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Plasmanet Complaints & Reviews

Plasmanet / Rip off activity


I have been getting emails from this company for over 2 yrs now... claiming i have won amounts from $100 to one million. I have sent them probably 20 emails but always the same reply... they want a credit card number... which i don't have . It appears they claim they cannot send won monies without a TSN (transaction serial number) and the only way to get one is enter a valid credit card number. Even if I had a credit card there is no way I would give them the details. Surely the false claims they make breaks US law... why can't US take action against this company. They claim its free to...

Plasmanet / No job, bad teachers and crappy education!


The International Academy of design & Technology is a big rip-off. First of all let me start out by saying that you will not find a job in any of their so called "programs" This is not a real college it is accredited as a TECH school, the teachers are all combined of LOSERS who couldn't make it in the real world. On Portfolio review Employers come out- to OFFER YOU NON PAID INTERNSHIPS. I DID NOT RECEIVE ONE OFFER THROUGH THE ACADEMY. I did not learn anything from the teachers at IADT, I basically bought extra books and taught myself the programs and the software i needed to know. THE...