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Reliable Chevrolet Complaints & Reviews

Reliable Chevrolet / 2014 gmc sierra paint peeling off the rear doors and the front a pillars

Mar 12, 2019

I contacted my local dealership (Reliable Chevrolet in Springfield MO) and they started working on a claim with GM. They got them to cover it 50% but refused to do the work because it would cost them too much and GM wouldn't pay them enough. After making a negative online post the dealership told me to take my truck somewhere else and lied to corporate GM telling them I never cooperated with them. They said I never brought my truck in when I had the manager of the body shop look at it and take pictures. This will be the last GM vehicle I own. I know 3 other people where the paint i...

Reliable Chevrolet / Dishonesty at every level

Jun 14, 2011

This review is specific to Reliable Chevrolet in Richardson Texas. Dishonesty 1, bait and switch: I contacted my credit union and was pre-approved for an auto loan. I was told that all I needed to do was pick out a car and have the deal fax the purchase order to my credit union. I checked the credit union's web site and found a vehicle that I liked at a decent price, so I went to Reliable Chevrolet to test drive it. When I showed up, they told me that they had already sold the vehicle I wanted, but perhaps they could show me other similar vehicles. I checked over the next several days and...

Reliable Chevrolet / They are not willing to help if there is an issue with a car


I have a car that I can not lock the doors to. I just made my first payment (12/15/09) and this is the 3rd issue I've had with this car. I've dealt with Mark, Joe Merritt and allen Yates all that are unwilling to fix the issues that came with this car. I was told by Mark that "Reliable does not sale bad cars". However, the 6 disc changer didn't work when I bought the car. I was told by Clint(my sales guy) they would fix this, they did but they only put in a regular cd player. The cataylyic converter went out. I had to 2 off work 2 saturdays in a row to get this fixed. I had to...

Reliable Chevrolet - Missouri, Springfield / Deceptive Trade Practices/Switch and Bait?


Salesman offered van for sale Tuesday and would hold to look at Wednesday. To come and look at this vehicle we would have to travel 180 miles with a handicapped mother. Upon arriving Thursday we were informed that van was loaned out earlier that week but had a higher priced one to look at. Asked to look at one promised and stated they had to loan van for suv that was sold earlier that week and the suv was not ready for lady and she was upset with Reliable, why was suv not loaned out. Told loaned van would be in on Saturday and would be in at 3pm. When called at 3 that we could not get off work...

Reliable Chevrolet - Missouri, Springfield / Stealing My Money


On June 11, 2009 I went to Big Lot Reliable Chevrolet, to look at a truck, and put 500 hundred down so they ordered a truck from a different dealership, The truck came in and it had the wrong interior so I said that wont work for me. I wanted dark interior. So I said just forget it for now. They tried to get me to order another truck but I said no, because I was waiting on the bank to get approved for a loan. That was on Saturday the 13 of June. Then the wrong truck came in. So on Monday I called them and said forget the whole thing because my work was laying off people. So I found out later...

Reliable Chevrolet / Phone harassment, lying, unacceptable service


My wife and I visited reliable Chevrolet for a test-drive. A sales clerk, Adriana, asked for our phone number and I told her I did not want to give it to them, as I did not want to receive sales calls. She then said her manager told her that she could not take us on a test drive without the number as they needed them for "safety". I said I would give it only if they guaranteed I would receive no sales calls, which she guaranteed. I then gave her both my cell number and my wife’s. The next day we received a call from their sales department and we asked them not to call us again. Over the...