they open up a file to investigate what went wrong. So we tell Richard Yellett and his partner Warren Michaels, we are not buying the house. Saxon admitted thi...

Saxon Mortgage Services - Texas, Ft Worth / Lies, Fraud & Forgery


We got our mortgage from Meritch Mortgage Services in 2001. It was a 15 year, fixed rate loan. When the guy left he took the loan papers claiming he would send me copies of them. I believed him, but never got loan papers. It seemed like things were going okay, I had a coupon book and it looked like money was coming off the principal. Then we received a letter stating that Meritech sold our loan to Saxon Mortgage Services in 2002. Once Saxon took over, everything changed. I couldn't get in touch with them for quite some time. When I did, I asked for a monthly statement so I could see what I...

Saxon Mortgage Services - Pennsylvania / Advice to all:


I want to recommend that all Saxon Mortgage Complaints be forwarded to the - The Bureau of Consumer Protection. There are plenty of individuals dealing with Saxon to make this a situation that needs to be investigated. This is truly mismanagment and incompetence and needs to be investigated for the protection of the consumers. No one that I know of CHOSE Saxon as their servicers yet we all have to deal with them. Just because they are Servicing our loans does not mean we need to put up with this type of business practices. Please file a complaint with the following offices: *BBB of your...

Saxon Mortgage Services - Texas, Fort Worth / Unfair Foreclosure Tactics


In June 2009, we were to begin payment for our newly 'modified' loan, which locked our rate for a number of years to 7% and reduced our monthly payments by $200. At least, this is what was indicated in our modification contract/agreement (which they did not submit to us with signatures). We called Saxon and made our first (reduced) payment on June 1st. July, we call and make our payment, for the amount of our modified loan. Saxon accepted both payments. In August, I call to make our payment, and they refust to accept it. They said our payment was now $300 more than our modification...

Saxon Mortgage Services - Kansas / Short Sale Response Time


I am a Realtor working on short sale approval for my client, and not getting a response from Saxon. They have had the entire package of required documents including a fully executed contract since January 28, 2017. This is the second contract Saxon has received on behalf of my client. The first one was denied, and now this one is scheduled to close on March 20th, yet we have no approval from them at all. No communication from them, and they will receive monies from this sale, yet are not doing anything so that we may be able to proceed with closing.

Saxon Mortgage Services - California / MORTGAGE FRAUD


Saxon Mortgage Services: Reconstructed mortgage loan May 21, 2008. Have not missed one payment. Saxon says we have made no payments since October despite the fact that we have cerified-mailed and faxed the proof of payments. Thet took $15, 500.00 upon loan reconstruction and never told us where it went. Now they have filed a default otice 24 Dec. We have talked to HOPE NOW and have a HUD Counselor as of 01/31/09. We have not made our Jnauary payment because Saxon did not recoed the December payment and returned November payment. In addition to our $15K they have over $8000.00 in escrow after...

Saxon Mortgage Services - Texas, Fort Worth and States / Saxon's Inability to Service A Mortgage Account


I have read other complaints on this site and will join you in complaints against Saxon Mortgage. Before i go into detail about what Saxon has done, or failed to do, I want to shae some very valuable information. Saxon was acquired by Morgan Stanley Brokerage in 2005. Your complaints about Saxon should go to Morgan Stanley. Here is the contact informaton you need. I encouarge you all to do as I did and that is to call, send an e-mail and also send a letter by snail mail. Morgan Stanley Advocasy Department phone number: 866-227-2256 mailing address: Morgan Stanley Client Advocate 680 West 10000...

Saxon Mortgage Services - Texas, Fort Worth / prepayment ripoff


My husband and I re-mortgaged our home in 2006. Saxon bought the loan. My husband passed away in Aug 07. I requested that due to the unforeseen circumstances, they waive the 3 yr pre-pay penalty. I even asked for a discounted penalty since t here was only 10 months left. I had to move to cheaper place. We had made payments $2372. for 2+ years. I made ontime payments for a year after I moved from the house. They refused and I had to pay approximately $5000 before I could sell my house at a BIG loss. The company has no heart, no sense of being. I WOULD NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM EVER AGAIN. I...

Saxon Mortgage Services - Texas, Fort Worth / Predatory services!


I wish I had checked these guys out before I got mixed up with them. What Dirt Bags! Judging from what I've read it looks like I have a long battle on my hands (mine has just begun). If anyone is doing a class action count me in. from what I've read they have already been sued by Illinois and lost, but I was a little late to the party. From what else I have read they will not work with the housing councilors as well. It is a estimate to their slimy kind that none of their attorneys have logged on hear to rebut. I would guess that I can kiss my 40K equity good-bye! If I end up losing...

Saxon Mortgage Services - Texas, Fort Worth / Scam and cheating!


They bought my mortgage and I sent the first payment to the old mortgage company. Now they are fining me $4K. It seems from reading all of the other victims' stories, that they are a criminal operation. We should come together and hire a lawyer to put a restraining order on this company. If they are committing so many illegal maneuvers, more than fines should be threatened, but actual criminal proceedings.