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real insurance Complaints & Reviews

real insurance / Customer service

Dec 1, 2013

Real insurance is the worst company to deal with . I became their customer 3 years ago, they were so helpful and friendly.. After 1.5 year I have changed address, phoned them up and after 45 minute waiting I discovered that I was quoted wrongly ( that means that if I was lodging a claim, it would have been rejected, for their fault!!) so of course with the "right" home content policy my premium has increased. After 6 months I moved back to my original address and guess what? My home content insurance has increased of 18$ a month and my car insurance ( parked in the same spot when it was when...

real insurance / Car Insurance


I am writing to warn everyone that with real insurance be aware that you will have to pay the excess fee, even if the accident is not your fault. I was involved in an accident in July 08, the other driver was completely at fault - the police attended the accident and wrote up a police report. In order to get my car back I HAD to pay the $1000 excess, which I was told that they would refund when they received the police report. After may phone calls and all the excuses under the sun, I finally received my excess back in Apr 09, only after I rang the insurance ombudsman.

real insurance - Queensland, Brisbane / they are con merchants


This company who's adds are presented by Foxtell as well as real life cover is a con company and will not pay out on claims also bump your preamiums up 50% for no reason the TV AND FOXTELL have a duty of care to ban this company from the air but dont care as long as they get paid, read the reports on this site please before you get taken§ion=REVIEWS&next=4 and they are proud to have assosiats like Amway and more these are the mob of ratbags that made the economy what it is today and if your too dumb to see this then you maybe...