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PTL Complaints & Reviews

PTL - Kentucky, Murray / PTL HORROR STORIES


I also went to work for PTL and the person that wrote this post is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!! I had the EXACT same experience with this company with even more harassment, abuse, neglect, rudeness, etc!!! First of all, you have to take a greyhound to get to Paducah, KY. Then after riding on a bus for 2 days you have to stand outside the bus station and wait for the van from PTL to come and get you. They don't get in any hurry. They know exactly how many people to pick up, so it was strange to me that half of the new drivers had to wait for a second van trip. So drivers that have already been riding...

PTL - Kentucky, Murray / Driver Safety


PTL is another trucking company that does not care about the health, welfare or whether their company drivers make money. PTL must have a problem with DOT, stopped twice in one week. PTL is ‘Forced’ dispatched, per dispatcher Paula and her boss Greg, who both want to yell at their drivers, and claim that they cannot hear well as to why they are yelling at the driver. ALL PTL trailers are a danger to the motoring public. PTL will dispatch a driver on loads that they cannot deliver legally because their trucks only run 62mph. PTL also make their company drivers follow there routing...

PTL - Kentucky, Murray / Dispatchers and Saftey/VP of Saftey Lee


I was hired on with PTL on July 28th, 2009. Nancy Boggard was my recuriter. She said everything was fine and ok to go. Well here they get me out in Murray, Ky. They have you ride on a Grey Hound Bus for 24 hours and you have to wait for about 2 hours for the little van to pick you up. I was out in the 95 degree heat and had nothing to dring. When I called PTL they were very rude from that point, I should have know something was up. So here they take you on an hour ride to Murray, Ky to some hole in the ground hotel. The pool has not been used for a long time or has not been maintained at all...