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Prestige Sales USA Complaints & Reviews

Prestige Sales USA - Delaware / magazine scam


I also was scammed by someone knocking on my door. Sold me a magazine subscription that was suppose to be delivered to someone in the armed forces in Iraq. Charged me extra to have the subscription sent overseas. I received the subscription at my address instead. Tried calling business but said I could stop the magazine but I would not get any refund.

Prestige Sales USA - Illinois, Crystal Lake / Not receiving full order of books


Two young men came to my door selling books to help sponsor study abroad. I purchased a set of 3 books costing $55.00. I have since received 1 of the books. The single book alone could have been purchased at a local store for less than $15.00. What a scam. And I do know it is a scam because when I looked up the company on-line there was an entire site worth of complaints identical to mine!

Prestige Sales USA - Ohio, West Chester / Fraud/Scam


Young man came to the door. Said was a neighbor whom lived up the street. Going to London as part of a band program - selling subscriptions. Did all the stupid things - gave a check (which I will cancel) and let him into my house. Now I'm worried about him checking out my place for robbery- after reading others descriptions. So - I called the police and reported him. Hopefully they will see an out of state car or van. I only was taken for $55 and my pride. He sold me books for the local hospital, just like others had said. Thank you too all that complained earlier. Hopefully these will prevent others from being taken.

Prestige Sales USA - California, Cameron Park / Scammed


My neighbors and myself fell for it. I hate to admit this buy I opened the door when I shouldn't have and believed the young man standing in front of me who said he was my neighbors nephew who lived down the road raising money to attend culinary training school in Paris, France at the Cordon Bleu. He said his name was Matt Williams and if I purchased children's books from his order form from Prestige Sales USA, they would be donated to a children's hospital and he would receive points to go towards his trip. He showed me my neighbors' checks to confirm his legitimacy and...

Prestige Sales USA - California, San Diego / door to door scam


The same as everyone else except he said his name was Matt and it was for a internship in France for a culinary degree. Thankfully we went to the house he was suppossed to live at and he had just been there selling Books to benifit Childrens hospital but had used the name David. We are now out the 10 dollers for the check cancel fee. Should have asked to see a Drivers license.

Prestige Sales USA - Texas, Houston / Fraudulent Magazine Subscription


OK - I got took! Katie, knocks on our door at early afternoon, I happened to be off work, and like the others who have complained about this pseudo company, she says that she is one of our neighbor's relatives and she is visiting from out of town for a couple of days. After being really sweet she says that she is trying to raise money to finance her trip to Africa for a Zoology degree where she is suppose to do an internship with some school. She starts telling her story about the magazines and how great it is and so on and it will help her with her expenses etc. I never clued into the...

Prestige Sales USA - Texas, Houston / Door-to-door Scam


So, this girl, Rachel, knocks on our door at 8h30pm and like the others who have complained about this pseudo company, she says that she is one of our neighbor's relatives and she is visiting from out of town for a couple of days. After being all nice and complimenting on everything she could (my wife's first name, my dogs, my house, blah blah) she says that she is trying to raise money to finance her trip to London where she is suppose to do an internship with the BBC. Awwww how nice... the only issue is, my wife actually DID an internship with the BBC in London!!! So of course she...

Prestige Sales USA / Fraud and cheating


Like many others around the country, I fell for the magazine scam. A young man approached me one day saying he was from the neighborhood and trying to earn money for a soccer trip overseas. Like some other reports I have just read his name was Jason and he had a brother in the Military over seas. This kid was good. Jason said that his mother is the lady walking two dogs around the neighborhood. I have seen the lady on several occassions, so I believed him. I bought two subscriptions, and he convinced me to buy two more for the men and women overseas. Jason said that I would receive & $98.00...

Prestige Sales USA / Awful place


A young man, using the name of Tim, said he was a senior at Ladue High School, in the Naval ROTC, with a 4.0 grade point average. He asked us to buy two books which would be given to needy children. He was doing it so he could go to London, He said that half of the cost would be repaid by Barnes & Noble bookstore. They would use the address on my check for the mailing address. He said that in exchange for doing this he would wash our windows after church on Sunday, today. When he did not show up, I became suspicious. I checked the company name through Google and found your web site. I plan on stopping payment on my check the first thing tomorrow morning.

Prestige Sales USA - Texas / door-to-door book/magazines sales scam


Well, I hate to admit it but I just got scammed! I was already distracted by trying to care for my severely disabled son, and a young man (approx. 20 yrs old) knocks on my door. He said he was a neighbor and pointed in the direction of a house that has sons about his age, whom I've never met. Long story, short..."Philip Fremento" said he was earning a trip to London. He looked "clean-cut" enough. I noticed tatoos on his forearm and ankle, but so many people get those these days; it's no longer just the "hoodlums". He said I could donate the books to Texas Children's Hospital and...

Prestige Sales USA - Illinois / salesman lied, tried to cancel and can't get any response from Prestige Sales


The salesman that visited our home said that I would be receiving a follow up call from his Boss to be sure he had conducted himself in a professional manner, that never happened. He also said that his Mother was going to make baked goods ( cannolis) for anyone that had helped him out by purchasing these books, that never happened. I tried to cancel my order by mailing a written request to Prestige within three business days as they state that is their cancellation policy on their website, no response. Wrote two emails to Prestige via their website regarding request to cancel my order, no...