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Rue Education Complaints & Reviews

Rue Education - Florida, Clearwater / SCAM

Oct 1, 2012

RUE Education is a scam! They lied and said they work with Excelsior College to help you get your RN degree. They do not help and all I did was receive bills for additional fees and charges. Then, Excelsior College said they do not accept anything from RUE Education, and Excelsior has their own fees and charges. I cancelled and they said you cannot cancel. I have $6, 548 on my credit report from them, which has ruined my credit for the past few years. I will not pay because I did not receive services from RUE Education. Please do not sign up for with this company!

Rue Education - Florida / Refunding Unused Learning Materials

Aug 21, 2012

I was told upon enrollment with Rue education that they offered online "classes" to help me pass examinations for credit. While I understood that I would not get credit for these "classes" so to speak, but they would prepare me for my exams. The "classes" they offer are a joke ! They tell you to buy "recommended textbooks" and read the material and then you are asked to answer questions and such. This material does not help, the questions are totally different than the types of questions on the actual exam and the recommended books are not what is recommended by the University that administer...

Rue Education / Stay away from this company

Mar 17, 2011

I have had my own difficulties with RUE eucuation. I signed up with their program and a few days after signing up, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I immediately called the recruiter and told them I could not participate in the program and was told flat out that I still owed the $4500 for the entire tuition regardless if I went or not. I told them I was a stage 3 cancer and would be undergoing surgery the next week followed by chemotherapy and radiation. I didn't know when I could enter school and start the program. She continued to tell me how sorry she was but that I signed a...

Rue Education / charged money with no education


I apparently signed a contract for services not provided. They told me that this education is like a gym membership, even if you don't complete the courses you have to pay the full amount of money in my case over $5000. They only give you 3 days to decide weather or not you like the program or your binded to the contract and have to pay the money. How can they expect you to pay for services not provided, and how can they compare your education to a gym membership. I decided that home education was not for me and have entered a community college. I am trying to buy a house and this money...