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Photo Highlights Complaints & Reviews

Photo Highlights / No service and No pictures


Dan Tibbetts of Photo Highlights is horrible at customer service. He took my wedding photos and I had to wait 2 months to receive a CD in the mail (after several calls and emails begging him to send them). He initially stated that he would mail them the week after the wedding. Wait, it gets worse! None of the pictures on the CD would open -- the CD was corrupted or something. We have called him 5 times since then and have not received a return call. He had no problem cashing our check and we have paid in full -- but still we have no pictures of our wedding day. He's a quack!

Photo Highlights / Purchased Senior pictures but never received them


I purchased my son's Senior pictures from Dan Tibbetts the owner/photographer of Photo Highlights. I have not received them as of yet and my son has 20 days left of his Senior year. I can't send out invitations to the open house or send his announcements out until I receive them. I have called him and emailed numerous times. He will not return my messages. Recently, I have found out that there are four other people trying to get a hold of Dan for their wedding pictures. They all work at the post office with my ex-husband. Dan is a supervisor at the post office and advertises his #1 photo business. We have all paid for our pictures in full.