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Resurgent Capital Services Complaints & Reviews

Resurgent Capital Services - South Carolina, Summerville / mortgage


I have a 2nd mortgage with Resurgent Capital Services. I am in the process of re-financing my 1st and 2nd mortgages thru a reputable broker. For about a month now, my broker and I have left numerous messages for a verification of mortgage. I have faxed 2 requests and also giving my permission for the broker to request on my behalf. My broker has also faxed and mailed many requests. At this point, I can't help but wonder if Resurgent Capital Services is holding my verification of mortgage on purpose. We were locked in at 4.5%. Now the mortgage rate is up to 5.5%. Send in your complaints. Write your Congressman.

Resurgent Capital Services / Bogus Account/Credit Amount Due


May 12, 2009 CBCS and Better Business Bureau: I am writing you this letter as well as cc’ing the Better Business Bureau with a copy of this letter to make sure it is understood I am not liable for this debt. Once or twice a year for the last couple of years, you send me this notice re: Southwestern Bell Mobile account saying I owe $673.04 and agreeing to a settlement offer of $336.52. I have never had an account with them or your client, Resurgent Capital Services LP, or the current creditor LVNV Funding LLC. This is my official notification that I AM NOT paying this debt, have no intention of...

Resurgent Capital Services / Fraud and cheating


I called to pay off our loan, it was clear to all involved that was what I was doing. I sent $20, 000, then they asked for $7820.59 (paid in Jan 2009), then in February they asked for $1, 300 in March $1, 100, then $113.20. What company cannot give a definitive amount owed when asked. Every other company I have dealt with has. Checks were held and not posted for weeks, then late notices were sent. I was told it is not when the check is received, it is when we post it--scam or what?? I believe, and have been told by very reputable accountants they have frauded me out of $14, 058.69. I never...

Resurgent Capital Services - South Carolina, Greenville / harrassing phone calls


I have lived at the same address since 1995 and have a loan with resurgent. We make payments every month, but I still receive 2-3 calls everyday from them wanting toverify the last 4 digits of my ss#. When I tell them that I do not accept calls from them they continue to call 10 minutes later. Harrassing phone calls everyday!