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I am an attorney researching the business practices of WWW.REUNION.COM and WWW.MYLIFE.COM . I am interested in their practices as it relates to the unauthorized SCRAPING OF EMAIL ADDRESS BOOKS. Pending my review, consideration of legal action shall be evaluated. I located your complaint from a google search of all those complaining about and my . Any information you may provide would be helpful so as for me to understand the issues, but response should not be considered as developing an attorney-client relationship. I merely need to obtain information. Here's a few... / Scam and cheating


I received an email that looked like it was from a friend inviting me to join her at I started to accept but didn't finish all the info - luckily! Once you accept the company sweeps your inbox and sends invites to everyone. This is insidious! They sent a couple more invites until I eventually blocked them. I don't want a company sending emails out in my name and I should be able to choose who I want receiving invites from me. It really left a bad taste in my mouth, and my friends weren't even the ones who were spammed. / Scaping E-Mail List


I've been a member of for years. On the same day that I got their e-mail in my spam folder, an e-mail from arrived. I clicked the link in the e-mail to connect to their web site. I registered & "joined" using a similar password to my e-mail account. scraped my e-mail list acting like a virus & contacted everyone on my list. My friends have all been notifying me. I never gave them any credit card information. L. Harvey NC - Tennessee / unauthorized renewal of membership


My account was set to "Automatic Renewal DISABLED." I was billed for a subscription renewal anyway through PayPal. I contested the charge through PayPal, and attempted to close my account on the web site. I was required to contact via toll-free phone number, and was told by the sales agent that he could not access my information and would have to call me back. / Identity Theft


My name, and personal information has been used and posted online, name, address, age, and other information. I never signed up for anything with this website and I want my name and information removed from this site. A quick search using McCafee's Site Advisor will show a whole slew of complaints against including illegal business practices, spamming, harvesting of personal identifiable information, scamming people out of their money, phishing, illegal use of debit&credit cards and God knows what else. REUNION.COM NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN!! / privacy invasion and phishing


AVOID THIS SITE LIKE A PLAGUE!!! I received an email from a friend (it was not actually sent by my friend) asking me to join a networking site called So I did the register (free account) form, including my name, address and age. Immediately it hyjacked every email I'd sent from my AOL account and sent our a solicitation to everyone. I can't imagine what immoral or illegal things they'd do if I actually paid money to get the full account. - Massachusetts, Falmouth / Invasion of my privacy


I have been advised, at this point, that two of my contacts have received correspondence from I never authorized nor requested any correspondence to be sent to anyone from I consider my contacts as personal, and find these mailings a total invasion of my privacy. I have notified the company by e-mail, and offerred them my telephone number. Even after repeated telephone calls which are treated with disrespect and rudeness, their promise, within 24 hours, of a return contact has not been satisfied. I would suggest a caveat in providing this company with any personal information. Their handling of such information is very questionable. BEWARE / Buyer beware!


Just want to say that they are very good at what they do. They actually had the name of a friend of mine from high school, so I thought what the heck, I'll pay the year. They automatically charged my card for three years, and now I am almost maxed-out on the card! I know that it is my fault for signing up, but I did NOT want the three years. From what I have read, I see I cannot even reduce the charge from three years to one year, so I am really stuck paying this stupid fee for a totally useless rip off and I every time I see their e-mails I could just kick myself. Buyer beware, caveat... / Charged my PayPal account after cancellation


I have a paypal account. I signed up with for a subscription for 36.00. I found the people I wanted to see and I canceled the account well in advance of the resubscription date. They charged my paypal account anyways. I wrote to them to get the charge reversed. They did not write back. I wrote again, asking them to reverse the charge. They did not write back. I filed a complaint with paypal. Reunion did not respond. I filed a resolution with paypal and paypal said they could do nothing. I am out 36.00 after I had canceled the account months in advance. / Misrepresentation, unethical customer service


I have been led to believe I could obtain a full email address from this after I pay the 3 year fee of $120. I am an insurance investigator and am well versed in databases. I thought I had found a good one. Instead, Earl advises me the "people finder" database is a separate company and the extra fees are not his concern. Earl advises my $120 is a fare price to tell me more information is available for an additional charge. There are many rip off companies like this on the web. I was also led to believe my card would be charged $3 a month instead of the full $120. The "agreement"... / School reunion website


I used an online reunion service this morning and was disappointed by their business practices. You sign up for either a 1 or 3 year service agreement and pay with a credit card. What they don't tell you is that if you click on any additional links on their search page - you are charged additional money. I feel that this is a very deceptive practice and opinions about these type of services would benefit the public in making informed decisions. The name of the company is