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May 2, 2011

Re: Tracy Wood/Saxon Mortgage 12851 N. Whitlock Canyon Dr Tucson, AZ 85750

To whom it may concern:

Saxon responded to my complaint with the following:

-They denied me for a loan modification after the fact in March 14th 2011 which is false.

-They said that they were missing paperwork false again I have documents saying she was approved for loan modification.

-They said that I made late payments in October of 2009 but fail to mention that they approved me in May of 2010 for loan modification and it is documented.

-Saxon says now that her income did not support the loan again they approved her in May of 2010.

-Saxon states they followed the right protocol for the foreclosure of my property but that is untrue as they never gave me proper notice of foreclosure after I was approved for modification. Same story given loan documents on the way no foreclosure then they foreclosed out of the clear blue.

-Saxon threw their actions have admitted a mistake by trying to get the property back from the investors that are not cooperative.

-Saxon has asked for a settlement offer which was given to them 2 months ago and has received no response except that they wanted to mediate with me but nothing else has occurred. To this date mediation has not been set up.

-At this point I feel the only thing left to do is file a lawsuit. We were just informed Saxon has no plans of making it right with me. We are filing a lawsuit.

-This story has received so much interest that the paper that did the story on my situation in February did a follow up story May 1, 2011.


Tracy Wood

Update by bellakai
May 13, 2011 10:26 pm EDT

please call Vince Rebago [protected] He may be able to help. He is my attorney and knows SAXON very well!

Update by bellakai
May 13, 2011 10:25 pm EDT

Please call Vince Rebago [protected] He just got a call like yours yesterday from a couple in Phoenix AZ. If you do cash for keys you may not have a claim.

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May 15, 2016 7:10 pm EDT
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Hi my name is Micheal my home went to foreclose in December of 2006 and I fell like I was wrongfully put out of my home but when I tried to do something about it I was told I had to be out by Christmas day that was hard on me and my family I was not offer no type of help if I know what I know now I would be still be in my home and it would paid for by now I hope this company has learn that people should be treated with better respect than what they give it is not that serial where people have to loses their home.

Feb 22, 2008 11:26 pm EST

My husband and I had our mortgage sold to this company. For the past four months, Saxon has said that we have not paid our mortgage payments, yet it is clear that the payments have been coming out of our account. We are now in foreclosure and have yet to be given a solution or answer by the company after we have sent in proof of payment. We have a lawyer in waiting for our false "foreclosure sale" coming up.
One of the worst parts of this whole ordeal is our inability to get across to any staff that can actually help us. My husband has spent hours on the phone, holding for a supervisor. The time that I called most recently and a customer service representative started to put me on hold, I told her that I would not be willing to wait for long because I was at work and had to get back to my job. She had the audacity to say, "Well, I know work is important to you, but it's a shame you won't just spend the time to wait to talk to someone who can help you with this. We're definitely in on any class-action suits.

Apr 23, 2009 1:33 pm EDT

My loan was sold to Saxon in November of 2007.

In January 2008, I requested that my interest rate be lowered and locked for at least 5yrs, being that I have a ARM loan.

Kathleen from Saxon sent me a financial packet in January2008. I completed it and faxed it right back to her. I called Kathleen back to check on the status, she advised me that it would take a few weeks and for me not to send any payments until I received a call back and correspondence in the mail.

I continued to call to check on the loan. I kept getting representatives that advised me, to RESEND and RESEND and RESEND the packet again because they didn't see it in the system. I did what they requested.

During all of the back and forth on the phone and repeating the same story to Saxon representatives, never was I told by them about any foreclosure.

I received a letter from their Atty the last of September 2008 that my sale date on my house was October 7, 2008. I was surprised, confused and not to mention stressed! I contacted the Attorney, but my phone call went to voicemail. I left several messages, but he nor any of his staff returned my call. I then contacted Saxon (Sept 2008), spoke with several people there. I then asked to speak with a supervisor, I was transferred to a Carlos, I told him everything that was going on, he stated that my financial information was already imaged and that he would personally contact the attorney to postpond the foreclosure. Carlos asked me to contact Saxon the following week to check the status of the Modification.

I called back Oct 9, 2008, to checked the status of my loan, the representative advised me that my home had been sold on Oct 7, 2008. I was extremely upset! I then started receiving eviction letters from an attorney in Houston, TX. I contacted Gov. Rick Perry's Office to get advice and direction where to turn too. They referred me to several phone numbers. I later called the eviction attorney and told them my story and what was going on and who I had contacted for asst. They said that they would call me back. They did. They cancelled the eviction. By then, a constable left me court order papers to go to court in November 2008. I went to court with all of my documentations, phone recording, representatives names and teller identification numbers. The judge asked if anyone was there to represent Bank of New York Mellon? No response was made. I was able to speak to the judge...he stated for me to continue to pursue what I was doing and that he was going to dismiss the case. He did indeed dismiss it, I received my court papers.

My property is under New York Mellon, but yet Saxon continue to say that the home is under my name, which is false information. I confirmed that with the Tarrant District Appraisal, as of Oct 7, 2008 the deed was changed.

Till this day, I am still going back and forth with them. I previously had a third party involved, but they were getting too stressed and confused and I really believe they were tired of dealing with Saxon. Now, I'm back doing the leg work alone.

April 14, 2009, Susan Buchanon-a modification negotiator called me. I returned her phone call. She wanted to go over my modification with me. During our phone call conversation, Susan was very unprofessional with me. I requested another loan negotiator but she refuse to grant my request. I had previously spoken to Susan in regards to my credit report. Saxon has foreclosure on my credit report and I asked Susan to correct that, because I never foreclose. Susan stated that she would not correct it and that it would stay on there.

The modification that Susan did April 14, 2009 increased my mortgage payments to $1, 600.00 a month which has doubled. I am in this situation because Saxon didn't do their job! Had Saxon done their job, by assigning my loan to a negotiator in Jan., 2008, I wouldn't be so far behind. I kept in contact with them and I did everything that they advised me to do! I'm really confused here!

Saxon has really stressed me out. I am a single parent and just recently buried my ex-husband in Jan 2009. I don't know what to do.

Also, I have asked Saxon several times to send me a form to sign to put the deed back in my name, and I also requested copies of my original loan, but I have yet to receive anything. I refuse to sign this outrageous modification being because it doubled and being because MY property is under Bank of New York Mellon, their bank name.

HELP! This is a living nightmare! I was not in foreclosure! All I wanted was to lower my interest rate and lock it! Now, I'm probably going to lose my home.

Saxon Mortgage Services is a bad company to do business with. Saxon has a bad communication within their departments, and should be put out of business.

May 13, 2011 9:36 pm EDT
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I just went through the same thing. Be careful. They never gave me any kind of answer regarding anything either. At one point, after almost two years of making the stip to mod payments, and being told that they, saxon, would do everything possible to keep me in my home and get me a payment that I could afford, they gave me no options, no nothing. They made choices for me. I just found out, April 22, 2011, via mail and certified, "Dear occupant, we are the new owners of this property in which you reside. If you are the former owner, you are given, as of the date of this letter, April 20th, 2011, 5 days to vacate the property." I was and am still devastated. We don't know where I will go. I have many dogs and have disabilities due to an illness, which saxon was very much aware of. I in turn had to go to eviction court and now am told that I have to be out of, what I thought was MY home, by no later than June 7, 2011, or a sheriff will forcibly remove me ASAP. At this time, my mind is not right thanks to these people. They recently sent someone to my house to offer me money to move. He stated that they would only give me $2, 500.00, BUT, when they gave me the paperwork to sign, it stipulated that I would only receive it under the conditions that I would agree NOT to proceed with any other claims or lawsuits against them. It also came from the mortgage company OCWEN. When I questioned this person regarding this matter, he proceeded to scream and holler at me and told me that if I had made payments then I would not of been foreclosed on and they did not have to give me anything at all. I tried to tell him it wasn't like that at all but when I spoke up, this man got worse with his temper. He then tried to take the paper work from me and I refused to give it to him as I felt that someone needed to look at this. He stormed out of my house, throwing a babygate to the floor, and that was the last I heard of him. This was just two days ago. (Oh, and the funny thing about it all is that the same bank had bought my house that Saxon was dealing with, only under NovaStar.)
So if anyone knows of a class action suit against these people, I too, need some real serious help. You are not alone. And this is no doubt what you will be looking at next. I found out that they sold my house on Jan. 7, 2011. I never found out until April 22, 2011. I was working on a modification with saxon as well at that time. That was the end of the contact with them. No letters saying nothing. I recieved bills in the mail, and letters from the county assessors office. I had no reason to believe this had happpened.
These people are very mean and devious. They don't care. They have no heart. This does not affect them. It is only a paycheck to them. So why should they take the time out to help us and do what is right.
Please, prepare yourself for what your about to face. Don't end up like me.
Again, I ask, if anyone knows of a lawsuit that is in effect regarding the idiots, please, let me know. I have all my paperwork ready to go for anyone that needs it. They just need to be legit.

Darlene Knight-Carreon
Peoria AZ. 85382


I was put in the hamp mod. with saxon i made all payments for 6 months on time and sent all documents at the end of my 6 month trial period they sent me a letter stating i did not turn in paper work about home owner assoc. Which I don't have and I missed a payment it took almost 3 months for someone to tell me what month i was missing I have receipt for that month. I tried to continue to make payments they wouldn't take them which the increase was about 700.00 more. Then I went to naca event spoke with saxon they gave me a forbarence to look into the matter so they decided to do a inhouse mod. which they said they never received my paperwork that I faxed with confirmation So they foreclosed on my home did not know anything about it. My house did not sell I now have attroney on the case they will not return his calls now the only thing to do is sue. I am willing to do a class action suit against saxon. Email me

Apr 27, 2011 10:55 am EDT

my home was forclosd in november of 2010 all the time i was working with someone for modification they had no intention of modify my mortage they my denied because i was disable and they dint count my rental income as income i a hud rep talk with them in a 3 way call and he notified them that they are violating obama law on re financing and my rights for being disable if any one can help me sign up with the class action law suit agianst saxson please email; me

Oct 20, 2010 2:51 pm EDT
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I have been trying to get a modification thru my lender SAXON mortgage for about 3 years now and still have had no success. Saxon mortgage prepared documents that were incorrect and still held my repsonsible for all the balance in the process. I need some help in filing a complaint and try and close this chapter. Till this day they keep putting a forsale date and then they pend it and so on. So please would someone please contact me at Would also like to know of a good law firm that would assist me in this complaint.

Jul 15, 2010 12:33 am EDT
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after contacting many goverment agencies, , I was told to write my senators, , and I sent more than 1 copy, and told them I was contacting tv, after a yr of threats and abuses from Saxon mortgage, , WE GOT OUR LOAN MODIFICATION, START WRITING SNAIL MAIL! it works, , and keep writing till some one answers and contacts SAXON, , we are at 2% now, , wish I knew ealier, , they ripped us off and threathened forclosure and ruined our credit, , got to write the SENATORS ABOUT THAT NEXT., , , GOOD LUCK, , THIS DID WORK!

Jul 14, 2010 9:25 pm EDT

( My husband and I had our mortgage sold to this company. For the past four months, Saxon has said that we have not paid our mortgage payments, yet it is clear that the payments have been coming out of our account. We are now in foreclosure and have yet to be given a solution or answer by the company after we have sent in proof of payment. We have a lawyer in waiting for our false "foreclosure sale" coming up.
One of the worst parts of this whole ordeal is our inability to get across to any staff that can actually help us. My husband has spent hours on the phone, holding for a supervisor. The time that I called most recently and a customer service representative started to put me on hold, I told her that I would not be willing to wait for long because I was at work and had to get back to my job. She had the audacity to say, "Well, I know work is important to you, but it's a shame you won't just spend the time to wait to talk to someone who can help you with this. We're definitely in on any class-action suits.) ----- this is a very common situation ... look i cant disclose who i am but as far as a little help.. when your mortgage was "sold" or "transfered" all docs (documents) were to have been transfered but in some cases GOD only knows why there is a hold up with docs or were not taken into consideration at all (whether it be a prior repayment plan, or a modification) and not taken into account... so where does that leave you with missing payments, well according to what you wrote sounds like payments were taken out automatically... if payments were set up before the account was transfered then obviously the payments would have been made to the same account but with a different server with the possibly a completely different account number best solution is to contact your last server and to advise customer relations with saxon at [protected] ... trust me this is not going to be an easy process obviously i would be able to assist you more but i have no access to your account ... but what i can advise you is that these situations have been resolved for many customers going through much more than this situation is consisting of ... and just to shine a little light on any questions about what goes on when you call saxon.. this so called wonderful employer acquires agents located only in the U.S. all calls are received at random and any out going phone calls are also random all are recorded which in some cases have been proven to assist some clients ... but what ever ... try getting paid min. in Texas 7.25 an hour (maybe .25 cents more if you can speak Spanish) to informed clients just like yourself of the overall ### you got yourself into by coming into this ###'n ring of madness oh! and on top of that ###! having to walk on eggshells every ###'n day making sure to abide by saxon policy and ###'n procedures that changes just about every month or so and the ###'n policy of whatever call center you might be at. i'm sure as a home owner or home looser you would never see it that way, we live in a corporate world run by a policy that only changes when ### hits the ###'n fan .. well this is my ### and its going to hit the fan hard thanks to the wonderful experience saxon was able to give me...


b.ravenrose@yahoo, CALMEBLONDY@AOL.COM

AMEN! I am not on the loan and they are trying to take our home. They say that I did my own loan docs, gave myself money, etc...hahahhaha..don't we wish we could do our own mortgages. ###s! SOB's...crooks...the BBB does not help. The congressmen/women do not help...they pass the buck...Let's close them me and we can talk more...I have heard they hate HATE publicity...let's get a consumer reporter on the job...are you ready? My email is

Sep 29, 2009 7:15 pm EDT

It involves America’s largest banks both failed and active. Washington Mutual, Lehman Brothers, Wells Fargo and JP Morgan Chase and well as FDIC.

First, I want to share how a simple payment dispute led to a wrongful foreclosure. I want to share with the public how corporate banks intentionally mislead situations to their advantage regardless if the consumer has legal representation or not.

It has been approximately 8 years fighting personally and through attorneys with corporate banks. In 2005, Washington Mutual, through the law firm of Brown & Shapiro, agreed in writing dismiss the eviction and to reinstate my mortgage loan back to the original terms. Although, this was agreed by all parties and signed off by attorneys, WAMU took no action. The loan was NOT reinstated, however the loan remained active, in my name without a title in my name.

I tried incessantly through letters, providing a personal video recording and a PowerPoint presentation to all of the Board of Directors of WAMU as a personal plea to help me. By these time I had a child and I was more than ready to move on with my life and provide a stable home for my daughter. All of my requests went unanswered. I contacted the Texas Attorney General (Case# A225194), Federal Trade Commission (FTC Ref. No. 9326570), FHA, Office of Thrift Supervision ( Case No. [protected]) and each entity acknowledged receiving my complaint but made no efforts to investigate or assist me.

In December of 2006, the loan servicing rights were sold to Wells Fargo. Keep in mind, this is a foreclosed loan, paid in full through foreclosure and the title removed from my name, yet the bank maintained an active loan in my name that was transferable. Finally, in 2007 since NO ONE would help me, I had no choice but to file a lawsuit against Washington Mutual CAUSE NO. D-1-GN-[protected] through my 3rd attorney.

Amazingly filing a lawsuit doesn’t mean so much nowadays. Attorneys on both side accrued tons of billable hours supposedly resolving the matter, yet NOTHING was ever accomplished. Meanwhile, Wells Fargo threaten foreclosure and continued to demand payments on the active mortgage loan. Again, personally and in writing I tried to resolve the issue with Wells Fargo to no avail.

Late 2008, WAMU agreed to mediation and accepted liability for the wrongful foreclosure and agreed I was entitled to damages. WAMU’s offer was 10k for all of my losses, pain and suffering and attorney fees and the kicker was they still wanted to take my home. At that time my attorney fees exceeded 40k. I declined the offer and was pressured through WAMU’s attorney to take the offer since WAMU is going out of business. This had not even been announced to the public yet when this offer was made.

Let me make it clear that WAMU knew they did not have to pay me, yet WAMU made a cash offer, threaten that I was going to receive nothing if I didn‘t take. WAMU purposely staled out my case knowing they were failing and all claims would go through FDIC. Which leads to FDIC’s involvement, through WAMU’s attorneys I was directed to file a claim with the FDIC. FDIC decided that I proved my claim for wrongful foreclosure and had decided to pay damages, however upon learning there was an outstanding mortgage in my name held with Wells Fargo, a meeting was requested with all parties involved.

The meeting took place on September 21, 2009 in which attorneys for Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, and FDIC and two attorneys on my behalf as well as myself attended in Dallas, Texas. During that meeting, FDIC stated their position and also stated that the situation in its entirety had to be corrected before closing my claim. During this meeting I was informed that the “servicing rights” to the mortgage loan was sold to Wells Fargo, the “note” was sold to Lehman Brothers and depending on the timing of all of these occurrences JP Morgan Chase may or may not own the property. Again, tons of unresolved issues and finger pointing. And to make matters worse. Not one party felt that I was entitled to attorney fees for trying to clean up their screw ups. I was simply told sorry for my inconvenience for all of these years. How can a single mother working pay check to pay check, who had to paid attorneys over an 8 year period continue. The banks simply want me to walk away. I am close to 50k in attorney fees currently and no where close to getting a resolution than I was 8 years ago. The main thing working in my favor is that I have NEVER left the property. I have never given up. But something must be done and I need your help.

I want the public to know that mistakes made America’s largest banks can and will cause major detriment to your life and they don’t care. I have lost my job behind this, I have lost many, many years that I will never get back nor receive financial compensation for. Not one bank made me a offer to stay in my home so the fact that I have had to live everyday for almost 8 years with the fact I still may lose my home. Not one Company made any attempt to resolve the issue because they simply don’t know how to fix it.

FDIC is only paying $.04 - .09 on the dollar for any damages, the payout date is yet to be determined and they have no authority on the actual property itself. Although I have a lawsuit, FDIC’s claim can potentially dismiss my lawsuit which most consumer attorney didn‘t know. I have yet to find such disclosures from fail an/or active banks. The public needs to know so money is not wasted in our judicial system, wasted on attorneys fighting for consumer rights, wasted losing valuable time and energy. Attorneys are NOT telling people this because the average person can not fight this long and/or take this far and if they do their lives are destroyed. The law needs to change. People need to be aware that there are problems well beyond the scope of the average consumer and we have no control.

austin, tx

Sep 26, 2009 5:16 am EDT
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Jun 12, 2009 3:09 am EDT

Saxon mortgage sucks. I have attached my notes that I took on every call I made and what I had to do to get it done. They also are charging you fees that are not disclosed and this is illegal! File a complaint with the Attorney General in your state against them. I did.

9/30/08- sent paperwork for remodification.

10/1-08- paperwork received by Saxon per delivery conf.

10/1/08- Millie. Advsd that case worker Jeff Aldridge has 15 bus days to work on it.

10/23/08- spoke with A.J.

10-28-08- spoke with Shawnta

11/4/08- Spoke with Keesha

11/10/08- Left mesg for Jeff Aldridge on answering machine. No response

11/10/08- Spoke with Irene

11/18/08- Remodification approved.

11/26-08- Spoke with Keesha who told me paperwork was done and I would receive it in 3 weeks.

12/1/08-Call Jeff Eldrid ge. Machine full.

12-1-08- On hold but couldn’t wait any lon ger.

12/3/08- Spoke with Gee. She told me paperwork was sent for Docs on 11/24-08

12/3/-08- Called Jeff again. No room on answering machine to leave a message.

12/17-08- Spoke with Kandice. She told me paperwork was sent out. Sent to escalations, no response.

12/22/-08- Spoke with Lupe. She told me paperwork was not sent out. Escalated to supv. No response.

12/30-08- Spoke with Adeena. She told me paperwork was not sent out. Escalated to supv, No response.

1-7-09 Emailed Robert Meacham, David Dill, Mr. Kimm and left 2 msgs on Jeff Aldridges answering machine. No response.

1-7-09 emailed Chief of something clebahn at the trustee. No response.

1/8/09- Spoke with Jessica. She will send to ERU.

1/8/09- Spoke with Jessica to followup. Opened CRT. Docs have been ordered and wil l be overnighted to me.

1/9-09 Received 4 letters in mail about foreclosure. Two w ere certified from the trustee.

1-9-09 Emailed Mr. Kimm and left message on answering machine to contact me. No response.

1/10-09 Received a letter from Saxon that they sent me to foreclosure.

1-12-09 Emailed Mr. Kimm from work.

1/12/09- Christy Keener, ext 240890 called and left mesg on my cell phone to call. I called back and they were closed.

1/13/09- Emailed Jessica Hagstrom.

1/13/09 – Called Saxon, spoke with Christina. She told me that the docs were requested again on 1-12-09 and will be overnighted via fed x. I should be receiving them this week. Down payment is still $1, 050.44 with new mortgage payment being $750.81. First payment will be due Feb. 1st or March 1st. I advised them I will call back on Friday if I have not received the docs.

1/15/09 Recevied Docs via Fedx:

The Doc dates were incorrect for remodification:

1/16/09- I called Saxo n to discuss errors in Docs: Spoke with Kelly x204682 and explained situation: He advised me that he would talk to Jeff Aldridges Supervisor and call me back within an hour: Kelly=2 0called me back: New Docs will be written up and sent out: New return date will be Feb: 15th: New payment of 851.45 will be due on March 1st: New down payment will be 1078.90. Interest will remain the same: Payment includes pr operty taxes and insurance:

1/22/09- Received updated paperwork:
1/23/09- Keyunna called from Saxon to make sure I got paperwork and to see if they were correct: They were not correct again; so they will make corrections and re-send:

1/29/09- Received 3rd set of docs that were correct:
2/6/09- had docs notorized at Mail n More and called Kelly x204682: Left mesg on machine:

2/7/09- Kelly called me back and stated that both papers need to be notarized.
2/9/09-Had send set notarized at mail n more and sent in the the overnight fedx pri envelope.
2/11/09- Called Kelly to advise that the paperwork was sent and to see if it was received yet. He advsd that they would call off the trustee as soon as down payment is received from me.

2/13/09- called saxon and spoke with Shawn: Wanting to know if they received docs: He didnt know: Email was sent to Kelly:
2/13/09- Jeff Aldridge called me back: He advised me that is was ok to send in the money on the 17th of feb via mail. I used Fedx overnight priority and they received the money on feb 19th, per the fedx records. He advised me that he would make notes to that affect in my records.

2/23/09- Called Saxon and left message for Kelly to call me back and advise as to what was going on now since they have my docs back and the money.

2/24/09- Called and left messages for Jeff Aldridge and Kelly. No response.

2/25/09- Called and left message for Kelly. No response.

3/2/09- Emailed Saxon to get information on docs.

3/19/09- Emailed Trustee to make sure foreclosure/sale has been stopped.

3/20/09- Received email back from Trustee that foreclosure was stopped.

3/24/09- I still have not received any documentation from Saxon that this has been completed.

3/38/09-Received an email from the Attorney General that advised me they have summoned the paperwork from Saxon and they must send it to me before 4/4/09 or they will be charged with fines and violations of the Consumer Loan Act.

4/4/09- Didn’t receive paperwork from Saxon. Advised Attorney General as instructed.

May 31, 2009 12:27 pm EDT

sorry for all of the typos!

May 31, 2009 12:24 pm EDT

Same thing happened with us and Saxon. We were 29 days late and attempted to modify as a preemptive measure. We were told not to send in payments starting in July 2008 and to save the money for a down payment on the modification. We received foreclosure papers in October 2008 and although we had the money in the bank (saving it for a "down payment") Saxon would not simply take it wen we advised that, if this what a "modifcation" is, we want no part of it. Rather, they are now asking for late fees, attorney's fees and other junk fees that would cost us appx $15, 000 to complete a "modification" that was meant to save us money.

Best advise we were given...hire an attorney. We have not paid a mortgage payment since July 2008. We are saving the money and paying an attorney $500 per month to negate all if their paperwork filed with the courts. In the meantime, they hired a negotiator who specializes in modifications to fight for us. She recently advised us to get an appraisal. We did and it showed a drop in valud of $100, 000. The negotiator advised that Saxon may be willing to lower our principle and interest rate. My friends have had success with these methods.


I contacted BBB, Senate offices, Florida Governer's office, HOPE Now, and so on and so on. No one could help me! Fight them with RESPA violations or ask them to produce the note. The likelihood is you have a subprime mortgage and there were violations or they cannot find your note because the mortgage was sol a hundred times.

THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE. I AM NOT AN ATTORNEY. But I wold recommend fighting with help. You will lose if you go it alone. I've seen too many Saxon cases in which the owners sent it thousands of dollars and ended up in foreclosure anyway due to clauses in the modifications that they weren't able to decipher (ex: you relinquish any right to including the house in bankruptcy should you have to file OR Saxon reserves the right to continue charging you for retaining their attorney while yo u have your temporary 5 year fixed rate and deferment of a partial of the principle--which most likely balloons and comes due after 6 years). BE CAREFUL and good luck!

May 18, 2009 9:52 pm EDT
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stay away from loan mod companies, Go directly to an attorney. use mine hudson henley of henley and henley pc in Dallas

also visit saxon watch dot com

Apr 27, 2009 3:32 pm EDT

My situation is almost the same as yours. The difference is i was approved for a loan modification I had the agreemnet notorized and sent it back to them with a Check for 2668.44 that they requested. The then said I was 2 months late and i owed them 7600.00 and they attached a letter telling me to apply for a loan mod. I was already approved for one and I am so confused. My credit is being affected and I have no idea what to do. i call them and they cant give me any straight answers. I need professional help here.

Apr 21, 2009 8:52 am EDT

I am really perplexed with everything I am reading on this board. I have been a Saxon customer for 2 years and I have after my initial company mortgate Ameripath sold them the note of my house. I have neve have a problem with them, and they always posted my payment as they received them. But las year I lost job, but I was able to find another one ( albeit for less money) before my reserves got dried. I 've recently been forced to try to get a loan modification with them, but I hire somebody to go through the process since I know that this is a time consuming process. They already receive the power of attorney from the the people I hired and they didn't opposed to this. I still in the precess in getting all my documentation ready to have my people to submit them to Saxon, but now I that I am reading all of this I don't exactly know where I am standing up. I think I will stash some of the money into the savings accoun just in case I get into trouble. Please give some advice about this. I am just 2 months behind, but I don't want to fall deeper in late payment and then find out that I am going to be in trouble because they will not accept my load modification application.

Thank you guys.

Mar 24, 2009 9:45 pm EDT
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I HATE Saxon as they are unscrupulous vultures.

All of us here have experienced the same tactics they're using to muscle us out of OUR homes! Well, I'm PISSED off and FED up! I'm working with lawyers and the FTC.

I'd like to put a list of signatures together of all of us who've been victimized by Saxon Mortgage.

If you would to be added to this list of signatures, please email me at: b.ravenrose@yahoo. com with your first and last name. I'm sure we could easily get 500K+ names. Let's work together and show these a$$holes what we're made of! Thank you.

Jan 12, 2009 10:05 pm EST

I will get straight to the point with my story way to long to explain in detail but here it goes. NEW CENTURY MORTGAGE does predatory lending behind your back anybody please spread word they are liars and if you do use them make sure you read the contract word for word everysingle page, they knew I was giving mother power of attorney to sign doc's I was out of town on an emergency and they took advantage of that and changed my 30year fixed at 6.4% to a 2 year fixed with an ARM thereafter. they went bankraupt and sold the note/mortgage to SAXON. I tried refinancing could not I was $50, 000 upside down due to market crash. So, I tried modifying with SAXON and I got the run around for 7 months. A brief summary, I was told by a loss mitigation officer who was working on my doc's advise me to stop paying the loan because they would not be able to modify if I am current on my loan. So I stopped paying was told by Saxon loss mitigation officer that I was approved for a modification for an extention of a fixed rate at 6.4% for an extra 5 years then I will need to refinance and I agreed on it. I was told by her in emails (I have proof and will be using it in court), to not pay any monthly payments that they are deferred and wait to I recieve the Loan Modification Doc's so I can sign them and return them to modify loan, I never recieve them, was told that they are backed up, 7 months later am told that loan officer does not work with company and I am now denied and owe Saxon $7, 000. I am now in foreclosure and I am taking them to court, actually this week. (without a lawyer but I have done my research) if anybody needs advice let me know, I have also consulted with real estate lawyers. ( I will win my case but will let you all know)

Jan 01, 2009 10:39 am EST

Okay so here's our story to add to the list. May, 2008 I wrote a hardship letter asking for loan modification as that sweet ARM jumped to 11.79 with a $1700.00 month per note. Two months of phone calls and refaxing went unanswered. After getting passed around, wound up with Carol who was thought to be cosniderate. We were told to not make any notes until resolved. We were promised 3 months for about $1000 to allow the paperwork to be processed after submitting about 72 pages worth of faxing. All previous notes unpaid were to be put at the end of the note. The 3 month agreement never was received. Now we're in default - Refaxed same 72 pages and she agreed to $1300.00, 8% for five years. In the meantime, I lost my job on August 23, 2008, thinking that the loan modification was good to go. August 27, 2008, fed ex package came - the note was for $1700 - five years 10%. This was two days before hurricane Gustav. P.S. They also wanted $3, 000 submitted with the package on September 1, 2008.. I immediately called to inform them that this was not the terms agreed upon and due to the impending hurricane would not be submitting this bogus package. Days following the hurricane, got Carol on the phone fumbling through the conversation and she admitted that they breached the contract, was not able to offer the original terms, making too much, too little, and that I would have to submit paperwork all over again. I've faxed it over another six times and no one seems to have received it. My husband has wanted to make payments and they are being refused stating that we are in foreclosure. They only thing to be buying us some time is that we had an agent submit a Listing Agreement. If we could just get this loan modified, we would love to keep our home, but the constant fighting and unethical means on their end leads you to believe that they're just sitting on the other side of the line saying, "Gotcha". PS Paperwork just refaxed over on Monday. Good luck to everyone --

Dec 04, 2008 4:57 pm EST

I did everything according to the books. When my previous employer filed for backruptcy protection, I called Saxxon immediately. I entered into a forebearance program and paid them $23, 000 during the period November 2007 to February 2008. At the time, I was only two months behind.

I could not continue to pay monthly mortgage payments that were several multiples of my actual mortgage payment. I requested a loan modification. The loan modification was denied because they alledge that they were unable to contact me. I have 18 pages of electronic communication with Saxxon.

Okay, so I requested yet another loan modification. As I wait for something to happen, my mortgage continues to age in delinquency. I was only 3 months delinquent when this started. I am now eight months delinquent due to Saxxon draggin their feet. I have proved my ability to pay a re-instated mortgage twice. Yet no answer. It is unbelievable.

I have contacted the Division of Banks. I have contacted the Attorney General's Office. I have not received any assistance. No one can help. And, this is the point that I simply can not believe.

What prevents everyone from forming a class action suit against this company. We are passively sitting and allowing this company to destroy who we are -- American home owners with rights. Even within contract law, we have rights that are being alienated. Simply, because Saxxon is Saxxon. I am not going to accept this any more. Filing a formal suit will certainly get their attention and stop adverse legal action.

Nov 18, 2008 12:08 am EST

Saxon Mortgage is foreclosing on my daughter in Arizona, and she and her three kids, ages 7 and twin girls age 3, will be on the street. They won't work with her. I am going to make this as public as I can in Arizona.

Nov 16, 2008 12:48 pm EST

Me and my wife have been trying to get a modification for about 5 months now. Saxon has refused us twice . Now we paid someone to try for us and again they keep losing our package . Saxon is a joke and because of companies like them foreclosures will still rise. We all need to sue Saxon Mortgage and get every single principle balance cut in half because they are crooks! Let us all who have complaints about Saxon Mortgage call your local news and get the word out about Saxon. If all of us do this, Saxon will have no choice but to help each and everyone that needs a modification. Enough is enough. Its time for action. Let's tell the world what this company has been doing! On Monday 11-17-08 lets all join together and put a stop to this corrupt company!
Call your local news and let's get this on tv and then maybe we will finally get the help we all desperately need and deserve!

Nov 09, 2008 1:41 pm EST

I have been trying to work with Saxxon since January 2008. Ihave a buyer since 3/08 ready to buy property and have even had the shortsale approved after calling them daily for 5 months/ First the file never got there even though I had the fax proof, then they kept changing the person who was in charge of file sand file was closed three times. I had to resubmit same package ten times so far. On 8/22/08 I finally received the shortsale approval telling me I had 30 days to close. My buyer had to get a rehab loan and it took longer than 30 days for clear to close. Saxxon closed the file againa nd says we have to start over even though buyer's loan is now clear to close.

I dont know what else to do. They are actually planning to foreclose tomoeeow and Im attempting to get it postponed. I only find out they were foreclosing because I called to get final payoff since its clear to close. This is ridulous does anyone have any advice.

paz Concepcion

Nov 03, 2008 12:17 pm EST

There is hope out there for Saxon consumers. We have been trying to get a LOAN MODIFICATION for 10 months with Saxon Mortgage. All telephone messages, emails and letters went unanswered. They also practiced unethical tactics by telling us to not make 2 payments since we were trying to get a loan modification. Saxon said they would move the payments to the end of the loan and they would NOT be reported to the credit bureaus. We did not make those payments and checked our credit 3 months later and Saxon DID REPORT it. We disputed them, and Saxon said they would keep them on. About 3 weeks ago I started posting all these complaints to the internet and found out how many other people were going through the exact same thing that we are. Well, I am here to tell you that there IS HOPE. I filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau 3 weeks ago and 1 week after the complaint Saxon DID CALL US. First they said we would not be approved for the loan modification since we DID NOT MAKE ENOUGH MONEY. The BBB acted as a mediator between Saxon and us. The BBB asked if we were satisified with their answer, we said NO and told the BBB what we wanted Saxon to do. We wanted a lower payment and lower interest rate. The BBB faxed back our response to Saxon and today we were approved for a Loan modification. They said it would be here in 2 weeks. We have to pay a couple hundred dollars and sign and send it back. It is only good for 5 years, but that can get us going in the right direction and freeze our interest rate for 5 years since it has been increasing every 6 months. Everyone needs to contact BBB here

Oct 17, 2008 9:51 pm EDT

need to file a complaint against saxon mortgage

Sep 26, 2008 10:05 pm EDT

Saxon is the worse company to do business with. We are in and ARM and they have adjusted our rate to 11.79% and have priced us out of our home. At the point we have given up and are now request a short sell to get out of this mess. We have request a fixed rate and they have refused to hear us. Out of desperation to stave off forclosure we enter into a payment plan that was out of reach until we could come up with a plan to save our home well failed so now we are in the process of requesting the short sale. My husband and I have been at each others throats, we are now getting a divorce. We have borrowed money from family and friends and other entities to no avail. Well I've gone on enough good luck to all who are in bed with Saxon, these no good crooks.

Apr 27, 2008 6:45 pm EDT

Since filing bankruptcy, I have been trying to renegotiate my contract with Saxon as well. After filing B/R, they wouldn't talk to me or send me my payment statements even with my attorney requesting. I have an ARM that has adjusted as well after filing B/R and I haven't had any luck with Saxon renegotiating my contract. They ended up getting relief from the B/R without my knowledge and they gave me a 23-day notice indicating they are foreclosing on my home which doesn't give me much time to find a place to rent or sell the home. I also disupte the balance which they still haven't provided accurate information to me. Any advice would be great!

Mar 09, 2008 9:36 pm EDT

I am trying to renegoitate my contract with saxon as my ARM just adjusted. I was told by them to not make my feb payment as it would null and void the renegoiated contract. now I can't get a hold of anyone and I am constantly leaving messages. When my ARM adjusted it jumped $500 extra per month. I can't refinance as I am 6 months out of BK. I am at a lost.

Mar 03, 2008 10:24 pm EST

My mortgage was bought by this horrible company. I get phone calls from them on a daily bases and I was told that these phone calls will begin on the 3rd day of the month until my payment has been received. I was behind two months and I was told that I can make a payment by western union by Feb 27, 2008 and that I must make two payments by the end of March. I made the first payment and they refused it. I was told that every conversation is being recorded and if this is true I need to get these conversations in order to keep this company from this evil practice. How do I file a class action lawsuit against a company that insist foreclosing on my home. Now, by not accepting my payment now I will be behind 3 months. How do you pay a company who refuses your money and I had even included some late fees. Help!

Feb 29, 2008 11:34 am EST

I am a mortgage broker. You need to send all of your mortgage payments through Western Union and then call Saxon with the MTCN number. Since theyusually do not answer the phone , you will probably need to email it to If you have been making your payments, there is no way that they can foreclose on your property. Please contact the people at and also a group called and write to your congressman and senator also. Hope this helps. Thanks