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Pressler And Pressler / Scam and cheating!


I went to check my account balance before writing my rent check and to my horror saw that my entire checking account was wiped out in addition to a growing list of overdrafts being tallied (I have lots of automatic deductions). I'm in a total state of shock, have been on the phone all day trying to figure out what to do. The situation: it appears that a while back my banking information was stolen from Wachovia (along with tens of thousands of other people) and sold to the Pressler & Pressler law firm... they also are debt collectors. This past week, without notifying me EVER about a...

Pressler And Pressler / levy on bank account

A couple of years ago, i was laid off and I got very delinquent in many of my bills. I receive a three notices of garnishment from my employee stating that Pressler and Pressler were going to garnish my salary all three of them back to back. i never received any notice to go to court to tell the judge that I have been clearing up my credit little by little. I am a single parent, and I was starting with my lower bills first. I figured since there was a garnish on my salary that I would try to clear those judgements up. However, last Friday, I go to withdraw money from my account at Chase and...

Pressler And Pressler / Fraudulent charges


I had owed a company called Beneficial money borrowed $2, 600.00. The company went out of business and I no longer got any bills from them. The company's doors were closed as well. I tried to get in touch with them and my letters went unanswered. Until one fine day almost 7 years ago, I got a certified letter from Pressler and Pressler. The letter stated that if I did not get in touch with them that they were taking me to court and better yet that I owed $8, 000.00. I just had a new baby and was home on disability from my pregnancy. I called Pressler and Pressler and told them that I had...

Pressler And Pressler / debt collection

SRR1115 on Sep 13, 2017

I have been paying an old debt through Pressler and Pressler. I was made aware of them and their attempt to collect by an attempted garnishment my employer told me about. After calling them the garnishment was rescinded and I have been making payments. I've made payments for 10 months now. I have never received ANY form of correspondence from them. None. I called and requested, after paying over $1300, to receive statements. They refused. Said my state, MD, was blacklisted and they could not send correspondence. Are you kidding me? I keep paying but have no way of knowing if payment has been received and credited to my account. How is this practice fair or even legal?

Pressler And Pressler / Got Sued By Pressler And Pressler And They Gave False Information

DeanaW on Dec 19, 2013

I was sued in August of 2013, by Pressler And Pressler for a credit card company. I never went to the court and yes I did want to go, but my father kept insisting that I didn't have to because of the fact that I am considered judgement proof under law, I still did want to go but I can not drive. Anyways they put a jugdement against me and I did call them to set up a payment plan so I can get this off my credit report, I told them the least I can afford is 20 dollars a months and there receptionist argued with me claiming to make at least 100. I told her I couldn't do that I am on...

Pressler And Pressler / Very unethical

Castor on Dec 19, 2011

I had a garnishment wages that allowed the it’s been a year from now the amount that i owe them is already pass. When i called them to send me a letter to confirm they get all the money and satisfied still do not received any information from them which they still collect from my job. When i called the accounting dept from my company they said unless the law firm sent them a letter they will still collected for them. Now i’m over 400 - 500 extra they took from me never received any receipt telling me how much they collected from me and contacted them. No one wants to provided info or let you...

Pressler And Pressler / Debt Collection

Joy Denise on May 23, 2011

Pressler and Pressler are harrassing me for a payment that was not charged by me. I had to leave an abusive relationship as I told the representative of Pressler and Pressler. I told the rep that my identification was left behind and was stolen and used by my partner. I don't think I should be held responsible for the charges. It is not fair for Pressler and Pressler to pressure someone to pay. I am tired they have ruined my credit, I can't get a new car or house and I fear they will garnish my salary. What am I supposed to do???

Pressler And Pressler / illegally collecting on paid debt

stillbroke on Jan 29, 2011

over 30 years ago, i got myself into some financial difficulties, and was unable to keep up on all my bills. i was independantly struggling to pay off my credit card bills, while these banks kept charging me huge amounts in fines, interest, penalties, etc. i finally had to borrow money from my parents just to keep up with my monthly rent, because i had been layed off from my job, without warning, and just couldnt keep up on the unemployment benefits i was receiving at the time. my mom told me to gather up all my bills, and bring them to her, so we could go over what the amount would be, that...

Pressler And Pressler / No sense of Dignity

My Husband recently got a letter from these ### and yes I mean that to the fullest extent cause they really are worthless human beings. Originally he set up a payment plan to pay 150 dollars a month but that soon became an issue. So rather than stop paying and go back to the same cycle he made a phone call to Pressler and Pressler and spoke with a woman who never revealed her name. He proceeded to tell her that he couldn't afford the 150 dollars a month but was willing to pay 50 dollars a month. She agreed and put a note on the account. Well that note became the arguement of the next...

Pressler And Pressler / Court Notice

Pressler and Pressler Has been harrassing me ever since I was pregnant with a very difficult sitation. Mypregnancy was a very risky and complicated for which I had to stop working by threads of attempting abortion. I was so stressed out that I gave birth to a 3 pound premature baby which they did not pay any attention to my condition.I was foolish enough to call these people which at the beginnig I tought were to understand my situation, since I had no income coming in. The Person I spoke to was very harsh and even had the nerve to ask me if i had a husband that would help pay the pressumed...

Pressler And Pressler / mistaken Identity

I recently received my tax refund directly deposited into my account, my account was frozen due to a lien put on by Pressler and Pressler. The problem is the lien was for someone else not me, upon trying to provide Pressler with the documentation without taking off of work became a nightmare. I tried 5 times to fax the information over, all different times of the day. I was then told the firm had one fax machine, obviously that is not enough. I have been getting the run around by them for over a week now, to prove to them something that could have been varified by my bank in one day. In the...

Pressler And Pressler / court order a judgement against me

dina cantagallo on Oct 4, 2011

My name is dina cantagallo I'm being sued for over 600.00 for a jewerly store called jared gallery over a debt that I owe them this money, 3 notices came out to me from a company called Pressler and Pressler omg I being sued scam liers they have a levy placed on my banks accounts and I'm really mad and scared I called my bank they refused to take off the levey on my account and it is really bothering me now please someone call me up now 609 680 9434